Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spin Cycle- Decorating

Ahhh, decorating.  I suck at it.  If you had to describe my house it is mostly "refined Salvation Army".  As long as it's comfy and clean, I don't really worry too much.  Meh.  I hate spending money on things that are only "decorations".  What purpose do they serve???

However, I do put some thought and effort into the boys' rooms. At least the walls.  I grew up with peachy/orange walls for 18 years, and I think it might have damaged some brain cells.  What?  It was the 70's, my Mom was trying, for God's sake.

You will recall that I had a plan for Little o's room when he moves out of the nursery.  We were going all space for him, with his Alien friend as our inspiration.  I picked colors, we started sketches.  Thoughts ruminating and all.  But.  Screeching halt.  I had another thought.

What if we put the boys together in one room?  With bunk beds?  They're only 19 months apart, and they get along.  Hell, if he could little o would sleep with LG right now (he can't get out of his crib, though).  I know, I know, so many people I know who had to share a room hated it.  Wished their sibling would die or get lost at the mall so they didn't have to share any more.  But this is optional.  When one of them says , "Hey, I've had enough time sharing with Bozo, I want my own space" this will be an easy accomplishment.  The spare room will still be there to convert at that point (and we'll keep their convertible cribs, so beds won't be a problem either).

Which has lead to my next dilemma, how to decorate this shared room?  Airplanes are really LG's thing (and hence on his wall).  Space (and Alien) is really little o's thing, not LG's.  I need a simple theme that works for both of them.  Cars?  Trucks?  Castle and knights (oooh, dragon?) Thoughts?  Help a girl out, here.

Ok, that's all I've got this week.  Lame, I know.  Get over it.  Oh, for those that asked, we did have a great day yesterday.  We met up with some cousins at the Natural History Museum and tore the place up.  Space, building blocks, dinos and ot-ters.  The boys had a great time!

Go see Sprite's Keeper, and keep the Spin going.


The Empress said...

I'll watch and see what people tell you.

I don't care much, either..but people sure feel free to put in their 2 cents worth when they come over...

VandyJ said...

I'm coming up on having to decorate a little boy room. For Turbo we went with a Goodnight Moon theme--a great green room and appropriate pictures on the walls and everything. It was great for him while he was little.
Is there a book that they both like that could provide an inspiration?

Jan said...

I never went to any real trouble to decorate until my kids were all just about grown - why bother when you've got toddlers/young children/tweens/teens rampaging through the house? Until recently, my home was always decorated in "early movie revival house."

What can I say - I like posters for old films.

Put them in the same room - they'll love it while they're little. When they get to the point that they are trying to strangle each other with dirty socks, then they can go in separate rooms.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh, how about both ideas in the same room? Do one wall of the room in a sky blue color, the opposite wall in a midnight blue color, (hopefully, dressers for each boy can go agains the appropriate wall) and then on each adjacent wall, have the colors meet in the middle on an angle. And decorate with decals accordingly. You can do 2 framed posters, one of like Buzz Lightyear and the other of a cartoon plane on either side of the dividing line, or maybe even some vintage looking posters of the solar system and old war bombers. There are so many ways you could hook this room up!
And you're linked!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh! And some simple bed linens so they can dress it up with their own toys and the beds will still look nice!
Sorry, you've got my ideas going..

The Crazy Coxes said...

My boys all shared rooms with a sibling at one time or another and loved it!
I'm no help on the theme.
right now we have thousands of dollars of busted up lacrosse sticks decorating the main wall.

Michele said...

I'm with Jen on this one. Do both in a comic strip sort of way. That way neither are too intense.

My place is decorated in "early marriage castoffs" 28 years is still early, right?

CaJoh said...

Keep us posted as to what you decide to do. Sounds like a lot of suggestions so far.

Casey said...

That (both the shared room and the decoration of said room) is a tough one. We had the kids sharing a room for about a year and it helped G sleep through the night better (he needed his little sister to protect him, I guess). But then whoever got up first (I'm talking 5am, EVERY F'ING DAY) could never sneak out quietly then they were BOTH UP. We split them up about two months ago and they're sleeping a little better. Grr.

Wow, that was all about ME. Mememememe.