Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MB is not exactly sure...

what kind of example she's setting.  But for a good reason.

A few weeks ago we signed up for our winter meat CSA.  Normally, we buy most of our meat (beef, chicken and pork) from the farmer's market.  The last week for that was last Saturday, since, well, it's cold outside.  In order to get his customers through the winter, our meat guy set up a CSA program.  I don't like it as much, since it requires more planning and skill (for the CSA he gives you what he has, normally we select what we want) but it's still far better than the market.  Anyway, the meat guy schedules a pick up time, and we all flock like idiots to meet him and get our meat.  Behind the Trader Joe's in our neighborhood.  Kind of like a crack deal.  Money is exchanged for goods.  With no proper "store front", just the back of his truck.  We try not to appear conspicuous, since I'm pretty sure TJ's would rather us buy their meat, inside the nice heated store.  What they sell is mostly krappe, too, though.

Last weekend I added another such arrangement.  Sigh.  Our apple guy plans to keep us happy through the winter in a similar fashion.  He'll send out an e-mail and tell us what he has.  We tell him what we want.  Then we show up behind TJ's, acting all covert, and exchange $$$ for appley goodness.  How sketchy is that?

BTW- I'm not sure either of these exchanged is completely legal.  I'm fairly sure that you are only supposed to sell goods from your own space (my normal CSA I pick up at the farm).   Now, I know both these farms are inspected and all that stuff.  The food is good to go.  It's the method of exchange that I think the state would have something to say about. 

What am I teaching the kids, though?  That in order to get the good stuff you need to know someone and make arrangements that involve parking lot deals?  If you can buy it in the market it's probably not good for you and overpriced?  That sounds like an endorsement for nothing good, I tell you.  When my kid shows up with a dime bag of "oregano" and says, "Look, Ma, I trust this guy.  I've tried his stuff before and it's good quality.  The government should just make this legal and easier for everyone to get access to."  how do I come back?  ""No, no, little o, that's only for meat and produce!  For pharmaceuticals you still need to trust the government and stick to doctors, insurance companies and pharmacies that are trying to rob you blind and not really cure what ails you?"  Yeah, it's a tough one, right?  (note:  I fully expect little o to be the one who does illegal things.  LG has a glass face, and cracks easily under pressure.  Little o knows the power of a cute smile and silence.  I'm on to him already...)

Anyhow, I just wanted to say this year that I'm thankful that there are a lot of people out there willing to go the extra mile, but their butts on the line and work like dogs to make better food available for my family and me.  We've come a really long way in just the two years I've been paying attention.  If they keep up the fight, and we keep supporting them, hopefully one day we'll go from back alley to store front again.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you (even the Canadians, eh!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Ok, this week I'll give you a Tuesday.  Since it's a little slow around here.  Stacy is still letting us into her place, but wipe your muddy feet first.

->  I took LG to see his first movie in the theater last night, The Muppets.  He LOVED it.  He sat between me and my brother in law (his choice of seat) for almost the whole show (as it crept towards 9:pm, he climbed up in my lap and wrapped my scarf around himself).  He shared my BIL's popcorn happily (he'd never had it before) and slurped on his chocolate milk.  And he knew to sing quietly to himself when he recognized rainbow connection.  ;)  Success.

->  I think LG might have passed out of the worst of the terrible 3's.  Don't quote me on that (and I'm sure I just jinxed myself).  After a couple of horrible weeks of escalating fighting, and hitting, and in general unacceptable behavior, we're down to a low roar (back to pre-3 status).  Which is good because I'm pretty sure neither PB or I was going to last much longer.  I was googling "Gypsies" just to see what they were offering.

->  See, this is why I've stopped blogging every day.  My mind just completely blanked on thing I could tell you that have any kind of worth. 

->  I can tell you about my pool project, but do you really want to hear that my back yard is a mud pit and I can not discern any noticeable improvement other than they took down the horrible fence.

->  Or I could tell you that PB has (predictably) taken over my project on the downstairs bathroom and is set for completion over the long weekend.  My bathroom will be a color called "Pooh Corner".  We don't shoot for high profile humor at our house.  Poop jokes go a long way with boys.

->  Does anyone else have holiday/vacation angst?  I worry before my vacation and all through it that I won't enjoy it enough.  I want those days to last longer than they do, and I want them to be great.  So I worry about it.  Which completely ruins the time off aspect of it.  Because my mind is out to ruin my good time. 

->  I should probably thank all the other parents in LG's room for being so screwed up.  I know PB and I are not perfect, by a long shot.  We turn things in a day or so late, with an apology.  When we get the call to pick up our sick kid, it can sometimes take us more than an hour to coordinate (it can sometimes take them more than an hour to reach us...)  My kid is not always behaved, not always dressed appropriately.  He doesn't always get enough attention at home.  But when the teachers tell me we're in the top 5% of parents in the room?  Whew, you folks are setting the bar way to low.

Ok, that's enough for the day.  I might try to come back tomorrow and do a little Thanks thing, but don't push it. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stand back...

I need to rant for a minute.  I know, quit your complaining.  I haven't given you anything for a week, and now I log on to complain?  Well, it's my blog...

Here's my problem:  vanity sizing.  Yes, now I know the name of my current nemesis (thanks to a co-worker with a similar complaint). 

When I was in high school (a scant 20 years ago) I was a size 2.  It's a real number.  No, there were no sizes smaller.  But it fit.  It wasn't baggy.  Not loose.  Sometimes I was even a size 4.  I could find clothes at almost all major stores. Please keep in mind that I am 5' tall.

Today, I weigh the same amount and am the same height.  Last night I went to a common store, slightly upper end.  I tried on a size 00.  What the hell is that even?  That's negative!  I'm not even a nothing, I'm a double nothing???  That's freaking ridiculous.  And for stores that choose not to stock ridiculous sizes, I just can't shop there anymore (this is many, many places and ALL discount stores- Target included). It makes me angry to no end.

How is this possible?  What the hell happened?  I'll tell you.  In an effort to keep people buying more, labels have changed their sizing standards.  Because the baby boomers (yup I just pointed a finger) and the gen xers (because why should the boomers take all the blame) refuse to acknowledge that they are getting older, changing shape, and maybe, just maybe letting themselves go a little, and the marketing people stepped up to the plate to accomodate them.  So, even though you have gained 20 pounds in the last 20 years, and your backside has slid south, you can be the same size 6 you were in 1980 before you had those 3 kids!  No need to cut back on the Thin Mints or do more than walk the dog.  And those of us who's body type runs small?  We're relegated to shopping on line so we don't make people feel bad...  It just pisses me off.

Oh, and to the next person who points out that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12?  She also was about 5'5" and weighed a 120 lbs.  She'd be about a 6 now... Stick that in your Starbuck's mug and sip on it.

Ok, I'm done now.  I feel a bit bad for this rant, since I know so many people who are trying hard to eat right and be healthy to get back into their 1980's jeans.  But we hear from those folks a lot, so I thought I could take just this one post to get my angst out there.  To make up for it, have these:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Spin Cycle

We're multi tasking this week since it's my last day in the office.  I could tell you where I'm going, but then I'd have to kill you (I'm an auditor, remember?  We live for the element of surprise!)

To satisfy my spin for the week, I give you these:
Little o as Blue MM
This was the no effort, store bought costume.  Little o didn't seem to notice.  Don't ask why he looks like he's going to sneeze, I don't get it either.
LG as the Orange MM- the front
LG as orange- the back..
So, the only M&M costume I could find for LG was the green M&M.  And green is a girl.  I tried to fake it, since green is his favorite color.  He was not having it.  He knew Green is a girl.  He wanted to be Orange.  The guy with the pretzel in him.  He's never eaten one, but he knows that is what he NEEDS to be.  Sigh.  So I turned a $6 store bought green into a $25 semi-home made (Sandra Lee would be proud) Orange M&M.  The front- orange with the face.  Pretty easy.  The back- black with a glow in the dark pretzel (it's supposed to be an x-ray).  All in all, I think I did ok.  It looked home made, but not all jacked up.  Success.  People thought they were adorable.  I concur.

->  Much to the happiness of many parents, I got into it with a group of teenagers while trick or treating.  Story:  They had been following us for a few houses, and finally caught up.  3 of the 6 were not dressed, two were fine and 1 was "scary".  She was leaning towards little kids on the sidewalk and moaning and such.  So, I politely asked if they could hold up a bit, so they would miss the little guys.  Scary girl looks confused and then offended.  SG:  "Halloween is scary.  They're supposed to be scared."  MB:  "Halloween is also supposed to be for little kids, not teenagers old enough to get a job and buy their own candy.  Scare the baby and you'll find out how scary I can be."  They waited, and her friends laughed hysterically at her.  Good for them.

->  Apparently, I've had pie for my first two meals of the day.  Think I can totally screw nutrition today and go for the third?  Mmmmm, pie.

->  I'm tempted to un-friend an old friend on FB.  I'm tired of his "Occupy Wall Street" rants.  He chooses to have a krappy job because he's "following his heart".  Which is fine.  But don't blame others for following their wallet.  We all make choices.

->  If you have a kid under 4 or so, you need to read No Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont.  It is hysterical.  And I've had it going through my head for a week.  It replaced Veggie Tales, though, so it's still a win.

Ok, I have stuff to do (like find out how to pay my cable bill.  yes, I know that paying my bills means the cable company wins.  But I like Tivo, so I'm ok with it.)  Have a good week, all.