Friday, April 15, 2011

Can you tell me how to get...

to Sesame Street?  Why, yes, I can.  Take I-90W into town, get off at E. 9th and make a right on Euclid.  We were just there last night!

Lg has been a fan of the Street for about the last year.  With the exception of Elmo's World, I like to sit and watch with him (I think Abbie Cadabbie and her friends are adorable.)  Last night, as a special treat, we took LG to see his "friends" live.

He was excited to see his furry friend as soon as we walked in the door.

He tried to sit in his own seat, with a booster for support.  The minute the voices came over the speakers and the house lights went down, though, it was up into Papa's lap for him.
Big Bird told us to the letter of the day.  I.  For Imagination.
Rosita introduced us to her abuela in Mexico.  We "imagined" we were at her casa for a fiesta.  (At this point PB pointed out that Elmo did way too much "hip thrusting" for his taste.)
Then Mama got her moment as Count VonCount told us the number of the day was 3.  3, just like LG.  We are good at counting to 3.

Bert's number was day-glow as he met an octopus with the blues (he has no idea to do with all those arms, apparently).

Elmo took us to the jungle (at this point Papa realized that Elmo's hip thrusting was made worse by the fact that he doesn't wear any pants.)  I told him to focus on the African dancers, which were pretty darn cool.

Baby Bear and some new chick took us to the woods to visit his Uncle Grizzly.  Big Bird stepped in "something".  Baby Bear's response?  "Well, you know.  Bears in the woods.  It happens."

We made an obligatory stop here.  I'm pretty sure I could hear the grinding of almost all adult teeth as we sang "Dog, dog, dog.  Dog, dog, dog" to the tune of jingle bells.  And yes, Mr. Noodle was there (sigh.)

In between were a number of acts so well lit that I couldn't get a decent picture.  My favorite was a trip on the SS Rubber Ducky with Ernie.  PB liked the worms that turned into butterflies (it was beautiful).

And as the best grand finale EVER (for us, at least) Abby, Bert and Ernie took it home with, "I don't want to live on the moon."  LG's favorite song.

On the way home, LG made the stunning realization the Bert and Ernie wear shirts, but the other friends don't. Yup, we hung out with naked monsters.

All in all, we sang, we counted, we danced in the aisle.  Turns out the Street really is a great place to hang out.  Well worth the cost of the "trip".

Now, go visit Pseudo and see where people went on their non-imaginary adventures.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite usually ends up in my lap for the beginning of shows too. Dark and loud will typically send her there. By the end, she's the one trying to rush the stage. :-)
Looks like LG had a great time!

Jan said...

Ah, I can't wait until the G Man is old enough for things like this; it looks like so much fun!

Oh, and I will have many, many pictures after Easter weekend. We are going to Cincinnati next Friday and coming home Monday and there's no backing out of this one. :)

kendrasue said...

You're Sesame street experience looks a lot like ours but with more locales to visit! Looks like you all had a good time!

VandyJ said...

Wish things lake that came closer to us here--but a three hour drive one way is just too far.
Glad that LG go to go see his friends and hear his favorite song--even with the stop in Elmo's place. Why does it seem Elmo is becoming the Barney for today?

gretchen said...

So cute. I miss Sesame Street!

The Crazy Coxes said... cute! And you are such a good mom to go. I don't think I could have done that!

Anonymous said...

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