Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Tuesday Birthday

PB turns 33 today.  LG was exactly 3 1/2 yesterday and little o is 23 months as of yesterday also.  Put your money on 3 if you're in Vegas.  If you're not, come have some random and we'll mourn being working slobs together.

->  I'm tired of the 2012 election and it hasn't even started yet.  Sigh.  I'm beginning to feel like it's a big "my dad could beat up your dad" competition, and nobody's dad is really going to fight, right?  Seriously, shut up and compromise, people.  Oh, and Russia and China?  You can criticize the US when all your people are fed and there is no unrest in your country.  Until then?  Cram it.

->  My new chiropractor put me on a whole slew of supplements.  Like 24 a day (or 4 kinds, 3 times a day, 2 pills of each).  Whew.  It's a workout just to take them all.  PB is not convinced.  Nor am I.  I'm not the vitamin type, never have been.  But I'm game for the 3 month trial period the good Dr requested.  After all, he is the reason I can now stand upright again.  We were very clear with each other that he believes he can make me better or he can't, and I can't fathom taking 24 pills for any long term period.  Stop laughing.  I'm not drinking the Koolaid.  But if you can figure out how to get all those pills into the Koolaid, I'd consider it.

->  Go here http://thebloggess.com/2011/08/listen-to-the-bananas/.  Laugh.  Then freak out your family.

->  A few weeks ago the city that owns the drain ditch on the edge of our property said they needed to come do some work.  They would clear some brush and dig out the ditch so it ran better.  That would be nice.  Then maybe the kids would stop swimming in the puddle it creates when it rains, right (I know, ewww.  Who the hell lets their kids swim in the sewer???)  Anywhoodle, they cleared a 10 foot swath the length of my properly.  CLEARED, like rain forest cleared.  PB was pissed, to put it lightly.  So, last night the man from the city nicely met me to discuss how he would remedy the situation.  I asked LG and little to play on the swings while we toured the decimated site.  After a few minutes LG shows up and says, "Hey, Mama, what you guys got going on over here?"  The city guy nearly fell into the ditch he laughed so hard.  Thank god for cute kids, though, since that changed the tenor of the conversation and I am now going to receive a whole slew of stuff to fill in the space.  Whew. SCREECH->  Wait!  I need to clarify (after a comment from below).  It's not my kids playing in the sewer drain.  It's the neighborhood kids.  We liked having the woods in place because you couldn't get to that big puddle from the house.  I remain steadfast in my Ewwww!<-

->  I've been listening to Dan Zanes in the car with the boys lately.  He sings a lot of Dust Bowl era songs (with a modern twist).  Funny how the themes from the 20's and 30's have come full back around.

->  Ehhhh, yeah, I was going to write more, but I need to get back to work.  It happens.  You know where the other random is by now.


Anonymous said...

It's actually kind of freaky how themes from the 20s and 30s are back. Scary too!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Happy Birthday to PB!
I'm laughing at the mental pic of LG and Little O having a good ole time in the giant puddle!!! Hey, if it keeps them quiet! Happy Tuesday!

VandyJ said...

Happy Birthday to PB!
Puddles are OK, but sewers, only Mike Rowe should play in those--to the entertainment of us all.

blueviolet said...

That statement would have completely cracked me up too! I'm glad the situation is going to be remedied.

I despise the election year and all the incessant tv ads. UGH!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Happy birthday, PB!
24 pills for your back in supplement form? Did you get one of those cute month long vitiman boxes to put them in? :-)
Sorry, I had to.
And friend me on Facebook! For some reason, I can't find you!

Captain Dumbass said...

24 pills? The hell? And maybe you should ask you land lord China to come fix your ditch.

kendrasue said...

I am not a vitamin-taker either. And 24 seems excessive.

We like Dan Zanes too! His music is not terrible to listen to vs. some of the kids music out.