Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year...

in which I vow not to make any vows.  My theory on this year is that if I expect nothing, I can't be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised, right?

->Whew, vacation was a whirlwind.  It started off slow, with a visit to the library.  Where I was promptly put in place by the stay at home mommies.  Who think I should have realized that there is an early morning Sign Up for all activities (including the Sing and Dance we were hoping to attend).  They also tended to believe that the spots should be reserved for the "usual attendants" rather than having to put up with the kids who are normally in day care at that time.  Poor them.  In the end, we didn't make any rude comments, handled the disappointment of not getting to dance rather well, and instead got out some books and CDs.  The boys were rather proud of me, I think.

->I'm vowing that next year I will limit the time I spend on give away crafts to under an hour per gift.
These lovelies were well appreciated, but a pain in the tush to make.  All the cutting and pasting is well beyond my patience (just ask the people on FB).

->I will post light saber pictures as soon as I figure out what camera I took them on.  Must be the fancy one, because I can't find them now.  Rats.  No one was grievously injured by them, and the only fighting was because there weren't enough for everyone to have an all out battle with.  He, he, he.

->  Yes, Sprite's Keeper, I should have cropped this bad boy.  I don't have time right now, though.  It's still cute, right?

->  To the man at the mall who stopped me to tell me little O would be a movie star someday.  Was that a wish?  A prediction?  A random comment?  Should I use the 529 for a cruise, or were you just being nice?

->  I have a dilemma of the nostalgic kind.  One of LG's friends has a mom I would love to be better friends with.  She's funny, sarcastic, honest and I think we like a lot of the same things.  We took the kids out for a play date one day over the break, and we had a great conversation at lunch while the kids played.  It was awesome!  I would love to call her to go out some time.  There are two problems:  1. Making time.  Between her kids' activities and my kids' activities and all the other stuff we both do, I'm not sure how we would get there (this play date was planned in September!)  2.  Time.  Right now I try not to take too many "nights off" from the boys.  I'm away from them all day, I hate not to see them at night.  When I do break away, I like to see all the people I'm ALREADY good friends with for a drink, or coffee or whatever.  To skip over them for a new person feels like they'll get even less of me than the pathetic little they already do!  Ugh.  But I really want to.  I'm working on a plan, but so far, nothing.

->  I contemplated being a stay at home Mom this weekend.  Then I had my coffee and the urge went away.

->  This year before I pack away Christmas, I'm getting rid of all the decorations I don't use.  I don't care who gave them to me, or for what occasion.  We have  TON of stuff that sits in bins in our basement.  Candle holders and snow globes, things that light up and sing.  None of it every gets displayed.  So?  I'm Goodwilling it for someone else to enjoy.  No guilt. I hate having to dig through it each year to find the stuff we actually use, and then swearing when something inevitably gets broken.  Clean start for next Christmas, I say.

->  Ok, back to the grind for me.  Stuff to do, people to see.

Best wishes to everyone for a healthy, happy new year.  May you have success in all of your endeavors.


Jan said...

Who could deny those gorgeous, sweet boys their dancing time? Snooty SAHMs...ptooi on 'em, I say.

LOVE the photo of them on the "floor sled," cropped or not.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm glad I'm more of a WAHM than a SAHM, though even if I were truly a SAHM I'd never be snooty like that...'course that's just me. And I'm with Jan - who could deny those gorgeous sweet boys their dancing time? Humph!

I, too, LOVE that photo of the floor sled - cropped or not. Awwwww-some! :)

What a GREAT idea on purging the Christmas stuff you don't use before you put away the stuff that you actually use...I may have to borrow that idea and do the same. Might as well start with that mess since I'm going to have to purge 9 years of 'stuff' I've managed to cram into our house before we sell it and move West. Maybe starting with the Christmas stuff will initiate the momentum to all the other stuff too. :)

Casey said...

Wow, sorry the SAHM's were rude to you. I guess they (we since I'm one too) were probably just jealous of your ability to LEAVE THE HOUSE. DAILY! At least I am! Love the pic of the kids sledding in the mall, hilarious.

Here's to a good year.... ;)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You have every right to attend those library programs regardless of frequency. Geez!

I have so many decorations I never take out of the boxes each year either. I think I must have some sentimental attachment, but seriously, I need to get OVER it.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Wait, what's wrong with the pictures? Cropping should be reserved for the FEMA deserving messes, not that!
I know a few SAHM's who would give the ones you dealt with a run for the money and I love how they look down their noses at us working moms and how we love our children a little less than they do. :-/

gretchen said...

Those boys are too damned cute! I'm terribly impressed by your crafts. I almost made one craft this year, but got distracted. Sigh... I will try to be inspired by your purging of unused Christmas decorations. I have those too - mostly things of my mothers that are broken, and I never seem to get around to doing the fixing.