Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life's a Beach!

Ahhh, the beach.  I couldn't say enough about the beach.  But that might be too much.  I've decided I need to break "the beach" post into two distinct posts.  Today, one about the actual beach, where you will see naked toesies and little boys covered in sand (you will practically feel the grit).  The other , tomorrow, about "the beach house", pre-Irene.  You'll see why when you get here tomorrow.

But for now, high spirits!  Surf at your toes.  Little o trying to figure out why the ocean keeps trying to steal his shovel.  PB explaining why we don't throw sand, why we don't eat sand, why, why, why, why.  Nothing about the beach was relaxing, but it was TONS of fun.

 Little o in his hat.  Hats are mandatory at the beach.
 LG doing some digging.  Lots of digging.
 PB making sure nobody goes in too far.
 Going for a ride on the sea kayak with PB.
 Little o doing "experiments" with his shovel (and Mama's patience) in the surf.  (If I put it down, the water takes it away, and then Mama goes and gets it...)
 PB looking very serious about putting on his life jacket to go into the kayak.
 Day 2, more sand, more surf.
 See the green speck in the middle of the screen?  Sea glass.  When I used to go to the beach house we'd spend hours combing the beach for it, and then keep it in jars or buckets.  Brown is most common, with white and green close behind.  Blue is pretty rare.  This picture probably belongs in tomorrow's post, so you might see it again.
 Toes in the sand.  I loved vacation because the boys got to spend so much time barefoot and careless.  Nobody yells if you're loud at the beach.  And you can't get too wild, or giggle too much. 

 The man just looks happier surrounded by sand and ocean, doesn't he?

I loved that when they were on the beach, the stuck together.  There was enough sand for them to be pretty far apart, and more than enough adults to keep an eye.  But they didn't.  Right next to each other the whole time.

This was the boys first time seeing the ocean.  I think they both loved the beach, but little o loved the ocean, too.  He wanted to get in and splash around.  He's my little otter.

Come back tomorrow, and bring a tissue.  I'll tell you all about the beach house.  Keep in mind, we were in Connecticut.


blueviolet said...

PB does look so relaxed out there. That's wonderful. I'm glad the kids had such a great time digging and playing out there.

We have one beach in my hometown which is extraordinarily wonderful for beach glass for some reason!

The Crazy Coxes said...

There is no better vacation than one at the beach! I love it! Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time!

Jan said...

Oh, were you at the beach? All I saw were adorable little boys with hats and plastic buckets.

Thank you for that.

VandyJ said...

Looks like a wonderful, relaxing time was had by all.
This has made me really want to go to the ocean. Sigh. It's gonna be a couple of years before that will happen again. I can dream.

CaJoh said...

I think people tend to forget that Chicago has a huge shoreline of beaches. The nice thing I like about it is that it is so close.