Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Today is almost like Monday in my office.  Ugh.  A lot of people took yesterday off to holiday shop, or called in as whiners saying their kids didn't have school and the roads were to bad to drive.  I was here.  So, that means it's Tuesday.  You can't dump your Monday krappe on my desk just because you took the day off.  Go away.  Now that I have that out, let's proceed to the random.

->  Have you ever noticed how much better coffee tastes at a diner?  For instance, you go to Denny's.  They could be serving coffee they just filtered through a 3 year old dirty gym sock.  Still tastes good.  Normally, I only drink frou-frou coffee drinks (mochas, lattes -the stuff that cost more because they "steam" the milk)or I opt for tea.  At a diner?  You'd better have free refills or better yet, just bring PB and I the pot.

->  I apologize for no video of little o singing.  He's been sleeping later than I have this past two weeks.  No arguments here.  I'll give up the serenade for extra zzzs.  His half year report from school make mention that they randomly find him off in a corner, singing to himself and bopping his head.  When they put on the radio, he will stop what he's doing to dance around.  He's crazy, I tell you.

->  My tree is up, there are lights on it.  The minute PB finishes his final on Thursday, we throw the decorations on.  LG is loving the tree this year.  Little o is loving the music.  We rock out to all sorts of stuff at night (I can't wait for LG to sit on Santa's lap and ask for a 5 lb box of money...)

->  Here's my advice on people who want to whine about road conditions while sitting at work.  Go home.  Don't wait for the boss to "release" you.  Tell him you don't feel comfortable driving in the weather and just leave.  We have unlimited sick and personal time.  Don't act like a martyr because you have a decision to make regarding your personal safety.  Yesterday the city released workers at 2.  My boss didn't let us go (imagine that, he's in Florida).  I swear, almost nothing got done because people kept looking out the windows and checking the forecast.  I finally told one of my co-workers she just had to go (the pregnant one who's life won't change a bit?  her.) because she was becoming a distraction and making other people nervous.  Ugh.

->  Last week I got to test run some play kitchens for a local manufacturer.  It was kind of fun.  We got free stuffs for our time (why yes, a kitchen, plus a shopping cart and play food).  Because my kids need more stuff.  Yeah.

Update->  I now have a framed Matisse print outside my work box.  Some lady in a hat.  The colors are nice, but it's no hand stitched map.  Some days I wish I had laser eyes so I could incinerate my stupid co-workers.

->  I only have 5 more days of work until January 4th.  Go ahead and hate me, you don't put up with this krappe every day.

Off to get me some noms.  You think there will be a long line for milk shakes during a winter storm watch?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Time for MicroFiction with Susan. Squish all your thinking into 140 characters or less, is the general gist.

Today's picture:

  And my thoughts on it:

“Ivorine will get your wash clean!”  Well, that and a little girl to do the scrubbing.

He, he, he.
This gloomy Monday's I'd rather be:

"I'd rather be at work, where my boss pays for whatever the thermostat says, than at home, where my husband would rather we wear sweaters and keeps it at a miserly 67 degrees."

This from one of my co-workers.  At home I am the miser.  Besides, sweaters are great for padding little boys who are too adventurous for their own good.

Have a good Monday, everyone.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Quiet.  Look deep into your screen.  You are getting random...

->  Work is a very sad place these days.  For instance:

     ->  Many of the ladies here lust after the plant guy.  He's cute, but that's about all I can muster about him.  He wears cut off jeans (in a formal workplace it doesn't take much to peak interest).  He walks around watering the plants, and "manicuring" them.  Occasionally he bends over.  I make sure not to schedule meetings for the hour he's here because I'm pretty sure only the guys would show.

    ->  Our foundation president was walking around yesterday looking at the art hanging on the walls.  When I inquired as to why she said, "It has been brought to Mr.XXX's attention that while a lot of our artwork is Jewish, not many of our employees are.  He's thinking of putting up some motivational artwork and moving these to other spaces."  I responded, "Uhm, we all know that our employers are Jewish, right?  And that much of the money made by the business we run goes to funding Jewish endeavors.  I'm pretty sure they never try to hide that fact.  But someone thinks Jewish art is inappropriate here?"  "Yup."  "So, instead of this beautiful hand woven artifact outside my cube I'll have a poster that reads, 'Teamwork- if you stop annoying the krappe out of me, maybe I'll get something done today'?"  "I'll mention to Mr. XXX that you feel inspired by the Jewish artwork, MB."  My work here is done.

->  Cleveland was just awarded a Lingerie League.  http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=162857&catid=45  That's where ladies play football in their underwear.  Because this will fill the hole LeBron left.  

->I woke up at 5:15 this morning to "La, la, la, la.  Di, di, da."  Little o was singing in his crib.  Loudly.  American Idol style.  He kept that up for about 45 minutes while I got ready until I went to get him.  When I finally opened his door, there he was, holding a concert for his stuffies, swaying back and forth.  Happy as a clam.  Meanwhile, down the hall, his brother was poising the shark teeth over PB's arm, not ready to get out of his warm, cozy bed.  Night and day.

Ok, I'm back to it.  No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need none, as they say.  Go see Keely.

*****Add on-  A lot of questions about what "Jewish" art is.  Many pieces on our walls are actually Jewish- not Israeli specifically- artifacts (scrolls, hand woven maps, things like that).  Some of it is art by Jewish artists.  A lot is Jewish themed art (a beautiful set of photographs of life in Orthodox Israel).  Does this help at all?

Monday, December 6, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's time for MicroFiction Monday with Susan.  Where 140 characters just has to say it all.

Today's picture:

"You'd think the realtor would have mentioned the grave yard where the plans called for an in ground swimming pool, now wouldn't you?"

He, he, he.  I know, I'm wrong in the head.

And for today's, "I'd rather be... Monday":

I'd rather be at work than decorating for Christmas.  Because while I love a decorated house, I hate the process of unboxing and untangling and dusting off that it necessitates.  I'd far rather be at work, where my work box refuses to acknowledge a change in seasons.