Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I likes the jelly part.  You want the peanut butter part?

Why, yes, Don King is my hair stylist.  Why do you ask?
I threw this last one in for comparison sake.  This is 2009's St. Patrick's photo.  Come back tomorrow for 2010's ;)


Jan said...

*sigh* More sweet, adorable little boy fix. Thank you! I'll return the favor next week; The G Man is coming to visit this weekend!

VandyJ said...

Very cute! And looking so grown up.

Sprite's Keeper said...

My goodness, they're growing so quickly. LOVE these pictures! And a huge thank you for the wonderful package we received yesterday evening! Sprite immediately grabbed the hair ties, purse, and all the chocolate AND the postcard which I stole right back after she went to bed. (I may have stolen a bite from the pink one..Pretzels and chocolate are addicting..) Thanks again, MB!

blueviolet said...

Your boys are super duper cute!