Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Ok, this week I'll give you a Tuesday.  Since it's a little slow around here.  Stacy is still letting us into her place, but wipe your muddy feet first.

->  I took LG to see his first movie in the theater last night, The Muppets.  He LOVED it.  He sat between me and my brother in law (his choice of seat) for almost the whole show (as it crept towards 9:pm, he climbed up in my lap and wrapped my scarf around himself).  He shared my BIL's popcorn happily (he'd never had it before) and slurped on his chocolate milk.  And he knew to sing quietly to himself when he recognized rainbow connection.  ;)  Success.

->  I think LG might have passed out of the worst of the terrible 3's.  Don't quote me on that (and I'm sure I just jinxed myself).  After a couple of horrible weeks of escalating fighting, and hitting, and in general unacceptable behavior, we're down to a low roar (back to pre-3 status).  Which is good because I'm pretty sure neither PB or I was going to last much longer.  I was googling "Gypsies" just to see what they were offering.

->  See, this is why I've stopped blogging every day.  My mind just completely blanked on thing I could tell you that have any kind of worth. 

->  I can tell you about my pool project, but do you really want to hear that my back yard is a mud pit and I can not discern any noticeable improvement other than they took down the horrible fence.

->  Or I could tell you that PB has (predictably) taken over my project on the downstairs bathroom and is set for completion over the long weekend.  My bathroom will be a color called "Pooh Corner".  We don't shoot for high profile humor at our house.  Poop jokes go a long way with boys.

->  Does anyone else have holiday/vacation angst?  I worry before my vacation and all through it that I won't enjoy it enough.  I want those days to last longer than they do, and I want them to be great.  So I worry about it.  Which completely ruins the time off aspect of it.  Because my mind is out to ruin my good time. 

->  I should probably thank all the other parents in LG's room for being so screwed up.  I know PB and I are not perfect, by a long shot.  We turn things in a day or so late, with an apology.  When we get the call to pick up our sick kid, it can sometimes take us more than an hour to coordinate (it can sometimes take them more than an hour to reach us...)  My kid is not always behaved, not always dressed appropriately.  He doesn't always get enough attention at home.  But when the teachers tell me we're in the top 5% of parents in the room?  Whew, you folks are setting the bar way to low.

Ok, that's enough for the day.  I might try to come back tomorrow and do a little Thanks thing, but don't push it. 


Jan said...

I always fear that Beloved is going to take on some project over holiday vacations (which rips all of the "vacation" right out of them), because that means I will either spend all of my time holding/stabilizing/lighting/prepping things for 2/3/4/5 days, or feeling terribly guilty that I'm not holding/stabilizing/lighting/prepping things.

Fortunately, every time he brings up re-doing our master bath these days, I feel perfectly justified in telling him, "We can't afford it right now!"

kendrasue said...

I didn't even get the poop joke aspect of Pooh Corner until you pointed it out. I guess that's when you know you're a mom!

And I am always going...gah, only 2 days left of vacation.

Mrsbear said...

Poop humor goes far in our house too and that includes the two teenage girls. Don't ever say the word "duty" in our house if you want to be taken seriously.

Hurray for Muppets and quiet movie watching and the end (knock on wood) of terrible 3s.

Annabelle said...

I am excited to hear that Muppets movie went over well.

We are considering a family outting to go see it. Of course the 12 and 14 yr olds don't get why WE the adults are so jazzed.

Happy Turkey Day!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Pooh Corner does not go unappreciated by me. :-)
I completely understand the last one. I always feel inept as a parent when I pick Sprite up from school to see that her face did not get properly wiped that morning, or the hairstyle I carefully molded her hair into that morning was wiped out early on her way to school with John, and he's already swore he would never be responsible for her hair, and she walked into the classroom looking like a brush never touched her.

Kristine said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

blueviolet said...

So cute that he loved his first movie! You're not giving yourself credit. The top 5% of parents means you're doing a darn good job!