Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts

In the spirit of the new year, I'm going to try to be a little more reliable about my posting.  It only took 10 days to get on that.  More on that later.  For now, read here than go visit Stacy at the button above. Yup, it's button.  Look how easy I've made it for you.  Now read on for random.

->  We went to a birthday party over the weekend, for an adorable, now 2 year old, friend.  At one point in the party, while the boys were romping and rough housing, PB asked me, "Are we the only ones in the room who learned English as a first language?"  MB replies, after looking around a bit, "Yup, I'm pretty sure we are.  Oh, and the boys, them, too."  My friend was born in Belarus, as were all of her family, and many of her friends.  They speak Russian as their first language, and still speak it to each other.  Even the babies.  It was beautiful to hear.  Like a party hosted by Boris and Natasha ;)
             - As a side note:  these people could tell you stories about living under Communism that would make   you rush to New Hampshire and thank those bozos for making our country what it is...

->  When there is a lack of snow outside, a large Tupperware lid and carpeted stairs will do in a pinch.  Word of advice, even if it's your idea, send your little brother down first.  Mama is much less likely to send him to time out, since she knows he would never come up with such a hair brained scheme.

->  I find it very sad that Christmas is over.  We took down all the decorations on Sunday.  Not even a scrap left (unlike in past years, when the random stragglers that I missed the first time through stayed up until Easter...)  The living room looks much bigger, almost empty.  Our neighbors yards are just muddy and drab.  January needs a better holiday to celebrate.  Hallmark, get on that.

->  2012 is going to be known as the year of slow moving resolve.  I didn't rush out to change things on the 1st.  Instead, I'm slowly deciding which things I want to keep, which I want to add, and which I want to get rid of in 2012.  Note:  these were all up for grabs at some point...
     Keep:  Job, blog, addiction to Coca Cola
     Add:  volunteering at church (see more on this below), ok, that's all so far
     Ditch:  other people setting goals for me that I'm not interested in achieving.  That's so 2011.

So, yeah, you guys made the cut.  I'm going to try to be better about at least 3 post a week.  And with Stacey and Gretchen to shepherd me a bit, I think I can do it.

->  I have found my favorite cooking show of all time is on the Cooking Network.  Two Fat Ladies.  I loved them in their original run, and I love them more now.  They cook wonderful looking dishes, in great locales, and they don't try to push their health care regime on you.  (If I hear one more word about cholesterol, or fat free on the regular Food Channel I'm boycotting...)  I love listening to Clarissa and Jennifer talk about cooking with "streaky bacon" or reminding listeners that their decadent desserts are a "treat".

->  People seem to be offended that I don't like Play Doh (or Magic Sand, or Floam).  To me, it's just a stinky pain in the rear, with no real purpose.  I have never bought a single can, but since people seem to think my kids need it, they give it to them as gifts.  Even though they know I hate it.  Then they wonder why it's still in it's box months later.  Hmmmm.  Now, don't get me wrong, I know my kids love it.  They get it at school, or at other people's houses.  Which is where I think it should stay.  Think of it this way, I have two cats.  Your kids come visit, and get to experience them.  You don't have to worry about the clean up, the allergies, any of that.  I enjoy seeing them interact with the animals.  You keep the Play Doh.  And the smell, the Lestoil to get it out of your carpet and the screaming when someone mixes colors.  You get my kids smiles and creative fun.  Fair?

Ok, enough for today.  Go visit Stacey.  Feel the love.


Michele said...

I like the idea of taking your time making goals for the new year. I think my first one needs to be stop procrastinating because I haven't made a single one.

Kristine said...

Gah I hated Floam too. It was a real bugger to get out clothes. Don`t miss that shit at all...