Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have been remiss.

It has been a unusual December so far.  There has been a lot going on, but not the normal going on.  More exhausting goings on, actually.  Cripes.  I'm going to pony up some random for you, though. 

->  I just bought my children and random assorted others light sabers.  Because nothing says, "Merry Christmas" like arming the minions.

->  Our pool deck is finished (mostly).  Finally.  In December.  I spent a month with a huge mud pit behind my house, constantly yelling "Take off your muddy shoes the second you step through that door!  No, don't splash in the puddles."  It was not fun.  I refused to clean my kitchen floors until it was over.  All I have to say is that everyone I know is invited to swim in that damn pool.  Spend all day there if you want.  Wear you Speedo, what do I care?  Hell, if I put the cabana bar out, I might let people move in.  It had better get a lot of use...

->  I started a new project at work that is keeping me busy (mostly because I don't know what I'm doing and have to figure it out...)  I still do all my old work, but now I get to do this new stuff, too.  It's keeps it exciting.  Kind of like those days when you wear all black and put on red panties.

->  One of these days someone is going to make a weight comment to me, and I'm going to answer in kind.  Because it is the holiday season, and there are cookies and cakes everywhere, I partake.  And people love to point out that I can afford it.  I thought weight was a taboo subject.  So, why don't we just all avoid it and stop pissing those of us trying to gain some off, huh?  And give me that cookie, damn it.  I need it more than you do.

 If our library served dinner, we'd go every night.

->  The boys have reached new peaks of antagonizing each other. 

MB:  What flavor milk do you boys want with lunch?
LG:  Strawberry.
Little O:  Chocolate.
LG:  No!  Strawberry!  I want Strawberry!
Little O:  Chocolate.  I gets Chocolate. (insert foot stomp and ferocious face, with arms crossed)
LG (now on floor, writhing in agony):  Nooooooo!  Strawberry!
MB:  STOP.THE.YELLING.  You can have different milk.  It's not a big deal.  Stop fighting!
LG:  Noooooo!

And yet, the other morning, little o woke up first.  I sent him in to get LG.  He climbs onto LGs bed, LG grabs him by the neck, rolls onto his stomach with little o underneath him and proceeds to snuggle o.  Like he was a stuffed animal.  Little o didn't mind.  I give up.  I just don't get it.

Ok, I'm done.  I need to go read stuff.  And get my learn on.