Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

We're going to jump right in.  No frillies today.

->  Does anyone else find it ironic that Charlie Sheen is living the exact character he played in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?  Hmmmm.  When fiction becomes reality.  (BTW- Charlie- look in the mirror.  You went from cute boy to crack whore.  Now stop that.)

->  Yes, I have "winter" and "summer" dishes.  Blame my mother in law.  I am only responsible for changing them out in the appropriate season (which anyone who at at my house last summer can tell you doesn't always happen).

->  These came in the mail from my old college roommate:

Sorry the picture is upside down.  But you get the idea.  Squeeee!  My first thought was, "These would make great church toys!"  Then I heard a small piece of George Lucas' soul die, and I decided against that idea.  Technically, they are for LG, but little o is IN LOVE with Yoda.  The force is strong in that one.

->  This is for the Aunties.  Yes, he really does love the ducky.

->  PB's graduate work is taking a toll on the whole family.  This weekend the boys had to suffer through 3 hours of shopping with Mama so he could get some time to write a paper.  (for the record, little boy + being in a shopping cart for 3 hours= CRAZY)  Plus, he's throwing off our show watching schedule.  As it is we're down to two shows.  Being Human and Chuck.  If you don't watch them, you're clearly inferior (or you don't have cable, for which I applaud you).  We have at least 3 episodes of each TIFauxed.  How sad is it that we will have to declare a "stay in date night" to get to watch one or two?  Sigh, May can not come soon enough.

->  I told LG to keep me honest when food shopping this week.  If it wasn't on the list, we weren't going to buy it (a down fall of mine).  Whew, he's a stickler!  He called me out on a pack of gum!  Of course, when I explained that the Ho-Hos were on sale, and a treat for Papa, he let that one slide.

->  LG is signed up for big boy swim lessons starting next week.  Yes, we're trying again.  This time it's no return.  He will scream until he decides it's all good this time.  Can I hide now?

->  Ok, back to my project.  It's slowly killing my soul.  This is why I became an accountant.  Yep, just for this.

Have a good week, all.


VandyJ said...

Those toys are so cute. Bruiser is still a big Scooby Doo fan but has discovered the Backyardigans. Or the BACK YARS as he calls them.
I have a hard time sticking to a list too, but I don't go shopping with out one.

Captain Dumbass said...

Hey, I've got that Yoda sitting on my desk with Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I LOVE the finger puppets! Love them!!!! I need to get some of those - for church - and I don't even have little kids! I love LG policing you at the grocery!

blueviolet said...

Those Star Wars stuffies are pure goodness!

Hope you make it through your hub's schooling in one piece!

You're so right about Charlie Sheen!

Casey said...

We're sitting here catching up on Chuck as we speak. Too busy to play DVR catchup is grounds for divorce. ;)

Charlie Sheen is annoying me, I'm sick of him stealing the headlines from otherwise juicy gossip.

Good luck with the swim lessons...

Sprite's Keeper said...

Coveting that Yoda I would. Yes...

tulpen said...

Those stuffed thingies are adorable!

I wish I was crafty like that.

gretchen said...

My mother-in-law has winter/summer everything - she even changes out all the curtains in the house. Seems exhausting to me! I'm impressed, I don't think I've ever stuck to a list in my life.