Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The Siesta Edition

So, this will be the last Random Tuesday Thoughts sponsored by Keely for a while.  I might still corral my randoms on Tuesday, but you won't get her blogtastic linky.

With that, let the good times roll:

->  Lately I've been bribing the boys with a cookie in the morning.  When little o toddles down the stairs (where PB sends him after he's dressed) and I'm still in the middle of making lunches I will hand him a cookie to entertain himself.  Great parenting, huh?  Just to mess me up, though, this morning LG asked for a carrot.  What?  I just offered you a cookie and you asked for a vegetable?  Nutjob.

->  I had to keep LG home sick yesterday.  He got sick at school on Monday afternoon, which puts him out of the game for 24 hours.  Except by yesterday morning, he was fine.  Jumped out of bed, ready for action.  Tuesday is story time at the library, so I figured I would take him to eat up some time.  And I met a co-worker there (she only works 3 days a week).  Now, isn't that a cute little catch 22.  Either I admit that I took my sick kid to a public place, or I admit that I'm not at work and my kid is healthy.  He, he, he.  Great.  In the end she was the one to say, "I hate it when you have to take off work because they came home sick, but they are completely fine the next day!"  Whew.  I noticed that she did put a few feet between her kid and mine, though.

->  I have officially met the biggest pain in the rear end parent in the world.  I really wish I were in a position to "disown" her in some way.  Her son goes to school with the boys.  He's actually in the room in between them (so, not in class with either of them, thank god).  Every morning she sees the boys with their chocolate milk, high fat yogurt, toast or muffin or whatever slathered in butter or cream cheese.  And regularly she comments to the teacher about how that just isn't healthy.  The teachers make their usual non-commital comment (because they can't possibly defend it without disclosing stuff that could get them in big trouble).  A few days ago, Miss Nosybody decided to confront me at pick up time.  Because when I'm trying to wrangle a toddler and a pre-schooler off the playground is a great time to strike up a serious conversation...  Anywho, she starts in on the fat, and the sugar, and all the extra calories.  And I sigh, and tell her I have it all under control.  She persists.  I tell her we're working with LG's doctors, and we know what we're doing.  She doles out what is clearly magazine advice.  I put my arms around little o to keep from smacking her face to the other side of her head.  Then she makes a comment (seriously, I can't even remember what it was because the red veil of rage took over for a second) that pushed me over.  I spent the next 3 to 4 minutes "informing" her about the number of specialists we've been to visit, the tests that poor LG has been through, the food journals, and every other month weight check ins that he endures.  All because my 3 year old weighs 25 lbs soaking wet.  He makes a rail look like Mama Cass.  His younger brother will outgrow him in about 6 months (and nope, little o isn't a "big kid".  He's just under average.)  Has she ever taken a good look at LG???  Does he look like he's in danger of childhood obesity?  Then, could she please be kind enough to save her concern for the people in Japan, or someone else who could really use it?  Because the people who need to be concerned about my kids already are.  I think she' avoiding me now.  He, he, he.  I'm sure she called CPS about them living with a crazy lady, though.

->  Over the weekend I posted a picture of my Mom on FB, because she has been gone 19 years as of Saturday.  Whew.  19 years.  Over half my life.  And I didn't give it too much thought.  On Monday, I opened my page to a few comments and "likes", and a  personal message.    My best friend from elementary school wrote a message about how she sometimes misses "the old days" and included many of our friends.  People we didn't even really stay friends with into high school.  In my day to day, I completely forget that there are still a LOT of people out there who knew my Mom.  Knew her well.  People I grew up with, and have reconnected with over FB.  They shared some memories, and we all laughed together on-line.  For as many relationships as FB ruins, I wonder how many it rekindles in a good way?

->  Yesterday confirmed the fact that PB will be the Lego Master at my house.  It took me an hour to put together the jeep for the Toy Story Army Guys.  I was reminded that "Papa can do it faster, and he doesn't read the directions."  Really, kid?  You're alone with me all day, and that's the route you want to take?  Sigh.

->  First purchase for little o's new room.  (yeah, I can't link the picture for some reason).  How cool is that?  A rocket ship night light?

Ok, off to the salt mines.  Have a good week.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Love the rocket ship! Can't wait to see the rest.
Something tells me Super Moan has something of a weight problem herself. I've found that most parents, myself included, have been on that kick since we oursevles dealt with it. I, even now that I've relaxed my ideals, I have to stop myself from denying Sprite a cookie, or instead of saying something like, "you'll get fat", say "you just ate something else. Wait until dinner." It's an ongoing battle, mostly internal.

Kristine said...

Good for you for telling her off! She had it coming!

Happy Belated RTT!

Michele said...

I find cookies to be very entertaining. I just wish that when they are done being entertaining they would leave the venue because if another one decides to sit on my hips I'm done for.

I can understand concern but after you informed her that LG has parents and doctors monitoring the situation then she should have backed off.

Jan said...

I. Am. Aghast.

Would you like me to send you a copy of Nourishing Traditions? If she won't/can't read it, you can always beat her about the face and neck with it. I'll throw in a jar of my home-rendered/canned lard to smash over her head for good measure.

VandyJ said...

I have to resist the cookie bribes in the morning because Bruiser would just happily make a meal out of them. And Turbo, well I won't do that to his teacher. But other times a cookie bribe works wonders, for them and me.

only a movie said...

Ack. Food advice is the worst! Is this woman even a 'friend'? Cookies for breakfast are perfectly acceptable...

I knew Jan would have a good comment.

That rocket ship nightlight is awesome.

blueviolet said...

I just can't understand that lady's issue with the snacks your kids are eating. What does it matter to her? It doesn't affect her life. So weird!

I love that nightlight. It's awesome.