Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, what. I know it's Wednesday

and if I choose to be random today instead of yesterday, so be it.    You should still go see Stacy.

->  LG's new favorite thing is Nutella.  We had it with apples as a treat for Sunday snack, and now he's asked for it every day.  I'm pretty sure he has no idea what the word "treat" means at this point.  I brought it yesterday as a snack to work.
     Co-worker: "You know that your apple is a lot less healthy with Nutella on it, right?"
     MB:  "What makes you think I'm eating the apple for my health?"

->  Last night little o ended up in the older kids class at swim lessons (it's a long story about poor scheduling on my part).  He's just barely old enough to be in the class he's in, forget about the older class (they are all 3 and up).  So, he really just floated around in his life jacket, having the time of his life.  This gave me a few minutes to take a look at my fellow parents.  Holy krappe.  We are not a healthy looking group.  Now, some of these people I see in everyday life, with their clothes on.  And let me tell you, a suit hides a lot apparently.  I completely realize now why people think the word "obese" is overused, even when it's a dr.s diagnosis.  I would have said these folks had a few pounds to lose, sure.  But in a bathing suit you can really see it's more than that.  Sometimes a lot more.  It makes me really sad (upset?) What the hell is happening out there?  I remember being a kid, when my brother was one of the very few kids who were overweight.  It was an isolated (and isolating) problem.  But now it's everywhere.  I firmly believe it's because most of what can be purchased on the shelves of our grocery stores is krappe.  And I think we're starting to fight back, but it's slow going.  This is a rant for another day, though.

->  Any advice on how to get LG to stop crying through his swim lesson?  We are going on week 7 of his "big boy" lessons.  Last night there was slight improvement (he jumped into the water at the very end twice with no crying- he was actually the only one to jump without assistance).  I'm firming up the rules around lessons, though.  No splash pond unless there is a crying free lesson.  No hanging around watching for PB and I.  Anything else you guys can offer?  Stopping lessons is not an option.  I'm about to drop a lot of cash to fix up our pool situation, so it will be far too attractive to a little boy if he can't swim.

->  The swim teacher wants to make little o her poster boy.  He pretty much does whatever she asks (if he's in the right mood).  He even tries to go to LG's big boy lessons.  This kills me.

->  Ok, I have to go now.  I just spent my lunch hour griping with my brother over the state of affairs.  No more time for you people.

Have a good week at any rate.


VandyJ said...

Convenience foods have taken over. And salt, don't get me started on the things they put salt in.
We are planning to put Turbo in the swim club this fall. Not sure what to say about the crying. We haven't tried to put Bruiser in the pool yet, so I may have some more ideas after we try that.

Captain Dumbass said...

I think not hanging around to watch PB is a big one. Then there's no audience.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm with Captain...or should I say, "I'm sith Dumbass?" I would leave the pool. He's really just crying for you. He knows no one else cares if he cries. I hoped you slapped the co-worker. Did he/she seriously think you didn't know that an apple with Nutella has more calories, sugar etc. than without?

Mrsbear said...

My youngest cried at every swim class we took him to last summer. Although he made less of a fuss when Dad was around and I was gone. He was playing to a specific audience. His biggest issue was going under, hopefully this year he'll get over, no advice on my part. Sorry.

We're huge Nutella fans here but in small doses. You think it's made out of nuts it would be healthier but it's got as much sugar in it as a candy bar. Delicious though on a waffle.