Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where'd Tuesday go???

Would it be bad to admit that I lost Tuesday?  Completely.  Feels like yesterday was Monday.  Not sure what I did yesterday, at all.  As such, here's my Random...

->  I vow never to buy my kids shoes that light up.  Ever.  For any reason.  I will eat these words some day, I'm sure, but for now I'm going with it.  I hate those stupid things.  And the teachers at school say they're horrible and distracting.  I have to go shoe shopping in a week or two for the boys to start the new school year, and I fear there will be a light up shoe war. 

->  I swear, I am not exaggerating on the stink level of LG's feet.  My niece took off his sandals on Saturday to help him put on his sneakers and screamed, "Ewww, his feet stink!"  I laughed, but I felt bad for her (and a little for him- I think she hurt his feelings a little). 

->  LG has broken a new barrier- he willingly got his face wet- all by himself- on Sunday at Great Wolf Lodge.  Once he realized that he could go down the water slide, and his feet touched the bottom of the pool it was all "No hands, Mama!  Don't catch me!"  The perk for me was that because he was just tall enough to stand with his face above the brine, when he landed his face dunked.  Hopefully this translated over to swim lessons (I won't hold my breath, though).

->  A lady at the water park thought my brother in law was little o's father.  Told me how much they looked alike, how cute they were.  I nearly died laughing.  Uncle John is notorious for being hands off with all the kids.  Never holds babies.  He's a closet fun guy, though (he showed up at our house the other weekend with a bag full of loot from the Disney store for the boys).  At any rate, I think he has a soft spot for little o (his mini-me).   Nobody is immune to his cuteness.

->  I realized just how spoiled my kids are, the other day.  One weekend it's a water park, the next it's a party.  They go to the zoo, or the nature center all the time.  I know it's my fault.  But as a kid, we lived too far from anything to be able to just take a day trip to an attraction.  We had two "vacations" a year, and that was it.  Going roller skating was a huge treat (you had to drive almost an hour to get there!)  For my kids?  It's all in an afternoon.  This does not bode well for my being able to "treat" them in the future. 

Ok, back to the salt mines for me.  With a vacation looming, missing a day, I need to get stuff off the desk!


Sprite's Keeper said...

I know what you mean about kids getting spoiled with getting to do so much. When I was younger, we went YEARS between visits to Disney World and we lived 3 hours away. Sprite? Some of the cast members recognize her, that's how often we go. John thinks nothing of making plans for quickie weekend getaways when she starts asking to go again. We're headed there in a little over 2 weeks AGAIN. (I'm not going to complain. He takes the money out of his extra job money and I like going just as much as she does.)

VandyJ said...

As a kid I got major vacations when I was little, but once I got bigger, we didn't go anywhere. I guess going to the mountains was trip enough--and it only took 20 minutes to get there.
WE take the kids camping all the time--going on the third trip this weekend--and have taken Turbo on some awesome trips--Vermont, Florida, New York--and will be taking Bruiser as soon as the vacation fund can stand it.

kendrasue said...

We never took vacations until we were older (in high school) and even then it was just twice. My mom feels bad about neglecting me so she loves to take Leo places. They go everywhere all the time. She even wanted to take him out of state to visit an amusement park.

blueviolet said...

The days will come when they'll be too busy to do all these fun excursions so I think it's great that you're doing them now while you can.

I'm not a fan of the light-up shoes either!