Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ok, I'm not sure it the thingy above is a real link or not, but I'm not going to questions it's presence.  Just go with it.  It belongs to Keely, though, so if you're going to ogle it, you should at least visit her site and thank her or something.

->  Tomorrow is little o's first birthday.  Nope, not ready at all.  When did 1st birthday's become such a huge deal?  What happened to inviting the grandparents over for ice cream and cake and calling it all good?  Now I have to make cupcakes for school tomorrow, and then I'm having 50 people over on Saturday.  I have duckies coming out my ears.   I'm fairly certain my parents didn't do this for me.  And I didn't sue them for malpractice.  I can't take the chance of little o having a better lawyer than me, though (don't go picking sides, Auntie D.  I know he'll win.  He's cuter.)

There will be more tomorrow.  This a preview.
         ->  What do you get a 1 year old who's older brother has every imaginable toy under the sun?

->  Tomorrow is also my anniversary.  Ready for that?  Uhm, I'll get back to you.  I might be. 

->  Blow it up.  It's amusing.  Something to offend everyone.

->  I will now concede that summer is over.  The NY kids have gone back to school.  Labor day is over.  It's time to get down to business.  Put away the flip flops, start making plans with rain contingencies.  Sigh.  It just didn't seem long enough this year.

->  "Little O, do you hear my voice?  I talking to you."  Do you know what it says to me when LG can repeat to little o verbatim the things I say to him?  The little punk is actually listening, and outright ignoring me.  This is why small children are cute.  Otherwise we'd throw them out the window.

->  LG flying a Black Hawk helicopter.  Yes, he's making the noises (hence the weird face).  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Ok, I'm off to go ruin some one's day.  No worries, it's not yours.  I'll spare you this week.  Go see Keely.  She's got a moustache for you car.


Jan said...

First: Cute! Pictures! Of! Boys! Made my day.

Second: I L.O.V.E. you and that periodic table is one of the reasons why. I howled over it, and love that the believers of divination and hoaxes/frauds are divided into dipsh*ts and f*cktards. You couldn't offend me with that in a million years.

Nessa said...

Very adorable boys.

And I agree, that periodic table is hysterical.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm gonna need to blow that table up when I get home. I can't read it here. But one year birthday parties getting out of control? You must be the first... :-)

Julie from Momspective said...

Happy birthdays, anniversary and I adore all things that make fun of everyone. It's the only way to me.

Frogs in my formula said...

Thanks for not ruining my day! Cute pictures and really funny periodic table.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm jealous of LG. I love those Periodic tables. I saw a good one that listed swear words that was hilarious.

Mrsbear said...

That periodic table is hilarious. I might have to print it out.

I've never been much for the 1st birthday hoopla, just because me and large groups of people make me cuckoo, and nobody needs to see that. Ice-cream and cake and a small circle of family and I'm good. You've got quite the shebang planned!

That boy of yours will make a handsome helicopter pilot.