Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday, it's random.  You know the rap.  Go see Keely for more.

->  My "Spin Cycle- Collage" idea spun way out of control.  It started with me scanning photos of my Mom for the collage.  Then I remembered I promised my cousin I'd scan him some old family photos, so I added those to the pile.  Then while I was sorting, I found some really neat ones of my grandfather that are starting to age poorly, so I thought I'd better get those scanned, too.  Then I had a pile of over 70 photos to scan at Target.  Oh, wait, I had to get to Target.  Without the boys (because nothing spells disaster clearer than two toddlers at the self help photo center and a complicated project).  Yeah, last Friday before that happened.

->  We had a house guest this past weekend.  Auntie Steph, who usually comes in for major events (weddings, births, etc) came for a random visit.  Because there were no new babies, or weddings, we actually got to hang out and go do stuff together.  I learned how to play Mexican Train (where has this game been all my life?)  She helped with the photo project (because it required all 4 of our hands). 

         ->  Her one goal for her Cleveland visits has been to visit a Michael Symon restaurant.  Until recently, he only had 2.  Neither one is "cheap" or kid friendly.  However, he recently opened "The B Spot".  Amazing burgers.  I highly recommend it.  And the root beer float?  I ate and drank so much I could barely move.


This thing just creeps me out.  LG came home singing part of the song, so I had to google it to find out what the whole thing was.  He came home with "snaps that monkey right out of the tree" which was a little disturbing, but not half as disturbing as watching this man sing the whole song

->  Little o has decided on a new method of walking around.  He's tired of his walker, and still refuses to walk alone.  So now?  He grabs the back of LG's shirt, pulls himself up and toddles along behind LG.  You can imagine how much LG loves this.  "Maaaaaamaaaaaaa, he's gooooooot meeeeee!"  I have to try really hard not to laugh when I detach O, though.  It's pretty funny stuff.  If I can contain myself next time, I'll get video.

->  Every once in a while I have to remember that my kids are not trying to thwart my personal plan for success.  It's hard, though.  There are days I swear that LG won't use the potty just to piss me off.  He can use the potty, he wants to wear Elmo underpants.  He just doesn't bother. Then I remember that I'm not the one in wet pants.  And it's not me that'll be going to Kindergarten in Pull Ups.  He'll get his act together eventually.  I might end up carrying little o down the aisle at his wedding, though.

Ok, enough about me.  How are you? 


VandyJ said...

"Mom he's in my stuff!" I hear this one all the time from Turbo. And I know it will only get worse as they get bigger. Brothers--they make for interesting days and pull your hair out moments.

Julie from Momspective said...

Two toddlers Bless you, woman. I spaced mine 3 years apart so at 5 and 2 I can officially say "Go help your brother"

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I have never heard that song and I think I'm too frightened to push play on that!

Casey said...

Jeez, you did get a little sidetracked on your spin cycle project. Did you get the pics scanned?

My kids ARE on a mission to take me down. There is no doubt in my mind....

That song looks a bit creepy. I don't know why but most male children's singers give me a creepy vibe.

Laufa said...

You better get some video of the kid train before he outgrows it. Too cute. All those high brow chefs have expensive restaurants. Great that at least one of those decided to have an every man kind of place. Love RB floats. My kids are against me 24-7, so the thwarting (fun word to say) is constant at my house.

only a movie said...

You'll get through the toileting stuff soon enough. It's true that most don't graduate high school in pull-ups... it just feels like forever.

(Am so thankful that those years are far behind me... though there are days that I'd trade a toddler for a teenager, hands down.)

Also, you need to buy yourself a scanner. Better yet, get PB to buy you one as a gift - isn't he leaving you alone w/ boys for a France/work trip soon?

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your random! I want a video of Little o tagging along on LG! When you are in the middle of a stage (like potty training, trying to get someone to sleep through the night, weening, etc) it seems like it lasts FOREVER! FOREVER! Good luck!