Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ugh, see I started this yesterday.  I did.  But this week and blogging aren't getting along well at all.  Because I'm crabby, and PB is crabby and my boss is being an idiot (which is unusual).  I can muster a random thought or two, though.

->Little o is having a "ducky in bubbles" 1st birthday party.  Which I have been completely neglecting.  And now I realize that it's 2 and 1/2 weeks away.  Uhm, I'd better get on that.  Especially since I now have a 3D ducky birthday cake pan sitting on my counter that will require a practice run.  Who thought that was a good idea?  (ok, maybe me.  but I thought is was a flat pan when I picked it out.)  I'm no Ace of Cakes, here, people.  This could be an utter disaster in the making.  

->  Little o is also getting a hair cut this week.  Because he's gone from beautiful golden corn silky curls to beautiful mullet of golden curls (80's rock stars would have died for that do!) to fuzzy, sticking to his cheeks and getting pulled on fur.  I had wanted to wait until after 1, but it's making him unhappy.  So, off to the hair dresser he will go (but not until after crazy hair day at school tomorrow.  We have our priorities!)

->  We had a "date night" on Saturday.  An official, get a real paid sitter, go out alone for dinner and a movie, Date Night.  It was amazing.  We talked without being interrupted, ate without having to stop to poke food into children, watched a whole movie and held hands -with each other.  Sigh.  Ok, really we went out to Red Lobster and saw Despicable Me.  But it was a good time.

          ->>>  Side note:  Are we the only ones who crank the cleanliness up a notch when a sitter who isn't related to us comes to watch the kids?  We moved furniture to vacuum for the sitter.  In rooms I'm pretty certain she never went into.  The boys rooms were cleaner than they've been in months.  Why is that?  I'm sure she didn't care.  It does feel great to have a really clean house, though.  

->  When he woke up Sunday morning, LG did not ask for PB.  He asked to play with Miss N.  Uhm, no.  PB and I are home.  LG asked if she could come back.  Replaced in 4 hours.  That must be a record of some sort.

->  My boss is being a jackarse this week.  Last month when I embarked upon an audit that hasn't been done in YEARS, I asked for his input on the new audit plan.  It's an IT audit, and many things in IT have changed since 2005.  He said (and I quote), "Be creative.  I'm sure you'll do a great job.  Think outside the box on this one."  Do I look like an ad agent?  A cartoonist?  I'm a freaking auditor.  An accountant.  My life is little boxes and the numbers that should fit neatly into them.  Now that I've created the plan and have started testing it, he suddenly might have input.  Go to hell.  In a hand basket.  Normally, my boss lives in the same little boxes I do, so he's great to work for.  I have no idea where he got that free wheelin' hippy attitude last month, but I don't like it.  Must be a summer thing.

->  I love the new KIA Soul commercials.  The ones with the hamsters?  Those ones.  I'm not sure why.  They make me smile.

->  PB gave in and we went to the expensive market to get coffee again this past weekend.  He and the boys came in with me (to prevent me from buying anything but coffee).  You can guess how that worked out.  But the cheese spread with the horseradish and bacon?  Mmmmm.  And the cinnamon raisin bread?  Ahhhhh.  The bill?  ugh.

Ok, I'm done.  It's Wednesday.  Holy Moses.  Must achieve something this week.  Grrrr.


only a movie said...

That poster is hysterical.

Yay for date nights - we had one on Saturday as well. Well deserved and needed. :-)

VandyJ said...

Nick loves the Bridgestone commercial with the astronauts. Makes him laugh every time.

Love the poster!

Sprite's Keeper said...

This is the only blog in which I may need a rabies shot. Love the picture.
We have YET to pay a babysitter to watch Sprite. I don't know if it's because we just take advantage of the school's Parents Night Out often enough, or we're just cheap.

Jan said...

How 3D are we talking? I'm willing to help out (as in I will be happy to bake and decorate it for you). Just what did you have in mind for the cake?

Yes, I'm serious.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Love the poster!
I'm glad you had a great date night! It's not so much about *where* you go, just that you go.

Good luck with the cake!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

A date night? How cool is that?
And yes, I always say if it wasn't for houseguests or company, I would never clean.

Captain Dumbass said...

Badgers would not look out of place in hell, and anyone who uses the phrase "think outside the box should have a rabid badger stuffed in their pants.

Pseudo said...

That poster is haunting and hilarious.