Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm hanging out with Staci and the other random hopefuls this week.  Go visit and see the amazing dino pool.

->  Does your mental image of yourself match with your outer image (the one your co-workers or people at the grocery store see)?  I'm not sure mine does.  He, he, he.  You see, a woman asked me the other day if I thought it was OK to encourage the boys in the kind of lifestyle that Hawaiian shirts promotes.  (as an aside, I need to smile less.  people seem to take that as encouragement to speak with me about all sorts of inappropriate things...)  Back to the subject.  I had to think for a minute.  First, what kind of lifestyle do Hawaiian shirts promote?  Laid back?  Happy in your own skin?  Wishing you didn't have to go to work/school everyday and could just sit by the pool?  (I didn't ask her, for fear she'd say something that would be insulting in front of the boys- LG's godfather-who is the coolest guy to him- bought him that shirt...)  I told her I wasn't too worried that Hawaiian Shirt Fridays in daycare would negatively effect their SAT scores.  On the way home it gnawed at me, though.  Who the hell do the other people at school think we are?  Light bulb.  I show up every day to pick up my kids in my business attire.  Pencil skirts and argyle sweaters.  High heels and hose.  Ahhh, she thinks I'm a responsible member of society.  She has no idea that I'm prone to Bermuda shorts and Birkenstocks at home, that LG has Nutella on a spoon before breakfast and little o walks around with a bucket on his head.  To her, I'm an accountant with two kids married to an engineer.  No wonder she thinks I'm a tight arse.  Well, we have someone fooled.

            ->  Shortly after that it dawned on me that I'm married with two kids.  Holy hells, how did I get here?     How did I let this sneak up on me?  Don't think about it.  It's just too scary.

->  LG has put in his two cents for what he'd like his room to be if we put little o in with him.  Tree house.  I'm mulling it over.  I realized that I kind of had my heart set on a space room.  I'm not sure I'm ready to get rid of that idea just yet.  We'll see.

->  I think one week soon I'm going to take the family HFC free.  That's right, no HFC.  Originally, I thought I would just go "moderation" (they way they say it's OK for you), but I ditched that thought.   I don't want to sit and judge "moderation" all week.  My only exceptions are for outside functions.  I'm not going to try to get school on board, or tell PB he can't have a coke at a BBQ.  But if it comes out or goes into our house, there will be no HFC.  PB looked traumatized when I asked him about it, but he's willing to go along.  I'll let you know when we get there.  (PS, no worries.  Snapple doesn't have HFC.  Neither does Mexican Coke.  I'm trying to be healthy, not drive myself insane here...)

->  Freezer Jam!  That's right.  I'ma let you in on the secret.  The secret to "Secret Ingredient Soup"?  There is no secret ingredient.  Freezer Jam is the same way.  You need this:

Sorry- upside down.  Ball Simple Creations No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin.  Available at many grocery stores, Walmart and on Amazon.

And you might need these:

Also available at the Mart and on Amazon.  They aren't like regular plastic jars (slightly thicker, screw top), and they are just the right size.  The screw top Ziploc ones might work, as well, but they don't come this small.  Freezer jam doesn't stay as long as stewed jams do, so it's better to freeze it in small batches and take out only what you'll use in two or three weeks.

To make it all you do is take fresh fruit (see last weeks post) and squish it up to your desired consistency.  I put strawberries through the food processor, but raspberries I do with a potato masher.  Add the pectin and some sweetener (sugar or  artificial- there are directions for both on the package).  Mix. Put in jars.  Freeze.

and when it's done it looks like this:

This is raspberry.  Keep in mind that there is no cooking involved, so freezer jam tastes (to me at least) more like the original fruit than regular jam does.  And it's way easier than traditional jarred jam. 

->  I downloaded the iTime ap from the ap store.  Because bedtime was getting out of control.  The resident scammer (LG) wants prayers and stories in little o's room.  They each get to pick one.  Then he wants to stay for little o's songs and snuggle.  But then he wants to go to his room for his own songs.  And he needs more water because the glass he started at the beginning of this saga is all gone now.  Not. Any. More.  Now I start the hourglass for 15 minutes, and when the sand is gone, so are PB and I.  So far, so good (two nights in).

->  I'm thinking on Friday I might start posting what we get in our CSA box Thursday night.  Then, if I need help figuring out what to do with what I get, maybe you guys can help me?  Most of last weeks box is already gone, but I'm still hanging on to some lemon basil and bok choy.  People keep telling me to hid the bok choy in all sorts of thing, but I'd like to find a way to make it so we actually enjoy it.

Ok, I've said enough this week.  Go on now, git.  And remember, we do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I think I will try my hand at freezer jam...

Kristine said...

I havent had freezer jam in years. Yum!!!

Jan said...

I'm casting my vote with LG - I think a treehouse room would be UBER cool.

I want to tell you that going HFCS-free will be so very easy, but I can't - we've just been doing it so long it's second nature. And besides, you KNOW I've gone off the deep end - I make my own ketchup and barbecue sauce and mayonnaise...and ENJOY it. However, having said that, you CAN (and should) do it.

Stefeathers said...

Why couldn't you combine the themes - for instance, in one corner (or on one wall) PB could paint the tree and the treehouse and the "east" side of the room could be "daylight" with airplanes flying. The "west" side of the room could be "night" with spaceships and aliens.

Would PB & the boys eat fried rice? Bok choy is good chopped up and stir-fried with other vegetables. I have a great recipe for fried rice that I can send you - let me know...

Annabelle said...

I soooooo do not feel like the person that people see.

I think it's part of my conflicting crazy personalities issue I like to call Love me or F*** off, but still, I don't think my outside matches my inside all that much.

VandyJ said...

Hawaiian shirts always say M*A*S*H to me. Relaxed if a bit anti-establishment.
Don't worry, Bruiser like to wear his Scooby Doo bucket like a helmet too.
My outside really does not match my inside--I'm not this old with two boys on the inside, really! I feel about 27 and still sort of geeky cool. This delusion will live until Turbo hits about 13, then I will be old and dumb until Bruiser hits about 20. Sigh, it's not fair for them to grow so fast.

The Crazy Coxes said...

What the heck was that lady talking about? What kind of lifestyle do Hawaiian shirts promote? hmmm...
Thanks for sharing the freezer jam "recipe" Send all your HFC this way. That's all we eat! :)

AZ Harveys said...

Once upon a time when I played a lawyer during the day, I'd pick my daughter up and get the same reaction- all the parents at daycare thought I was the responsible, thoughtful, etc. one, when I'm actually about as scatterbrained as they come and lounge around the house in old Grateful Dead shirts. Hehe, now that I have two kids, no one will ever mistake me for a respectable member of society again.

Like the idea about the timer- we have similar bedtime issues, and it really does get out of hand some (ok, most) nights.

Happy RTT!

Frogs in my formula said...

I feel so clueless--what's HFC??