Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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I love Random Tuesday Thoughts.  But really, what day isn't random on this blog? 

->No matter how often I shower or where I go, I smell sunblock these days.  The odor permeates my life.  I have no idea who the hell is wearing sunblock at work (or why for that matter).  Yankee Candle should make a candle that smells like this, for February, when we all miss the summer.

->  If you weren't here yesterday, go back a day.  I'm thinking of making MicroFiction Monday a regular part of my blog life.  Because you people need more of me.  And it's fun.  After Sprite's Keeper forced me to write a poem last week, it reminded me that at one time I was an English major.  I know, wrap your mind around that one.  From long haired, VW driving, Dave Matthews loving, hippy, English major to reasonably responsible, VW driving accountant.  But I'm letting the skilz get rusty.  So if the group will let me in, I will continue to subject them to my very short fiction.

->  Some have asked for the status of the LG lunch project.  I can report that it is going fairly well.  His teachers tell me that he at least tries everything I pack.  And will eat far more of it than the school lunch.  Enjoys eating the heads off of his dinosaur sandwiches.  Job well done, I think.  And I managed to avoid the Canwich so far, Keely.  But only because peanut butter is not allowed.  They did ask why I don't pack a "dessert" though.  Uhm, since when does lunch have a dessert course?  Isn't that what the granola bar is for?

->  In order to make the workplace more interesting, I've begun switching out the plain M&Ms for flavors. (wasn't there a coffee commercial like this in the 80's?).  Anyhow, we've tried Mint (about half approval, but it was noted they wouldn't want them all the time), two thumbs up on the Peanut Butter, two thumbs up on Peanut.  The Pretzel ones weren't a hit but nobody said they didn't like them (they were just kind of weird), dark chocolate were good (but again, only in rotation), and almond got two thumbs up (but I'll throw in that they're expensive for the amount you get...).  Two people loved the coconut ones (everyone else thought they tasted like Hawaiian tropic).  So far, that's all we've tried.  The "Premiums" are a little too expensive to be a candy dish item.  It is fun to see people's reactions, though.  My boss is a tad thrown off by this, because his culinary life is lived in an area about the size of a shoebox.  He would like nothing more than to always have a stock of plain on hand.  But since I'm buying, he's been a willing (but not always chipper) guinea pig.  

->  There has been much discussion of the use of words in my life lately.  Specifically two words.  Unmitigated and disgruntled.  PB keeps pointing out how you hear people say "Dis-gruntled" but not gruntled (and yes, it is a real word).  He noted one sports writer that uses Gruntled to refer to a particular football player, but that's all.  My boss dislikes the word unmitigated.  Because it is frequently used in a way that makes it redundant.  For instance, unmitigated disaster.  His point is, have you ever had a mitigated disaster?  Normally I would take up the sword and have a good argument or at least a discussion on these.  But you know what?  They're right.  Now if we could just teach the Canadians to use the word ironic correctly.

Enough from me.  Go visit Keely.  Or get some sun.  Or do your own damn work. 


VandyJ said...

We are smelling bug spray the same way you are smelling sun block. It's everywhere.

Jan said...

My fiction is about as good as my poetry, so I'll leave that to you (short or otherwise). Besides, I don't need it - you just can't make up some of the $h!t that goes on over at my blog.

Oh - the LAST thing I need to know is that there are coconut M&Ms. Argh. Of course, I skipped breakfast this morning; an absolute no-no in my book, but I just wasn't hungry. Of course NOW I'm ready to drink a bottle of salad dressing.

Sprite's Keeper said...

How funny! I was just commenting in my office about how it smelled like sunblock!

tulpen said...

You've got something there with the candle scent thing.

Gruntled is a great word. I will try to work it into conversation today.

Captain Dumbass said...

Hah! You teach us how to use 'ironic' and we'll teach you about the proper use of the letter 'u.'

blueviolet said...

Disgruntled is one of my favorite words. Really it is. And coconut lime is my beachy smelling candle. So good!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I need to light some candles to eliminate the bug spray smell we have going on. The mosquitoes are relentless! Which makes me disgruntled... ;)

Mrsbear said...

I kind of like the smell of sunblock, it reminds me of the beach, which is too frakking hot to visit right now unless you get up at the crack of dawn, but who wants to do that during summer break? Yeesh.

The MicroFiction stuff sounds like fun. You did a good job with it in the previous post. I'll have to check it out and maybe I dunno prod my creative muscles out of hibernation.

Coconut M&Ms huh?