Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Randomly Wednesday

Yup, I let the long weekend waylay me.  No random Tuesday thoughts.  They had to wait until Wednesday.  Sorry about that.  But here they are:

Two barefoot boys in front of the Tent Majal.
->  We took the boys tent camping for the first time this weekend.  We shall call it a learning experience.  Here is what I learned:
1.  Do not rush while packing the station wagon to go camping.  Everyone should participate in packing, and it should not go on while other activities that require attention are going on (say feeding two little boys lunch).  We left behind all the sand toys, ride on toys and balls I had intended to bring.  Mistake #1...  But we won't place blame.
2.  You must be in a "roll with the punches" sort of mood to camp.  Little boys too excited to eat or nap are going to happen.   Plans can be re-worked.  Damn, you're camping, who's making plans???
3.  Recognize that you can not control other people be they with you, next to you or across the campground.  They will make noise, or be distracted or just want to have fun.  Forget your normal schedule, it isn't going to happen.  PB couldn't let the schedule go.

Badgers on the ferry to the Island

In the end, the boys and I still had fun.  PB contests this view and insisted on being miserable the whole time.  It was weird being the fun parent.

->  However, Christopher Titus and his "Neverlution" saved our weekend.  We came home Sunday night, dumped the sleeping boys into bed and after we unpacked the car (and disposed of all evidence that we had even tried to camp) we sat and watched comedy for 2 hours.  It made it all better.

Little o with brain freeze!

->  One of our board members at work keeps stealing my Shrek glass.  You know, the one I got at McDonald's years ago (the good ones, not the cadmium ones from last year).  It is a nice shape and size.  Whenever I know he's going to be in town now, though, I have to quickly grab my glass lest it be gone by the time I decide I want water.

->  I will now out myself.  I'm addicted to Zombie Farm on my iPhone.  It's a simple premise, you grow plants and zombies and you use those zombies to fight "enemies" and get gold and treasure.  It's not hard.  It's pretty mindless.  LG likes to help me farm my "zombas".  He'll sit on my lap while I farm and giggle.  We went to the "Boneyard" for dinner with a few friends last weekend and LG told PB that "that's where the zombas are!" 

Boys on motorcycle.
 ->  Yeah, I'm all out of random now.  I still need a vacation from my vacation.  Have a good afternoon, everybody.


VandyJ said...

You know you had a good vacation if you need a vacation from all that "relaxing". Looks like a good time was had by all.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yeah, this is why we don't even try to camp. EVER. :-)

Stefeathers said...

How awesome that you got to be the fun parent - although, I must say that I always have loads of fun with you!

The Crazy Coxes said...

It actually sounds like you had a great time - even without the sand toys and schedule.

Everyone needs a turn being the fun parent!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Still looks like fun though! I think John and I have had those feelings before, one thinks everything went well, the other thinks it all fell apart. :-)

blueviolet said...

I always feel like that when I get home too. It's exhausting to go on vacation. Even though yours wasn't exactly wonderful for someone ;) I'm glad it ended up being a good trip!