Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Tuesday is back

but maybe only for today.  The random is backing up in my brain.  Stacy is still our hostest with the mostest.

->  I'm pretty sure my boss is "that" parent.  Yesterday morning he was talking about how he gives his kid tips on his baseball game that undermine what the coach is trying to teach.  Sometimes, when it's something he thinks is really important, he approaches the coach.  When I coached, I hated those parents.  If it's not a safety concern you have two choices.  1)  Shut your mouth.  2)  Coach the team your self.  That's it.  That poor coach doesn't get paid to try to wrangle 15  8 year olds into playing a decent game of baseball.  And you can bet he's got 14 other dad's who think they know what's best, too.  I refrained from telling him all this.  I like my job.

->  PB and I have found our new guilty pleasure.  Top Shot.  It's a show where they invite 16 people who shoot things (either for sport or professionally- it's a good mix) to compete against each other.  Hand guns, bow and arrows, hatchets, we've seen them send all manner of weapon at these targets.  I know, it's redneck.  It's just how we roll.

->  LG is addicted to "little guys".  Lego men, specifically.  I have decided I can not play with him when he wants to play with his "little guys".  Because he and I don't play the same way.  He takes the guys apart and puts them back together all helter skelter.  Sometimes the parts fall off the table, and we have to go retrieve them.  I like to have all the guys together the way they came advertised.  The hockey guy gets a stick, skates and a helmet.  Never does he get the light saber in my world.  In LG's world?  The Civil War soldier sports a neon pink mohawk and carries jack hammer.  It kills me.  When he loses parts, I get frustrated.  PB says, "Let it go.  They're not your little men.  He has to deal with the fact that his guy only has one skate now, not you."  Easy for him to say.  He plays the same way as LG.  Harrumph.

->  Random Saturday morning picture. 

->  Ever realize that all the "projects" you've been putting off take about 20 minutes when you actually go to do them.  Sigh.  Now that the weather has sort of broken, PB and I are doing all the little stuff to get our yard someplace that won't look like the Beverly Hillbillies.  It's a lot of 20-30 minute projects, and they've all piled up.  Yuck.

Time to go act like I give a furry rats pjs.  Woo hoo!  Go team.


VandyJ said...

Nick loves watching Top Shot. I like it but we don't get to see it much--we catch the reruns.
I get a bit obsessive about keeping toys together--the way they are supposed to be. Drive me a bit crazy to have missing parts. Doesn't seem to bother the boys though.

Anonymous said...

I totally noticed that about projects and/or other things on my to-do list. I put them off because I think they will be daunting but then they're really a lot easier And yet, I still put them off!

Jan said...

Our salesman coaches his 12-year-old son's baseball team; his assistant coach is a young man who played in college and came just a hair away from playing professionally.

All the parents are bitching about how this young man coaches (the kids LOVE him). Our salesman finally did what you said your boss should do, and suggested to all of them that they were welcome to coach the team themselves.

He had no takers. Imagine that.

Kristine said...

I am embarassed to say that my husband is one of "those" parents.

Drives me up the wall...

AZ Harveys said...

So true about those little projects! I even know that they only take 15-20 minutes to complete, but I let them pile up, so then they end up taking hours and hours and hours.

Speaking of which, I guess I should get to one of said projects.

Happy RTT

Stacy Uncorked said...

"That" parent would drive me crazy if I were a coach! :)

Heh, I'm like you - when I'm helping Princess Nagger put her toys away, I'm always collecting the little pieces of whatever and making sure the 'proper' pieces are together, rather than helter skelter. Hubby, on the other hand, just pools everything together in one big mess and Princess Nagger has trouble finding things. ;)

I have some of those 'projects', too - wonder if I could get some of them done in 20 minutes if I start now? ;)

Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me! :)

Addicted to Technology, Mother's Day - RTT Rebel

Anonymous said...

I'm staring down one of those 20 minute projects right now, yet here I sit, reading blogs....

Captain Dumbass said...

Top Shot? I must see this show. And the Lego men? So on your side. Especially the Stormtroopers and Clones, drives me MAD!

Frogs in my formula said...

Great randomness. I like the toys arranged in a orderly fashion too, but Junior likes his train table to look like a tornado hit it. Makes me nuts. Instead of playing I end up tidying up.

Keely said...

A furry rats pjs?

I'm totally stealing that.

My husband is one of "those" parents, but he knows it so he stays away.