Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A trip around the sun... A Wordful Wednesday.

Many things have to go into this post.  Eeek. 

Happy Anniversary, PB. 

Thank you for putting up with me, and all the weirdness that comes with me.  And thanks for making me lunch yesterday (but seriously, you couldn't cut the sandwich in half at least?).

->  Secondly, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY LITTLE O!!!!  No, I will not call you big o.  You'll always be little o to me.  We'll do a quick review, for people who want to ogle your cuteness.

Do you know what you're doing?  Seriously?

BFFs- Little o and Phil, the Elephant
First smile!
Little o's first Hanukkah.  Don't ask.
Little o as Obi Wan
Little o as food critic
Have you noticed that little o frequently has a questioning look on his face?

Grooming him for world domination

World domination after snack time...
Little o, the Patriot.  We'll use this as a campaign picture some day.
Little o resisting clothes...
Little o and his real best friend.
The first birthday shot.
Congratulations on surviving the first year in this crazy place.  We love you!!!

This post sponsored in part by WordfulWednesday at 7 Clown Circus.  And by the number 2.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Between you and Jan, my Wednesday is covered!
And Little O's first Hanakkuh? I'm asking!

Jan said...

SQUEE!!! Basking in the cuteness, just...basking. Happy Birthday, little o!

And Happy Anniversary to you and PB.

angie said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday little one! So exciting!

kendrasue said...

I love the pictures! So cute!

Nessa said...

Happy Anniversary and happy birthday to little o. He's "o"dorable.

Mrsbear said...

Double causes to celebrate.

Happy Anniversary and Happy B-Day to little o.

You're a good looking bunch. :)

only a movie said...

Happy Anniversary, and happy birthday to your little man.

gretchen said...

Happy, happy, happy to everyone in the Badger family!

Frogs in my formula said...

Great pictures. You have a lot to celebrate!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Happy birthday to little O and happy anniversary to you!

Little o is so cute I just want to squeeze him!

Ahem...was that weird?

Er...I will just go squeeze my own kid. OK....excuse me.

tulpen said...

Holy Crap he's cute. Cheeks for the win!! Wanna eat him up.

(I don't gush about babies. Feel special.)