Monday, August 1, 2011

In which I decide that it's time to kick it back into gear...

For the past, hmmmm, I don't know 3 or 4 months, I've been stalled.  With everything.  Work, the house, studying, the kids, my health.  I've been doing just enough to get along and that's all.  But last week, I decided that had to end.  Some things had reached breaking point.

The first thing was my back.  For MONTHS now I've been whining that my back hurts.  And slowly withdrawing from life as everything produced back pain.  Last weekend I had to bring a grocery cart to my car door so I could swing little o straight from his car seat to the car.  I was worried if I put him on the ground and walked him into the store I wouldn't be able to pick him up to get him into the cart.  Woooo.  Not good.  Even I know that was a bad sign.  Wednesday I went a chiropractor.  Now, I'm not going to say it was a miracle, but my back feels much better.  And we're on a plan to make it a permanent fix.  He does some holistic stuff that I'm a little unsure of, but we'll go with it until we see if it works or not.  Call that step 1.

Then came the house.  Every time I walked in it smelled "weird".  I couldn't pin point it.  The solution?  Deep clean.  On Friday night I pulled apart my living room (literally).  I banished the boys.  I cleaned out the insides of the windows, swept and washed the floor (no, not just swiffer, real broom and mop with bucket).  I dusted.  I fabreezed anything that couldn't be washed.  I used baking soda on the carpets before I vacuumed them then I took them out back to beat them (man, that felt good!)  Saturday was the kitchen.  Same deal with the floors and windows.  Pull out all the appliances, clean the nooks and crannies.  Weird smell?  Gone.  PB remembered why he hates it when I say "I need to clean".  It's a bit manic.  It's a bit OCD.  I don't want help.  I want you to move.  And woe to the first person who drops a crumb.  Step 2.

Then came the studying.  I decided it was time to schedule the damn test.  No more putting it off.  Only a firm deadline was gone to get this done.  I have 4 exams to take, and I have to pass them all within 18 months.  The clock starts on August 30th.  I have 29 days to fully prepare for the first test (which is the one I've failed twice before- it is my nemesis).  I'm on it.  I have a plan.  I have loaded the Starbuck's card.  It's on.  Step 3.

The kids.  Sigh.  Poor little guys.  Trips to the zoo and the park and to swim have been all we've been doing.  Which is really just phoning it in.  I picked up some workbooks for LG to start his letters (I know, he's 3 1/2, he should be able to spell his name by now.  And he can't.)  We've kept the TV off, and we're back to sitting on the floor reading books (now that I can get down to the floor).  Little o loves it!  I banished the books that are only pictures and made sure anything he picks from the box is a "reader".  I bought "Winnie the Pooh" and LG and I are reading a few pages each night, after we depart story time with little o and Papa.  I think the story is over his head, but he enjoys sitting next to me listening to me read.  The needed more attention.  Not to do more stuff, but to get attention from PB and I.  Step 4.

I'm about 1/2 way done planning our trip out east.  My cousin called to finally tell me when she was free.  Now I need to book hotels, and rent a car and we're set.  Whew.  Have I mentioned we're going away for a week right before my test.  Smart, I know.  Step 5.

I've figured out that I want to paint the downstairs power room light pink.  Get rid of the stripey wall paper.  Get rid of the big wall thing that we mis-use for things like extra TP and hair do-dads.  It will be the one room we get done this year (we had to re-plan little o's room, so it got bumped to next year).  Hopefully it's not hard as hell to accomplish and it happens in a weekend.  Cross your fingers.  Step 6.

Whew.  We're back.  I'm going to aim to blog at least twice a week during all of this.  It's my 6 step program to get back on track.  We'll see if it works.  Some of it has to, some of it might fall off the wagon.  Hopefully it just gets me back on some sort of track!

Have a good week.


VandyJ said...

I hate cleaning, but love the way the house looks and smells after a really thorough one.
Good luck on your test and have fun on the trip.
Now, can I steal one or two of your steps to help me banish the blahs that are threatening to take over my mood?

Annabelle said...

Oh I need some of the gumption!

Where did you find it? Will you pleeeeeeeeease send it my way?

Good job you!

blueviolet said...

I feel for you in stripping that wallpaper. That is a tough gig!!!!

I have a weird smell in the house right now too. It smells like dead animal...and I suspect there is one in a vent or the attic or something...

Jan said...

I got tired just reading all of that...

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite and I are making our way through Pollyanna, a chapter every night and the pictures are less enjoyable. I keep thinking she may find it boring. But every night when I ask what she wants to read, she'll give me the correct chapter and even beg for another chapter. When we finish the book, most likely on Friday, I'll show her the Disney movie with Hayley Mills which is mostly very friendly. :-)
After that, we begin The Wind in the Willows or Heidi.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Well you are definitely back on track! I wish I could feel so motivated!