Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

It feels like forever since I've done a random thought.  They're clearly backing up, my husband can attest.  He's been subject to way too much krappe thinking lately.  Instead, now I'll burden you.

->  Blue Violet asked a few weeks ago about laundry habits.  I thought that topic could merit it's whole own post.  She asked if you were a "wear it too long" or a "don't wear it long enough".  I'm an in between, I think.  I have some "rules".  
       1.  Foundation garments can not be worn more than once, even if you only wore them for an hour (that includes socks, but not bras).  Ewww. 
       2.  You can not judge if your clothes smell.  Ask someone else.  If you're ashamed to ask, then you have your answer.  Don't do it.  Err on the side of caution, here.
      3.   Febreeze does not equal clean.  That's like hiding the smell under perfume.  Makes you stink even worse.

->  Fred Phelps says all Catholics are idol worshipers headed straight for hell.  How many people do you think that statement converted to Catholicism?  Made me up my donation to the church.  I rarely criticize people's religious beliefs, but I don't want to spend eternity with any God who thinks Fred's version is right.

-> My new rating for people:  Are you cool enough to be on Sesame Street?  Either as a regular or guest.  Would you make it on the Street?

->  I have come across the naked mole rat a lot recently.  It used to just be on "Kim Possible", but now they're everywhere.  The Cleveland Natural History Museum had a colony of them on display when we went to visit the other day.  The Cleveland Zoo sent me a message offering to let me "adopt" one.  What the hell?  When did nekked mole rats become popular?

->  I asked LG what he wanted the theme for his birthday party to be.  I was expecting Lightning McQueen or Handy Manny (I feared the possibility of Elmo).  He tells me "Flying Fairies".  As in Abby Cadabbie and the Flying Fairy School.  (Go ahead and google it, I'll wait).  Uhm, pink fluffy monster, anyone?  I told PB.  His response?  "Whatever makes him happy.  It's his birthday."  Nice.  Abby is my favorite character right now, too.  I will be waiting until right before the party to purchase supplies, though.  3 year olds can be fickle.


Yup, finally here.  The long awaited contest.  The rules are very simple.  Answer the questions below.  Some have right answers (but you don't have to give the right one), and some are just to make me happy.  (What?  It's my contest.)  You can only enter once.  You must answer all 4 questions, extra points for creativity.  You can't be related to me.  That's it.  Answer in the comments section.  PB will choose a winner on the 31st.  It's up to him how he chooses.  

The Questions:

1)  Who is MB's all time favorite Sesame Street character?
2)  What is LG's favorite color?

3)  If you were in prison, what would the crime be?

4) Dark and swarthy or blond and beautiful?  (which is really like asking who's cuter, LG or little o.  What, you're not their Mom.  You can have a favorite.)

That's it.  You supply the answers, I supply the goodies.  Send your friends.  Even if they hate my blog, they'll love the goodies, I promise.

Ok, go see Keely.  She'll give you the warm, loving reception you deserve.   


blueviolet said...

Why are bras excluded from the rule? My bras get to stinkin'. Don't yours? Actually my daughter tells me hers never, ever, ever stink. Febreze is like Lysol after a poop. The two scents don't mingle well.

VandyJ said...

I'll take a stab at the questions, but I know I'll get some wrong:
1. Elmo?
2. yellow?
3. Child abandonment--the beach in Tahiti sounds awfully good right now.
4.Hard to choose--blond and beautiful--mostly because my boys are both relatively blond and beautiful, not to say that dark and swarthy doesn't have it's merits.

Sprite's Keeper said...

1. Anyone BUT Elmo.
2. Blue (because it's a primary and therefore first, just like him)
3. interfering with online contests
4. Dark and swathy

5. irreversible (that's right, I made up a question and you're only getting the answer! Ha!)

Flying Fairies school is fine, the song is not..

Jan said...

You know this totally had me Googling "Abby Cadabbie" so I'd know what to be prepared for (yes, that offer is solid; I wouldn't miss it for the world). It could work for a boy.

1. Ernie (simply because he's always been my favorite).
2. I'd say "Red" but given the whole Abby Cadabbie thing...perhaps a lovely Prussian Blue? (Oh, I kid - the answer is "red".)
3. Patricide. (What? It sounds better than "Staking my ex over an ant-hill at high noon, then tossing him in a pit of rabid squirrels.")
4. I would hardly call LG "swarthy" - more like short, dark and handsome. I like short, dark and handsome (although little guys with big blue eyes make my heart go pitty pat, too).

Jingle said...

it is good that you take all out and share...
best wishes.

Laufa said...

1) Elmo (My nickname is L-Mo)
2) Probably any color that is in the crayon box, try reading some of the interesting names - Ruby Red Grapefruit, Periwinkle (my fave), Starry Blue.
3)Hmm, some stupid money thing. I scared my hubby telling him he probably will go to jail because we rented our house. Totally freaked him out, then told him 2 hours later, nevermind, I was incorrect. (I do that often, I'm not the best at finances.)
4)I'll go with blond, since I am and that's all I know.

I agree on your laundry rules. My daughter thinks she needs a wardrobe change 3x a day and it all needs to be washed. She is mistaken and I usually have to make her wear some clothes again.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your laundry rules! I totally agree.

3)Murder - definitely murder
4) What the heck? You can't have a favorite between your two beautiful children. I would like dark and beautiful. Swarthy is toooo...piratish and blonde and beautiful sounds too gay.

Captain Dumbass said...

Snufflufagus(?) and blue.
Dark and swarthy.
An attempt to take over the world with my mad criminal genius.

Kim Possible is kinda hot, which is all kinds of wrong, but there it is.

Betsy said...

It was my dream to win the Olympic just so I could be on Sesame Street. It's all I really cared about really, everything else was krappe. Sigh.

Frogs in my formula said...

I think that "Febreeze does not equal clean" should be a bumper sticker.