Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Birthdays...

->  Happy Birthday, Little Guy!  Yes, you can wear your crown.  Yes, you can have a cupcake for breakfast.  Yes, you can wear the ugliest shirt in your closet (instead of the amazing Gonnigan sweater your Grammie hand knit for you at light speed so you could have it in time for your birthday).  You can pretty much do anything you want.  For 1 whole day.  What, Papa said no?  Bah on him.  I over ride his no.  Because you only get to turn 3 once, right?  Heck, I probably would have let the kid drive himself to school if he had thought to ask.  (tomorrow is going to suck, do you see that coming, too?)

Now that I have that out, on to the Random--->
->  I was told this weekend that the boys bathroom is "Tiffany Blue".  I swore the can said "Fountain Spout".  However, having not ever gotten anything in a blue box from said high priced store, I would have no idea if they were the same.  I suppose Behr can't market it as "Tiffany Blue" now can they?

->  I'm tired of driving behind people who are out of blinker fluid.  For god's sake, if you want to turn, or drift, or do anything besides go straight, please let the rest of us know.  Oh, and driving an SUV does not make you a better driver.  It just makes you an idiot in a really big car.

->  Fed Ex is trying to thwart my emergence into the 21st century.  They require my signature to deliver my iPhone.  I can not sign and leave it on the door.  They will try to deliver it 3 times before they hold it at the "pick up center".  We all know there will not be any body at my house before 6 any night this week, except the Fed Ex man.  Thwarted, I tell you.  World domination via phone is set for Thursday, then.  Which gives me time to color my hair and do a load of laundry, at least.

->  Someone suggested that pregnant women need to start packing heat to protect themselves.  Bwa, ha, ha, ha.  My children both would have been born in prison if they had let me have a gun when I was pregnant.  But that guy at the supermarket would have learned not to park in the maternity spaces to run in and get beer.

->  LG did get a fish for his birthday.  He named him Powder.  Nope, I don't get it either.  The mind of a 3 year old is a mysterious, some times scary place.

The answers to the contest questions:

1)  The Count.  Hands down.  Ha, ha, ha.

2)  Orange.  Go figure, right?  It used to be green, but now?  It's all orange.

3)  You guys gave some fairly creative answers.  I refuse to answer, just in case this blog can be used against me in court.

4)  No, I won't decide.  The younger me loved blond and beautiful, the older me dark and swarthy.  Now?  I get the best of both, I think ;)

(who gave my kids those horrible shirts?)

PB has declared Captain Dumbass the winner, with Sprite's Keeper to get a lovely parting gift (but not the Ginsu knives, he specifically said no Ginsu knives for you).  If you will kindly send me your addresses, I will ship you some lovelies. 

Now go forth and do what ever it is you do all day.


cskaryd said...

YOU're getting an iPhone?!?! I do not recall you mentioning this on Saturday.

blueviolet said...

The kids do not have horrible shirts; they look really cute!

I think with blinkers, you either use it all the time or never. There are a lot of never's out there.

Sprite's Keeper said...

You mean it's not a paring gift? (That may be the most brilliant thing I've said all week..)
Yay for me! And who said no knives? PB or Dumbass so I know which name to add to my list..

Casey said...

Just think of how relaxing prison would be right about now... I think about that fun fact daily.

Happy Birthday, little man! Hope the iPhone is as awesome as it sounds. I'm a Droid girl...

Annabelle said...

Regarding preggos with fire arms:

Hilariously bad idea. I once chased a tailgater out of my neighborhood and onto the interstate, in the name of "oh no he didn't pregnant rage".

Captain Dumbass said...

WOOT! Can I have a cupcake for breakfast now? Pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese???

Or even better, your iPhone?