Friday, July 15, 2011

Spin Cycle- Things that make me...

happy.  This weeks Spin is "of puppies and unicorns and other things that make you happy".  Well, I don't have a puppy, and unicorns don't make me happy.  I was going to be all prosaic and write about how happy those single beams of sunshine on cloudy days make me, or seeing the first bunny in the spring.  But nah, I'm going for the obvious today. This is what makes me happy:

Miss Wylie

->  These guys have been making me happy for many, many years (13 or so).  We've lived in 7 different houses/apartments and had 10 different roommates that we've lived with ( most of whom probably wished they could take these guys with them, and a few who tried!)  They have NEVER spent a night apart from each other (they're brother and sister.  you could tell, right?  they totally look alike.  just like LG and little o.)  They are sweet, furry, and like to sleep on my feet.  All they ask in return is some kibble, the occasional tum scritch and defense against little boy hands.  Miss Wylie is your proverbial "scairdy cat".  For many, many years nobody except me saw her (some will tell you she's my imaginary pet).  Now that she's older, she's realized the value of companionship a bit more.  As for Pestilence (pester, putter, Cattywumpus, bubba), he might as well be a dog.  He acts just like one.  He meets us at the door, hops up on the bed to get attention, yells at strangers, sits under little boys who drop food.  I think someone put him in the wrong body, some days. 

little o doing some digging.

big brother doing what he does best, torturing little brother.
-> Yeah, you all know how happy these little monkeys make me.  We took the boys to the beach on July 4th weekend.  It was their first time experiencing water attached to sand.  The best words to describe it might be, "They frolicked".  I don't think I've ever used that word before, but it fits.  How could that not make someone happy?  Sand castles to build, tracks to follow (machine and animal), water to splash.  My Dad loved the beach.  I wish he could have been there to see how these guys took to it.  I can just picture him setting up his low slung beach chair, with his umbrella and then completely ignoring it as he chased them on the sand and tossed them around in the lake.  I have to dig out some old beach pictures to put up.  You guys would love them, I bet.

->  And of course, this guy.  PB brings no end of happiness to my days.  I probably don't tell him that enough.  His face was just made to smile, and he makes everyone around him smile, too.

I could write about the 1,000 other things that make me happy, but then you'd get bored.  You'd want to click off the page, but you'd feel guilty for not reading the rest before you made a comment.  You might think you were going to miss the one big clue for what to get me for my birthday, or Christmas.  But, nope.  You could have clicked.  It's all over.

Head on over to Sprite's Keeper.  Just saying that makes me happy.


Sprite's Keeper said...

John's smile makes me happy too. He too has a face that was made to smile, but so many of his pictures look so serious! I think it's his upbringing for his brothers do the same thing. :-)
You're linked!

Jan said...

A) Your blog NEVER bores me.


iii) You have a cat named Pestilence? I triple puffy glitter heart you.

Annabelle said...

Yeah Happy Things!

Those kitties are beautiful, the kids precious and the hubs handsome. Enjoy every bit of your happiness!

Kate said...

More of a dog person than cat...but to each her own... ;)

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love the pics of the boys at the beach! Who doesn't have fun at the beach?

And I love the things that you make you happy. It's all about the simple things and finding joy with what you already have!

Patty O. said...

Aw, great pictures and great spin!

gretchen said...

You know, I loved this. It was simple but really, incredibly sincere. And it made me really happy for you that you have these excellent men/boys/cats in your life. And just seeing them made ME happy.

Anonymous said...

Great spin. Your kitties are so sweet.

kendrasue said...

All good things to be happy about!

Anonymous said...

My kitties make me happy too! Your boys look like they had a blast!

Casey said...

Aww, great post. Can't believe that was their first beach trip, glad it went so well! Your family is adorable. And your cats too. Woot!