Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm going to Random today, even though Keely bailed.  You'll stay for the ride, right?

->  I have a confession.  Not only did I go to a "Mommy group" even on Sunday that involved accessories (how cliche is that?)  I've also been stalking a fashion blog.  http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/tagged/daily_outfit  I have no idea how I found "What I Wore", but I'm in love.  It's my daily fix of the "pretty girl" world.  She has some great outfits, and she's interesting.  I don't follow her fashion advice at all (I'm just not that good), but it's fun to sit on the sidelines and watch.  How girly-girl of me.

->  iPhone games are like crack.  I should have known it would only be a matter of time.  I was playing "Fruit Ninja" the other day, while LG and little o were building/destroying block towers.  LG said, "Mommy look!"  I replied, "Do I have to look right now?"  The minute it was out of my mouth I put the phone down.  Shame.  Horror.  Bad, bad me.  But I blame Apple.  I have to blame someone else, right?  Isn't that how it goes?

->  LG won the "I love you more" game the other day.  "I love you to infinity!"  "Mama, I love you to infinity and BEYOND!"  He, he, he.

->  Photos from a party this weekend.  "Toy Story" theme.  Sheriff Woody hats.  LG wouldn't take his off.  Though these look like such 70's shots.  This could have been my 3rd birthday, for what I have the kids in, with the straw hats.

->  I'm tired of saying, "It's better than nothing".  Really, really tired of it.  I'm tired of scrimping, and budgeting over and over and refinancing.  I'm tired of saying "Well, not this year, I guess."   I'm tired of employers who had good years in 2010 telling us that we're getting "cost of living" raises this year.  And I'm tired of the employees feeling grateful that at least this year we're employed, and getting raises.  Just tired of it.  Turn away now if you're a teacher, it's going to get ugly.  I'm REALLY tired of public employees complaining about the raw deal their getting, when they have good benefits and job security.  Yes, once a year you fight for it (and in some places you fight hard) but those of us in private industry don't even get to fight.  We just get a pink slip, and a pat on the back.  If you think my wages are so much better than your benefits, I'll trade you.  Come be an accountant.  The non-union private sector isn't fun.  Ok, mini-rant over.  Sorry about that.  One of my co-workers just got his review back.  Sigh.  We were all hoping for better news, so we could make a plan.  Nope.

->  Why did I leave that to last?  Now I'm ending on that note?  I can't do that.  Because for all my angst, I've very appreciative of teachers.  You work hard, doing something that most people can't do.  And you deserve what you get.  I just wish the rest of us could share a little more of the love.  I think this is the plight of the middle class right now.  We want to help, and we want something for everyone, but we don't want to get less for our hard work, either.  Again, sigh.

Ok, I'm out.  I have Fruit Ninja to play, after all. 


Kristine said...

Never heard of fruit Ninja but I will admit to being addicted to Bejeweled on my phone. :P

Happy Random Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

Fruit Ninja is fun, but having played it for the first time on an iPad at teh Apple store it's kinda hard switching to iPhone/iPod size. I'm a whore for Angry Birds though.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Fruit Ninja is a whole lotta fun, I just wish it was as fun to make a real fruit salad..

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's one thing I miss about not having an iPhone...the cool apps. But then again, I'd probably have done the same thing! ;)

I hear ya - I'm tired of saying 'it's better than nothing' or 'maybe next time'. ((HUGZ!!))

Thanks so much for linking up - same time next week until Keely grabs her torch back! ;)

RTT Rebel

blueviolet said...

Do you play words with friends on your phone by chance???

Casey said...

I love the cowboy hats, you're right... could totally have been a shot from one of our kid parties in the 70's.

Money sucks. Says the girl with two mortgages and an empty house sitting on the market. Grrr, I feel ya sister.

Michele said...

The hats are fantastic!