Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello. Is this thing on???

Ahhh, don't get excited.  I'm back.  I actually waited for today to blog again because it's Leap Day.  In my mind, it's a gimme.  An extra day.  So, I though it would be a good day to jump back into things.  Because this blog post doesn't count.  Shhhh, you don't really see me.  I took February off.  From everything.

But, Mama, where have you been?  Did aliens kidnap you?  Did you find Elvis?  Or Jesus?  Are you on the road with Newt?

No, no.  Nothing like that.  What I found was a new job.  Because my old job and I weren't getting along.  Long story, but let's just say it was a bad relationship and they finally said, "It's not us, it's you".  So I brushed off the interview suit and got my resume out.  Took two and a half weeks, but I found me some new digs (ok, if you're unemployed you have every right to hate me right now.  I completely understand.  I had an in at my new job.  It wasn't magic fairy dust, and I can't share.  Sorry).  Needless to say, I think I'll be happier.  We'll see. 

But, Mama, what did you do with your last 4 weeks off?  How did you use this paid vacation?  Uhm, job searching, numb skull.  Ok. Only for the first two weeks.  For the last two I've been catching up on my reading and doing all those stupid house projects that we put off around the house because we're just too tired to take on anything that horrible.  For instance, I finally put together the memory book of little o's first year.  What?  He's only two.  Then I got the gutters cleaned.  They were thrilled for the work in February.  Teeth cleaned?  Yup.  Driveway with a new ton of gravel?  Yup.  Side note- a ton of gravel really is as much as it sounds.  And I really do only weight a hundred pounds.  I'll tell the story later, but let's leave it at "my neighbors got a huge kick out of seeing me unload a ton of gravel from the bed of PB's pick 'em up truck last week." Lots of laundry, and cleaning of closets that hadn't seen light in years.  Nothing exciting, I promise.

What didn't you do, Mama?  Uhm, take the boys out of school.  PB and I made a deal.  If I was unemployed on April 1 (when the severence pay runs out), the boys go part time.  Then out for the summer, then just pre-school for the fall.  Because the fall back was stay at home Mom.  Which sounded good for about 5 minutes.  I'm just not that Mom.  After a day with my kids I'm exhausted, and the only thing they've learned is new swear words.  I have been taking them each out alone an afternoon here and there to have some Mama adventures.  And a few Fridays we've all gone out with friends.  Which we all love.  But I'm really glad that April 1 will come and go with no changes (as are my daycare providers and PB).

What have I learned?  A few things:

->  When a "promotion" makes you want to cry in the bathroom, don't take it.  If that's not an option, start looking for somewhere else to be.

->  When you know you're in a bad situation, don't let the other party be the ones to have to end it.  Take action and do it yourself. 

->  Not everything that hurts is a bad thing.  Sometimes a little pain leads to a great victory.

->  Don't hide a problem from your friends.  Their honesty might not be what you want to hear, but they'll support you and push you in the right direction.  Listen to them.

I'm sure there were other lessons to learn here, but I'm not done learning.  And some things were learned that I will only admit to myself in the dark of the night (it's hard to acknowledge your faults in the light of day, alright?)  I know I'm not perfect, but neither were they.  Or better stated, we just weren't right for each other.  It happens.

Now, I'm not going to promise I'll be back with a vengence (I'll leave that to Bruce Willis) but I'm back.  I'll probably stick to prompts for a little while, but I'll get you a picture of the boys up soon.

Until then, have  a good Leap Day! (ps- spell check isn't working, so please ignore my poor spelling for today...)