Thursday, June 30, 2011

 For Father's Day Saturday (because all holidays that celebrate our Papa get extended to a full weekend) we took PB to the "Avon Heritage Duct Tape Parade" held in Avon, Ohio.  Why?  Why not?!?

That first shot is the boys having a snack in the wagon, waiting for the parade to start.  In retrospect, we should have taken the truck to show off our red-nekked-ness, but the wagon provided shade and a bit more comfort.
 PB and little o were ready for action.  The theme was "The biggest fan" or something like that. We were ready!
 Oh, yes.  This is Miss America.  She really did put on a dress made from duct tape just for the occasion!
 The people from the "Duck Brand" duct tape company.  Duck Brands have their home office out here in Avon.
 And now on to some of the more exciting floats.  For this one, they made all the flames, and the gas can out of tape.  The chairs were covered in tape.  It was pretty cute.
 It's the bubble wrap car.  I love seeing this one around town, too!
 What does a pipe band have to do with duct tape?  Duh, they sound like DUCKS!  he, he, he.
 Boy scouts get creative with duct tape.  Good for them, learning early.
 A duct tape hover craft.  PB was jealous.
 Duct tape super heroes.  Yup, costumes are duct tape. 
 No caption necessary, they did it for me.
 This was the girl standing next to us.  How cool is her "How to tame a dragon" bag???  All from duct tape. 
 A little league team getting into the tapage with a Teepee (keep in mind that our home team is the Indians, and everyone within an hour of Cleveland is "In the Tribe").
 One of the local day care centers did an animal themed thingy.  It was really cute.
 The roller derby chicks made duct tape skirts to skate around in.
 This was a VBS float.  The "team players" were God and Jesus.
 Corleone's Pizza.  I didn't get a good shot of their float, which was a huge pizza oven.  This is their mascot with his duct tape pizza and duct tape violin case.  When LG asked why the pizza man carried a violin case, PB explained it was so you could have nice music with your dinner...
 Home Depot's duct tape race cars.  I'll admit, after the hover craft, I was disappointed the people at the Depot couldn't do better.  Look at me, the duct tape snob.
 Another VBS.  Clearly these folks are NYers, though.  (go team!)
No duct tape on this car.  I just thought you guys would appreciate that people in Cleveland love their sports (and Jesus) so much that they will have their truck specially painted to support the Browns...
 The two figures on the float?  Duct tape karate guys.
 Duct tape bus.
 The 4-H did duct tape saddles for the ponies and the girls are in duct tape uniforms.
 Some nimrod  sporting soul covered their whole car in Fleur de Lis duct tape.
 The duct tape wedding dress.  Amazing.  Duct tape rosettes all over the skirt!
 I have no idea what this is, but it was all duct tape.
 The Shriners!!!!  Finally.  I love these guys.  This one was threatening people with his cane.
 Shriner fire truck.  LG giggled so hard I thought he'd have an accident.  I love those little cars, too.  The best part of any parade.  (aside, at the Uncle Sam Parade in Troy NY they have over 30 different kinds of Shriners driving 30 different kinds of mini-vehicles.  I was in heaven.)
 Shriner big fire truck (for a scale reference?  I'm not sure.)
The zoo made this big boy to celebrate the new Elephant exhibit.  He's really cute in person.

After all the parade excitement, the actual fair was a bit of a let down.  Little o got to ride his first Ferris Wheel, though, and LG enjoyed the people viewing.

That about covers it.  The annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival.  Who'd a thunk, huh?  Go see Pseudo and see if someone can top this travel experience!


Jan said...

How do I miss these thing?? I'm so bummed I did not attend the Duct Tape Parade.

I'm within an hour, but I fear I shall never be "In the Tribe." I'm a die-hard Rangers fan which, yes, makes me a masochist. :P

VandyJ said...

Nice music with dinner. The things we tell the kids. That one made me smile though.

Stefeathers said...

I think for 2012 I'll plan to visit you on Duct Tape Parade weekend - can we enter our own float? With LG & o, our duct-tape-cuteness-quotient would be through the roof!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I wonder if they deliver on the music like they do with the pizza. If so, the delivery would take forever no? And tipping would be high..

The Crazy Coxes said...

This is amazing! I love all the pics and who doesn't love duct tape? Our school has a duct tape day and everyone makes outfits out of duct tape. My boys made polos - complete with popped collars and the little polo horse in a different color.

gretchen said...

HA! Love this! It's just so...American! So much fun.

blueviolet said...

I had no idea there was so much to be done with duct tape. It's wild to see the parade right in a neighborhood!

Captain Dumbass said...

Duct tape parade? I wanna see a duct tape parade.