Monday, June 6, 2011

CSA and old men...

Happy Monday (say it like Frosty the Snowman would, that's how it went in my mind)!

I would have a microfiction for everyone, but I suck and still can't link to the offending Grandma's Goulash.  Maybe next week.

Instead I offer you two trains of thought (no worries, they are traveling on two completely different tracks, and I could care less what time they left the station or how fast they are traveling.  you will not have to compute when they will meet in my mind.  quite possibly never...)

First- our CSA rocks.  Here is a picture of week pre-1:

Sugar snap peas, green beans and 4 quarts of strawberries.   Pre- week one because we don't start our scheduled pick up until this Thursday.  The veg and fruit started coming in early, though, so they've been offering up what's in and they will take the weight off our total (hopefully over the summer when it will be too much for us to consume!)  Mmmmm.  The peas and the beans were pretty much gone about an hour after they made it home.  The berries were, too, but they went here:

 and then here:
And when I get 30 seconds all in a row, I'll turn them into freezer jam.  Since we've tried to cut out corn syrup and food coloring, our options for items to go with peanut butter are limited.  Besides, a nice sandwich made with freezer jam (which tastes quite different from regular jam) makes a winter day feel like a little bit of summer.

Now on to the second topic- old men and little boys. 

I need to give a little background before I start this topic.  I work for 3 brothers (well, actually, now just two).  They have been in business together since the youngest could have a job.  Serious business, they owned a company.  They have a charitable foundation.  The oldest was 99 when he passed away (just a few weeks ago), his brothers are 97 and 90 this year.  Until last fall, the older two would eat lunch together at the office every day.  The youngest is the one that runs the business now (yes, at 90) so he ate with them when he was in town.  It truly amazes me.  Not that brothers could be successful together, or that they love each other.  It's really more that after 90 something years together, they still wanted to come to the office to eat lunch together.  To just hang out.  The office was their park bench.  Towards the end the conversations weren't much (the 2nd brother's mind is slowly fading away).  But there they were, two little old men, just being together.  Brothers.

The older the boys get, the more I get to see them act like brothers.  Now that little o is starting to talk, LG is treating him like a real person (instead of a baby).  They've actually started having conversations.  It's not much, little o doesn't have that many words, and LG doesn't have that much patience.  But it's starting.

 And when they're out and about in their hats and long shorts, they remind me of little old men. 
Partners in crime, even.  And I hope that when they're 99 and 97, LG and little o are still hanging out together.  Brothers.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Freezer jam? I need to look into that..
And I've often had the thought that little boys with hats look like little old men. :-)

Jan said...

Where on earth did you take those pictures? SO COOL, that giant rake, bucket and watering can!

And ze boys, zey are ze adorable.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Freezer Jam!!! Tell us how to do it!

Boys, brothers...all that is close to my heart. I love your description of the 3 brothers. I so relate. Your pics of your own boys are so cool. They will be such good friends!!!!!

blueviolet said...

They look so cute in their little old manishness. :)

Freezer jam, delish!!!

Casey said...

The guys you work for seem like cool cats. I love getting a glimpse of what the relationship might be. My brothers and I were all close and (on the rare occasion) my kids get along, it makes my heart happy.

Stefeathers said...

Not that I want to rub it in, but since I have eaten your freezer jam, I can vouch for it's deliciousness! Everybody absolutely wants your recipe!

I am glad that LG & o are developing that brotherly love - may they share whatever version of a park bench they choose for a long, long time!