Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Tuesday Complaining

What?  I'm being honest here.  It's Tuesday of a 4 day week that will be followed by a 4 day vacation and another 4 day week.  Which would make you think I'd be happy.  But my allergies are trying to kill me, so all I feel is whiny.  I'd go home sick, but I don't have enough time to do all the stuff I have to do to enjoy my 4 glorious days off as it is.  Sigh.

->  We took PB for Japanese lunch on Father's Day.  This is what little o thought of sushi:

He was pretty peeved.  He couldn't eat it whole, and he didn't understand that if you cut it in half, you can't eat it with your "choppers".  Poor kid.  LG settled for just shoving his into his mouth with his hands (I'm sure the waitress loved that one).  Little o just whined and poked at it.  Oh, well.  The first time's not always a success.

->  Please people at Caribou Coffee, can you come up with an "App for that"?  It is a pain in the rear that I can't consolidate your gift cards or use my phone to pay for your coffee.  So much that I have taken to going across the street to the Buck because it's just easier.  They aren't as nice as you.  But they have an App.  And it really does make it that much easier.  Get on that.

->  Come back Thursday and maybe you'll get to see my pictures of the duct tape parade.  Nope, I'm not kidding.  We went.  We saw Miss America.  We loved it (and got to see one of my favorite parade attractions.  You'll have to visit on Thursday to find out what it is.)

->  We are having a small dilemma in our family right now.  Little o is at that stage where everyone thinks he's just so freaking adorable.  He's still chubby and baby like, but he can walk and talk.  And he says the funniest things.  And, while LG is still adorable and funny and sweet, he's living in the shadow.  Damn, our own family does it (without realizing it, I'm sure).  People will walk up to o and tell him how adorable he is, offer him lollies, and walk right past LG.  Most of the time he doesn't notice, but the look on his face when he does kills me. 

However, my oldest nephew is now 6 and realized that LG is a BOY cousin who is old enough to play cars and Legos and all sorts of stuff (as opposed to being a baby during the winter).  They can be BOYS together.  They don't need to be cute, or sweet.  They get dirty.  Nobody babies them.  They can ride bikes, or crash things and they both love it.  Finally!  My nephew has waited almost 4 years for this.  If you're about to say that girls do these things too, can it.  I know girls do, but it's not the same.  There is nothing quite like two little boys and cars and mud. 

->  LG told PB last night that when he and his bicycle grow big they are going to ride in the basement with PB (he has his bike on the trainer down there).  He'll tell his bicycle he needs to sit and eat all his dinner if he wants to grow.  What do you feed a bicycle?

->  I have to make a list of all the krappe we need to take camping this weekend.  I haven't quite worked out the logistics of sleeping, so I've put off the list.  It should be funny to pack come Friday.

Well, that's about all for me.  I know, after a week off you'd think I had more exciting things going on.  Nope, just little boy wrangling.  Nothing to see here (that's not my kid on the floor at the Target thrashing, nope).  Have a good week.  Go see Stacy.


VandyJ said...

There really is something about boys and cars and mud. Or dirt. Dirt is big at our house.
Good luck packing. I'm going to get out our check list Thursday so we can start packing. Camping ho!
Have a great time!

Jan said...

Poor LG; I guess it would be poor consolation at this point to tell him that in a few short years the pendulum will swing back in his direction and little o will be jealous because he'll get to do stuff first.

I'm so glad to see kids playing in the mud and actually getting dirty - so many parents these days have a problem with that, when it's good for a child. No, really; it keeps them healthy. Lots of probiotics in that dirt.

Anonymous said...

We're totally having that sibling issue in our house! Elliot (almost 4) is cool and all but Isaac (15 months) is doing such amazing things, we definitely give him more props. I feel bad.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love Little O's response!
I can't eat sushi whole either. And I can't use chopsticks very well - unlike my children who can eat every grain of rice with them.
So I'm with Little O!

Can't wait to see the duck tape parade!

blueviolet said...

That totally breaks my heart about LG. I remember those times, and it hurts. Maybe if you give people a heads up beforehand, they'll be more careful about it.

I still feel that way about sushi. ICK!