Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts Wednesday

If you had hung around my house on Monday, you would know why this is a day late.  But then again, it was late last week, too.  Maybe I'm just more of a Random Thoughts Wednesday kind of girl.  Anyhoodle, Stacy takes late entries, so go visit and see what everyone got to before me.

->  Thanks to you reinforcing what I already knew, LG had a tear free swim lesson last night.  I did the drop and dash, and warned PB that if he went anywhere near that pool, I'd roast him on my new grill.  Instead we went and gave little o a bath.  About 20 minutes before the end, I poked my head into the pool.  Eeep, he saw me (damn kid has radar!)  Then he gives me a big grin and WAVES.  Did you hear the angels sing, too?  Not a single tear, he did everything by himself.  Sigh.  Hopefully this is a new leaf.  Keep your fingers crossed.  His teacher actually asked us to sign up for her lesson time next session.

->  The Badger Den is proud (sort of) to present its own rendition of "Cookie Monster":
I have one cuter than this one, but since I repeatedly say his name, I won't put it up here.  Sorry.

->  How is it that when PB is home sick, he can sleep on the couch, watch a little TV and generally ignore everything around him?  And when I stay home sick, I notice how disgusting the bathrooms are (seriously, the kid is "potty trained" but gets easily distracted apparently), so I clean the one I'm using.  Then it's clean, and I don't want to dirty it, so I use another.  I notice it's not the best either, so I clean that one.  I realize I can throw in a load of laundry if all I'm doing is sitting at home, so I do that.  I don't want to have 2 clean bathrooms and not all 3, so I clean that one.  I put away some laundry.  In between I rest a bit.  Wait, what?  Aside from spreading a stomach flu to my co-workers, I should have gone to work.

->  There are 9 days to graduation for PB.  Even his boss is counting at this point. 

->  I'm tired of politics, and it's not even an election year.  Sigh.  Mostly, I'm tired of hearing poor arguments with incorrect facts, that the public just eats up.  Sigh.  Please, don't make an argument if you've only heard a political speech about it.  If all you know about the tax code is your 1040, step off the soap box.  If you don't realize that most tax deductions and tax credits help the middle class, and are phased out for the top money earners, zip it.  By all means, I'm not expert.  But I do know that if it comes out of the mouth of someone looking for my vote, it's probably only a version of the truth.

Back to the quarry before Mr. Slate shows up.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tagged! by 4?

Eeep.  I usually don't do meme's, but Gina over at My Own Brand of Crazy tagged me today.  And I just can't say no for some reason.  I think I just have to follow the prompts.  Here goes:

4 places I go:

1)  Work-  I could tell you where I work, but then I'd have to kill you.  Which would be hard through the interwebs.
2)  School (call it Daycare if you want to).  Most people just drop off or pick up, but I tend to linger.  I like seeing the boys play with their friends, or interact with their teachers.  I look at all the art, and enjoy the sounds of the kiddos.
3)  The rec center.  Where we have our illustrious swim lessons.  And I go to my Zumba class.
4)  My in-laws house.  To visit Grammie and Grandpa. 

4 Smells I love:

1)  Little boys after bath.  When they're snuggled in your lap ready for a story?  Best smell ever.
2)  A fire place on a crisp, cold day. 
3)  Bacon.  What? Who doesn't like the smell of bacon?  Especially when it's not your stove you have to clean when it's done.
4)  Clean house.  The smell of that's a mix of a little Pledge and a little Clorox as the breeze blows through the house when the window are open.  That's the smell of accomplishment.

4 Favorite TV Shows:

1)  Breaking In.  Christian Slater, enough said.
2)  Chuck-  pure geekdom, pretty girls
3)  Phineas and Ferb
4)  So You Think You Can Dance

4 Favorite Movies:

1)  Shawshank Redemption
2)  Stand by Me
3)  Top Gun
4)  Ferris Bueller's Day Off

4 Recommendations:

1)  Eat more ice cream.  The good stuff.  Ice cream can cure most ailments.  I like Ben and Jerry's.

2)  Go see NYC at Christmas time.  The tree in Rockefeller Center, FAO Schwartz, the windows at Tiffany's.  If you ever think the holidays have lost their magic, this will re-new your faith.

3)  If you're looking to exercise, and need motivation, try Zumba.  There are 2 men, and an 80 year old lady in my class.  They could kick my butt.  And it's a heck of a lot of fun.

4)  Have no regrets.  This is not philosophical.  This doesn't mean "go out and do everything you ever dreamed possible."  Not by a long shot.  This means, realize that you are doing the best you can at any moment and cut yourself some slack.

Sorry, Gina, I'm not tagging anyone else.  I have two more hours to my work week, then 3 days with the boys for nothing but fun. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, what. I know it's Wednesday

and if I choose to be random today instead of yesterday, so be it.    You should still go see Stacy.

->  LG's new favorite thing is Nutella.  We had it with apples as a treat for Sunday snack, and now he's asked for it every day.  I'm pretty sure he has no idea what the word "treat" means at this point.  I brought it yesterday as a snack to work.
     Co-worker: "You know that your apple is a lot less healthy with Nutella on it, right?"
     MB:  "What makes you think I'm eating the apple for my health?"

->  Last night little o ended up in the older kids class at swim lessons (it's a long story about poor scheduling on my part).  He's just barely old enough to be in the class he's in, forget about the older class (they are all 3 and up).  So, he really just floated around in his life jacket, having the time of his life.  This gave me a few minutes to take a look at my fellow parents.  Holy krappe.  We are not a healthy looking group.  Now, some of these people I see in everyday life, with their clothes on.  And let me tell you, a suit hides a lot apparently.  I completely realize now why people think the word "obese" is overused, even when it's a dr.s diagnosis.  I would have said these folks had a few pounds to lose, sure.  But in a bathing suit you can really see it's more than that.  Sometimes a lot more.  It makes me really sad (upset?) What the hell is happening out there?  I remember being a kid, when my brother was one of the very few kids who were overweight.  It was an isolated (and isolating) problem.  But now it's everywhere.  I firmly believe it's because most of what can be purchased on the shelves of our grocery stores is krappe.  And I think we're starting to fight back, but it's slow going.  This is a rant for another day, though.

->  Any advice on how to get LG to stop crying through his swim lesson?  We are going on week 7 of his "big boy" lessons.  Last night there was slight improvement (he jumped into the water at the very end twice with no crying- he was actually the only one to jump without assistance).  I'm firming up the rules around lessons, though.  No splash pond unless there is a crying free lesson.  No hanging around watching for PB and I.  Anything else you guys can offer?  Stopping lessons is not an option.  I'm about to drop a lot of cash to fix up our pool situation, so it will be far too attractive to a little boy if he can't swim.

->  The swim teacher wants to make little o her poster boy.  He pretty much does whatever she asks (if he's in the right mood).  He even tries to go to LG's big boy lessons.  This kills me.

->  Ok, I have to go now.  I just spent my lunch hour griping with my brother over the state of affairs.  No more time for you people.

Have a good week at any rate.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Microfiction Monday

Back with Grandma, eating up the Goulash.  Today's word was "request".
Jack told Will about his wife's request.  After 49 years of marriage, he had no idea why Edna would want to do something like that...

He, he, he.  Take it any way you'd like to. 

I'd rather be back at my SIL's house.  Sitting in the living room, watching all the kids entertain themselves.  Her kids didn't fight, my kids didn't fight.  It was so nice to go visit her.  How can I convince her that we need to spend every Sunday afternoon together?  (if I promise to bring my iPhone along again, I'm sure her girls would want us to come!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can you tell me how to get...

to Sesame Street?  Why, yes, I can.  Take I-90W into town, get off at E. 9th and make a right on Euclid.  We were just there last night!

Lg has been a fan of the Street for about the last year.  With the exception of Elmo's World, I like to sit and watch with him (I think Abbie Cadabbie and her friends are adorable.)  Last night, as a special treat, we took LG to see his "friends" live.

He was excited to see his furry friend as soon as we walked in the door.

He tried to sit in his own seat, with a booster for support.  The minute the voices came over the speakers and the house lights went down, though, it was up into Papa's lap for him.
Big Bird told us to the letter of the day.  I.  For Imagination.
Rosita introduced us to her abuela in Mexico.  We "imagined" we were at her casa for a fiesta.  (At this point PB pointed out that Elmo did way too much "hip thrusting" for his taste.)
Then Mama got her moment as Count VonCount told us the number of the day was 3.  3, just like LG.  We are good at counting to 3.

Bert's number was day-glow as he met an octopus with the blues (he has no idea to do with all those arms, apparently).

Elmo took us to the jungle (at this point Papa realized that Elmo's hip thrusting was made worse by the fact that he doesn't wear any pants.)  I told him to focus on the African dancers, which were pretty darn cool.

Baby Bear and some new chick took us to the woods to visit his Uncle Grizzly.  Big Bird stepped in "something".  Baby Bear's response?  "Well, you know.  Bears in the woods.  It happens."

We made an obligatory stop here.  I'm pretty sure I could hear the grinding of almost all adult teeth as we sang "Dog, dog, dog.  Dog, dog, dog" to the tune of jingle bells.  And yes, Mr. Noodle was there (sigh.)

In between were a number of acts so well lit that I couldn't get a decent picture.  My favorite was a trip on the SS Rubber Ducky with Ernie.  PB liked the worms that turned into butterflies (it was beautiful).

And as the best grand finale EVER (for us, at least) Abby, Bert and Ernie took it home with, "I don't want to live on the moon."  LG's favorite song.

On the way home, LG made the stunning realization the Bert and Ernie wear shirts, but the other friends don't. Yup, we hung out with naked monsters.

All in all, we sang, we counted, we danced in the aisle.  Turns out the Street really is a great place to hang out.  Well worth the cost of the "trip".

Now, go visit Pseudo and see where people went on their non-imaginary adventures.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A brief rant...

Ok, I'm dusting off the soap box.  The latest round of idiocy has gotten my panties in a bunch, and I need to vent.  Get a beverage, take a seat (or leave, your choice).

How is it that so many people in our country feel entitled to help?  Help, they insist, the government should be giving them.  Help with their medical expenses, help with their food needs, help with childcare, birth control, animal care, entertainment.  If people don't have the funds for things they want (and sometimes, I'll grant you, need) they government should have a program for it.  When did that become the standard?

Here is what has set me off.  Miss Scarlett Johansson, bless her well coiffed soul, is pissed that some Republican Congress persons want to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.  She touts all the wonderful things Planned Parenthood does (offer free PAP smears, and breast exams, birth control).  She fails to point out that they are the largest provider of abortions in our country, but I'll overlook that for this rant.  I agree with her that it is a good organization.  It should exist.  Where we disagree is the idea that it should be publicly funded.  If Miss Johansson, and her fabulous friends, each opened up their wallets a bit, Planned Parenthood wouldn't need government funding. And all of the people who don't like Planned Parenthood (and there are plenty of those, too) wouldn't feel like they were paying for something they don't want.

Same thing with NPR and PBS.  Tons of famous rich people want those of us less well off to have exposure to public radio and television.  I agree.  Sesame Street is a good thing.  It helps less fortunate kids get a head start on letters and numbers before they hit kindergarten (and keeps my kids from killing each other for about an hour a day). Is this the government's responsibility, though?  Nope.  If half the celebrities who appear on Sesame Street gave more to the cause (I'm looking at you Denzel, Stevie Wonder, Barbara Walters and Susan Sarandon) I bet the funding problems would come to a screeching halt.  And, again, people who think NPR is liberal bull krappe wouldn't be paying for it at all.

Amazing thought, huh?  The rich helping out the poor without having government involved at all. I don't mean they should give a $1,000 here or there.  I mean, sell a mansion, and give from the bottom of your wallet  heart.  If you feel so much for the kids or the puppies (Sarah McLaughlin) or women's health, then help your neighbors.  Why do people feel that it's the government's job to keep everyone happy and healthy?  It's not.   It's also not the government's job to level the economic playing field (only the legal one).  If you want everyone to be equal, then equality should start with you.  Give it all away to the needy, and move into the 3 bedroom colonial next to mine, Miss Johansson, if you feel that all these programs are necessary.  We throw a hell of a block party out here in the burbs.

My biggest beef with all these people is that these arguments are all just a distraction.  The government needs to be out convincing people that reforms to medicaid, medicare and social security are necessary NOW.  They know it, they just don't want to talk about it because it would scare the people who voted for them.  It's far easier to say, "I tried to stop the liberals from giving out free abortions." then it is to say, "Hey, I know it sucks that you won't retire until you're 67, but at least they'll be a check there for you if we do it this way."  They don't need to be quibbling over what pet program gets a tiny bit of the budget.  Argh.

Ok, I'm getting down now.  I'm sure I pissed someone off.  It's tough living in a battle ground state.  We get a lot of political krappe out here, and not too much in the way of the truth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Tuesday

We're back with Stacy again this week.  It must be going well, because Keely isn't feeling all that guilty and Stacy keeps inviting us back over.    I'll get right to the random (before I lose steam and fall asleep on the keyboard).

->  MB to little o as he bangs on his Fisher Price drum: "Cool it there, Ringo, your brother's trying to watch a show."
little o (in his best Animal impression):  "Drum, drum, drum."
We have the best conversations, don't we?

->  The world is in the toilet.  Do you want to know how I've come to this?  I went to the dentist a few weeks ago.  I have a cavity (the first in a long time, it was a sad moment).  Instead of lecturing me on brushing after each meal, and flossing religiously (which I do) he consoled me.  Yes, you read that right.  He tried to make me feel better about it.  Told me not to get discouraged.  Offered an extra toothbrush to have at work.  Reminded me that one cavity is not the end of the world.  This is why we're failing as a country.  We're mollycoddling everyone!  What happened to gym teachers telling kids to get their fluffy fannies onto the field, and teachers with rulers enforcing the rules?  It's always, "Well, try harder next time."  Yeah, look how well it's working out.

->  The Bronx zoo lost a cobra a few weeks ago.  People thought this was cute, and started a Twitter account.  Me?  I'm never going back.  They LOST A COBRA!!!  Not a turtle, or a zebra, a venomous slithering critter.  And they really didn't seem at that concerned.  They closed the reptile house.  But what if it was loose in the zoo itself?  Ewww.  Though I learned a little something from this that I will share.  If you get bit by a cobra, just yank it off and you're probably safe.  Yup, just rip the little guy out of your skin.  Cobra aren't like rattlers.  Their venom flows over their teeth, not through it.  So, they have to chew on you a bit to kill you.  The key is to get the cobra off before he gets too many chomps in.  Now, if you can remember this while you have a cobra hanging off of you?  Good for you.

->  When I open my afternoon Snapple, I read the fact on the inside of the cap to the guy in the cube next to me.  Then we have about a 3 minute discussion about it.  No one else in the cube farm says a word (it's normally a VERY quiet place).  It's our afternoon "break" and I don't think much about it.  I certainly didn't realize that everyone in our cube group was listening to all of this.  Until we were in a meeting on Friday, where someone used a Snapple fact to support their argument.  Pop culture at it's finest.  Immediately, everyone with a cube near mine knew where the fact came from, and had to hold back laughter.  It was impressive, though. Once again, Thanks, Snapple.

Random o picture:
Bodysurfing in the ballpit.

Ok, back to the rat race.  Or at least off to 10 minutes of Fruit Ninja.  What?  I like you guys, but there is something peaceful about whacking a watermelon with a ninja sword.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Travel Thingy

I could lie and say that this is going to be a fully engaged Travel Tip Thursday entry, where I will take you gracefully around the city that I visited earlier in the week.  But I won't.

I went on a business trip to Wilmington, De.  While I'm sure it's a perfectly lovely city, I don't get to see much of it when I go there.  I arrive, audit our office down there, eat some dinner, audit some more and fly home.  I don't get to sight see or really learn anything about it, except that it always rains the first week of April.

However, knowing that Pseudo is making her come-back tour this week, I did take two pictures that at least showed some interest, other than the inside of the airport and Holiday Inn Express.

This is the Wilmington Library.  I love how the whole building is "guarded" by owls on the ledges. 

This bad boy is right outside our building.  There is no marker to say anything about it, just a saluting Egyptian for the masses to enjoy.

Other than work, I ate some sushi, drank something called a "blushing Geisha" and learned that someone in our building named their WiFi network "PoopnPee".  No, there is no getting away from the potty humor for me.

Like I said, it's not much of a travel entry, but for Pseudo I had to try. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Microfiction Monday

We're playing in Grandma's Goulash again this Monday.  No worries, she likes it when we play with our food.
People who fear the Queen of Hearts have never met the King of Kitties.  He is the culprit in many a man's downfall.

Waaay less than 140 this week (oh, and the secret word was culprit. I feel like I'm in PeeWee's playhouse with this secret word bit).

Many thanks to Grandma for keeping us all on our toes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hawaiian Shirt Friday

It may only be 42 in sunny Cleveland, but it's 90 somewhere, right?

We declared is just fine for the first Hawaiian Shirt Friday of the season.  Pseudo, this ones for you!

Have a great weekend.