Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Time to commit some of the random to the screen before it gets lost to the universe.

->  I made a grudging discovery over the weekend.  When PB needed to study (or when he needs to do a project little boy-less) I take the boys on errands with me.  We go to the store, or they fight play nicely together while I do laundry and clean the house.  Not PB.  When I need quiet time to study?  He takes them to the nature center, or the science center.  I mentioned that the library I was going to study at on Saturday had an Imagination Station.  Guess who came along for my two hour study session?  Give you a hint, they had a lot more fun than I did.  And I don't begrudge them that.  What ticks me off is that NO work is getting done on the house during that time!!!  No dishes, or lawn mowing or laundry.  Sigh. 

->  How is it that my house was sparkly before I went on vacation (no, seriously, sparkling clean!  I actually spent 10 minutes just sitting on the couch just admiring how nice it was) and now it's back to sty level?  The tumble fur is everywhere.  The basement smells funky.  Everything feels... sticky.  It's only been a week!!! How did it all unravel so quickly?

->  We got back our family photos over the weekend (the ones we took in July?)   I looked through them all and sort of figured out which ones I'll use for various occasions.  346 photos and you know what my final thought was?  "Well, I'll get a good one in the fall for the Christmas cards."  Who does that?  Am I out of my mind?  Why did I even have a professional come in, if I'm not going to use the photos????

->  In the month of August we went through 3 gallons of pasta sauce (I make it, so I know exactly how much I made last time and it's all gone now!)  How scary is that?  LG has developed a new love for "Torpolini" (tortellini for people with more than a 3 year old vocabulary).  We must eat them every week.  No complaints here, though.  It's the one meal everyone has seconds of.

->  How do you encourage a 3 year old to learn their letters without goofing?  I'm being driven to distraction!  PB is already there.  LG resists all forms of letter learning.  iPhone, flashcard, little electronic puzzle thingy, regular puzzle, workbook.  He'll do about two, fake two and then start to whine.  I've tried rewarding him for each letter, holding off on rewarding until he does a certain number.  You name it, we've tried it.  He knows about 5 of his 26 letters.  It's killing me.  Advice is welcome.  He doesn't need to write them yet, just recognize them.

OK, I'm done whining.  It was a LONG weekend at our house (stop hitting your brother, stop spitting, please hold his hand, don't wipe your nose on PB's pants, stop spitting).  Thank god for that distraction I call work.  And they even pay me here.  Woo hoo.


The Crazy Coxes said...

It's a known phenomenon that when Father's "babysit," they can't possibly stay home and get things done. They HAVE to go somewhere to entertain the kids. I don't get it.

Three gallons of sauce!!!!! I LOVE tortellini!
Have a great day!

VandyJ said...

The clean house thing--I blame my three boys(Nick included). They can make a shambles of any room in about five minutes flat.

Kristine said...

My daughter is a veritible Pig Pen. She walks into a room, scatters her crap every which way and in less than 2 minutes the house looks like a freakin bomb went off in it...

Sprite's Keeper said...

I used to make Sprite turn into the letter I wanted her to learn.
I showed her the flashcard, tried the pose myself to make her interested (and laugh) and had her copy me. Soon, she started coming up to me at random and saying "Look, Mommy! I'm the letter T!" and striking a pose.

Danelle said...

3 gallons of pasta sauce sounds about right to me! And I bet the house got messy again because there were children in it. ;)

blueviolet said...

You make me laugh because when my house is clean, I just walk around for a good 10 minutes admiring it too!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I think The Crazy Coxes hit the nail on the head about the Father phenomenon... Hubby is the exact same way! :)

If you find out how to keep a 3-year old interested in learning his letters, please let me know. Little Dude like to mess with us and instead of saying what letter it is, say what color it is. (I suppose if I just showed him black-and-white ones, that might help...) ;)

Princess Nagger and the hubby are both walking tornadoes. I can only admire a sparkly clean house for about 5 minutes before they've destroyed the calm cleanliness. Now that Little Dude has arrived, it's now three against one. I can empathize. :)

Thanks so much for so diligently rockin' the random with me in spite of my suckitude at hostess! :)

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