Friday, May 3, 2013

If only I were the princess type.

Conversation on the way to swim class last night:

PB:  Look, Mama, your cherry tree is blooming!
LG:  Does is grow poison cherries?
MB:  Really, Disney?  I'm not the princess, so clearly I must be the wicked step mother trying to ruin everything beautiful in the world.
PB:  Well-
MB:  Watch it, your options are handsome prince or doddering old fool.
PB:  Doddering old fool it is.
MB:  Or I guess washed up hero.  A few fathers were washed up heroes.
PB:  Doddering old fool it is.  Washed up hero implies that at one time I was a strapping young hero rescuing princesses. 
MB:  Yeah.  But at least you're my old fool, right?

Conversation after PB proceed to chase a collie down the street from the ice cream stand last night (long story, collie slipped leash, causing owner to stumble and fall- and on and on)

PB:  I learned something tonight.
MB:  What's that?
PB:  I'm faster than a middle aged man trying to chase his collie down the street, but not quite as fast as a collie trying to run away from his middle aged owner.
MB:  Well, at least there's the ice cream, right?

And, to my credit, I only took maintenance licks of his cone while he was gone.  It was still mostly waiting for him upon his return.

Have a good weekend everyone. 

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VandyJ said...

We have conversations like that. Ain't love grand?