Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spin Cycle!!!!

Dude, we're getting the band back together!!!  It's a re-union tour!!! (now where did I put that leather and those shiny pink spandex?)

Ever have one of those groups that you hang out with for a while for one specific purpose?  Maybe a group you eat lunch with at the company cafeteria, or a Mommy group you joined when your kids were small?  Sometimes it's a rec sport league, maybe you tried your hand at a knitting club.  You go for a while, and then either you lose interest and just stop going, or the group disbands, people's outside lives encroaching on the space you occupy.  You stay in touch with one or two people, but it's not the same.  What tied you together was either work, or knitting or kickball, and if that's gone, well, so is that spark.  You're sort of sad, but other things come to replace that void.  Sigh.  It was nice while it lasted, right?

But then...

One person decides it would be nice to get back together.  The whole group.  And do what it is brought you together in the first place.  You all realize that now that the kids are in school (and not being crazy toddlers), you have something else in common with those moms.  Or you really don't enjoy those lazy Sundays as much as you all enjoyed volleyball.  Now that you don't have a baby, your husband really could watch the kids while you sneak away for a few hours to knit.  Bliss.  The band is back together.  You make up for lost time.

That's kind of how the revival of  The Spin Cycle feels.  We used to get together and visit each other each week.  It was nice to read the posts as they trickled it.  No pressure to post every week, but there were regulars and occasional visitors.  New comers always welcome.  Sure, we imposed on Jen, but nobody cared if she vacuumed the side bar that week or not.  When it was gone, we all sort of lost a little focus.  We didn't blog as much, we did other things.  But hopefully, now that it's back, we're back!  Screw painting that last bedroom, I need to blog. 

(Am I putting too much pressure on Sprite's Keeper?  I don't want her to flee, running into the blogosphere to save what she created in the time she left us!)  Thanks for getting the band back together, Jen.  I needed that kick in the rear end.  (ps, you look great!  Have you lost weight?  You'd never know you have a 4 year old daughter!)

As an aside, completely separate from the rest of the topic.  In the mid-west we're beginning to wonder if the Rapture really did happen on Saturday.  Have you seen our weather?  PB thinks maybe it did, and God looked down, looked at Peter and said, "Hmmm.  Maybe this wasn't the best plan.  There just aren't that many of them looking good to me right now.  How about we kick in the weather and see how the rest goes before we begin the swooping of souls"  I'm just saying.  I've eaten dinner in my basement for the last 3 nights...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A leap of faith...

Toes to the edge....
Right to Miss Sidney!  Woo hoo!

Have I mentioned how much better swim lessons are going?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Tuesday Thinkings...

It's Tuesday, and Stacy is still hoisting her sign to invite all the crazy random in.  As usual, I'm arriving just after the festivities get underway, but still- go see all the people who arrived on time.

->  I was folding laundry last night when little o toddled up with a book, climbed on the couch and started to "read".  He uttered his first full sentence, "We go on our motorcycle."  He does this to kill me.  I will now proceed to spend the next 14 years convincing him that motorcycles are too dangerous for adorable blond haired boys.  Only criminals and men who don't want to admit they're fifty ride motorcycles.  That's my story.

->  A woman at the volley ball courts this weekend made this comment (in not the nicest tone, but I choose to ignore that part):  "Look at that lady.  Big blanket spread out with snacks and toys, two clean, well behaved little boys.  They keep their hats on, they don't scream.  I bet she even put sunblock on them.  Ha. I couldn't get my kids to act like that in a million years."  Her friend, "Maybe it's the blanket."  Or maybe it's magic.  I'm just happy that the one time I had my act together someone noticed.

->  It's official, "Don't say Gay" in Tennessee.  And Ohio might be shortly to follow.  My SIL pointed out that there are billboards on our highways indicating that we should "Pray away the Gay".  I'm not sure what people are afraid of.  I'd like to ask the Senator in Tennessee if he thinks the gays will take over and force everyone to wear pink and speak with a lisp.  Or watch cooking shows?  Are they concerned that if we had a gay president that the first man would do a better job that most first ladies of decorating the white house?  Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like if the gays all got really pissed and finally exerted some force in their own defense.  He, he, he.  Go ahead.  Imagine it for a giggle.

->  I finally found a mass market bread out our supermarket with no corn syrup in it!!!  I wanted to hug the manager when I saw the display.  Ok, it still isn't the best out there (there's a lot of other krappe in it) but it tastes pretty good and it's better than most. Can I get a woot woot?

->  I am convinced that I have reached full brain capacity.  Some days, I hit around and realize that my brain is "fuzzy".  Nothing I read is sticking, if someone tells me something, it doesn't stick.  I'm ok the next day, but for that day, I'm pretty much useless.  I'm convinced it's because my brain is deleting files while I sleep.  It finds the ones that haven't been accessed in a while (the name of the lady with the down syndrome daughter at church who always smiles so nicely at us, or the bill from the dentist that's under a pile of new mail but never got paid) and blip- gets rid of them.  Then it has room for more useless.  I notice it never gets rid of things like random movie quotes or the fact that my dentist has sailed the seven seas (which is cool, but I really never use that info).  I'm beginning to wonder if it's working against me. 

 ->  Have you noticed that the weather has been rather extreme lately?  At least he got that part of his prediction right.  Now if only the Resurrection had occurred...

Ok.  Go back to what you were doing.  Nothing more to see here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We Survived The Rapture!!!

Oh, wait.  You're not supposed to celebrate if you're left behind, are you?  Hmmm, well good thing nobody got swooped, or I'd be worried.  Now I'm just pissed I gave the kids a bath and put them in clean drawers for nothing...

Anyhow, I was going to do Grandma's microfiction, but we apparently have new anti-virus stuff at work, and they're blocking Grannie on me.  I'll have to do something about that tonight.  In the mean time, here's some of this:
I goin' to mow lawn.
What, woman?  Stop nagging.  I said I goin' to mow lawn.

A man of leisure.  No worries.

Trying to figure out how to do tricks.
And that's apparently all you get today.  If the weather holds, and I stay motivated, you might get another post or two this week, though ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Tuesday is back

but maybe only for today.  The random is backing up in my brain.  Stacy is still our hostest with the mostest.

->  I'm pretty sure my boss is "that" parent.  Yesterday morning he was talking about how he gives his kid tips on his baseball game that undermine what the coach is trying to teach.  Sometimes, when it's something he thinks is really important, he approaches the coach.  When I coached, I hated those parents.  If it's not a safety concern you have two choices.  1)  Shut your mouth.  2)  Coach the team your self.  That's it.  That poor coach doesn't get paid to try to wrangle 15  8 year olds into playing a decent game of baseball.  And you can bet he's got 14 other dad's who think they know what's best, too.  I refrained from telling him all this.  I like my job.

->  PB and I have found our new guilty pleasure.  Top Shot.  It's a show where they invite 16 people who shoot things (either for sport or professionally- it's a good mix) to compete against each other.  Hand guns, bow and arrows, hatchets, we've seen them send all manner of weapon at these targets.  I know, it's redneck.  It's just how we roll.

->  LG is addicted to "little guys".  Lego men, specifically.  I have decided I can not play with him when he wants to play with his "little guys".  Because he and I don't play the same way.  He takes the guys apart and puts them back together all helter skelter.  Sometimes the parts fall off the table, and we have to go retrieve them.  I like to have all the guys together the way they came advertised.  The hockey guy gets a stick, skates and a helmet.  Never does he get the light saber in my world.  In LG's world?  The Civil War soldier sports a neon pink mohawk and carries jack hammer.  It kills me.  When he loses parts, I get frustrated.  PB says, "Let it go.  They're not your little men.  He has to deal with the fact that his guy only has one skate now, not you."  Easy for him to say.  He plays the same way as LG.  Harrumph.

->  Random Saturday morning picture. 

->  Ever realize that all the "projects" you've been putting off take about 20 minutes when you actually go to do them.  Sigh.  Now that the weather has sort of broken, PB and I are doing all the little stuff to get our yard someplace that won't look like the Beverly Hillbillies.  It's a lot of 20-30 minute projects, and they've all piled up.  Yuck.

Time to go act like I give a furry rats pjs.  Woo hoo!  Go team.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Succintly Yours

Playing by Grandma's rules:  140 or less, with the word of the week (aquatic) thrown in if you dare.

Bob was worried about the puddle growing in the new pit.  His front loader was definitely NOT semi-aquatic!

And just for your Monday fun:
A little o.  Because it's much easier to post a picture than explain why I can't motivate myself to blog lately.  Hopefully the sun will come out and light a fire in my brain or something.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Succinctly Yours

It's about time I changed to the appropriate microfiction name, huh?  Since Grandma's Goulash has been kind enough to let me tag along (even when I don't hand in my home work each week.)

With all Bessi’s mooooning, Farmer Brown was having a hard time writing, “quaint” in his latest brochure.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.  It has to be done.

This is PB's last week of grad school!  I spent my last Saturday night alone with the DVD player.  Woo hoo!