Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Today is almost like Monday in my office.  Ugh.  A lot of people took yesterday off to holiday shop, or called in as whiners saying their kids didn't have school and the roads were to bad to drive.  I was here.  So, that means it's Tuesday.  You can't dump your Monday krappe on my desk just because you took the day off.  Go away.  Now that I have that out, let's proceed to the random.

->  Have you ever noticed how much better coffee tastes at a diner?  For instance, you go to Denny's.  They could be serving coffee they just filtered through a 3 year old dirty gym sock.  Still tastes good.  Normally, I only drink frou-frou coffee drinks (mochas, lattes -the stuff that cost more because they "steam" the milk)or I opt for tea.  At a diner?  You'd better have free refills or better yet, just bring PB and I the pot.

->  I apologize for no video of little o singing.  He's been sleeping later than I have this past two weeks.  No arguments here.  I'll give up the serenade for extra zzzs.  His half year report from school make mention that they randomly find him off in a corner, singing to himself and bopping his head.  When they put on the radio, he will stop what he's doing to dance around.  He's crazy, I tell you.

->  My tree is up, there are lights on it.  The minute PB finishes his final on Thursday, we throw the decorations on.  LG is loving the tree this year.  Little o is loving the music.  We rock out to all sorts of stuff at night (I can't wait for LG to sit on Santa's lap and ask for a 5 lb box of money...)

->  Here's my advice on people who want to whine about road conditions while sitting at work.  Go home.  Don't wait for the boss to "release" you.  Tell him you don't feel comfortable driving in the weather and just leave.  We have unlimited sick and personal time.  Don't act like a martyr because you have a decision to make regarding your personal safety.  Yesterday the city released workers at 2.  My boss didn't let us go (imagine that, he's in Florida).  I swear, almost nothing got done because people kept looking out the windows and checking the forecast.  I finally told one of my co-workers she just had to go (the pregnant one who's life won't change a bit?  her.) because she was becoming a distraction and making other people nervous.  Ugh.

->  Last week I got to test run some play kitchens for a local manufacturer.  It was kind of fun.  We got free stuffs for our time (why yes, a kitchen, plus a shopping cart and play food).  Because my kids need more stuff.  Yeah.

Update->  I now have a framed Matisse print outside my work box.  Some lady in a hat.  The colors are nice, but it's no hand stitched map.  Some days I wish I had laser eyes so I could incinerate my stupid co-workers.

->  I only have 5 more days of work until January 4th.  Go ahead and hate me, you don't put up with this krappe every day.

Off to get me some noms.  You think there will be a long line for milk shakes during a winter storm watch?


VandyJ said...

I have six more days of work until I'm off until Jan. 3 too. Feels kind of awesome. Paid too. I don't hate you but others might hate us.

Jan said...

I don't hate y'all, but I think I'm just going to go sit in this corner over here and sob and suck my thumb.

blueviolet said...

You make me laugh!!!!

So glad you've got some time off for a couple weeks! Woohoo!

only a movie said...

You've made my day, because you've reminded me that I only have 5 more days of work until school vacation. Thanks, MB. xo

The Crazy Coxes said...

What a great Christmas you are going to have with Little o and LG! Kitchens and play food are the BEST toys ever. I'm coming over to play. I totally agree with you on the driving on crappy roads!

Laufa said...

It seems like I'm missing out on the coffee, but everytime I try it - blech!
Little O sounds so adorable, hopefully you catch him at least once before the season is over. Sleep is nice and we understand.
Your work environment sounds like my old job. Miss it.
Woohoo free stuff!
Enjoy your holiday!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I can't even count on both hands how many days work I have left until Jan 4th. And my shoes are on, or I would count toes too.

Captain Dumbass said...

Laser eyes for Christmas! Woot!

tulpen said...

Yay for time off from work!

I am pretty darn excited to have tomorrow off! AND it is supposed to SNOW! I love having no place to go when there is a threat of snow. And at MY job? When bad snowstorms are predicted... they pay us to sleep over so the place will be staffed.

Kate said...

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