Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday.  Which means Keely is having us all over for some random. 

->  We decided to take LG off the school lunch program.  His teacher told me earlier in the month that menu has changed recently, and he doesn't like a lot of what they serve now.  As a result, he eats maybe half his lunch.  Argh.  They don't have a fridge in their room, or a microwave oven.  Which means everything I send has to be maintained with either a cold pack, or a thermos, for 5 hours.  No nuts, no strawberries.  Minimal mess, if I can swing it.  Anything else?  Does it have to have a good housekeeping seal on it???

      As a result, I've made up a "lunch menu" for the month of July.  I plotted and planned each day's lunch and dinner so that it's not too repetitive but involved left overs.  Making sure he gets enough fruits and veg each day.  I don't worry about dairy, since he consumes so much milk and yogurt in a day he might turn into a nice mozzarella if I let him sit for a while.  

PB laughed.  For him, I'm over thinking this.  He'd be fine tossing stuff into his lunch box each morning, and hoping for the best.  But I know it'll be me putting the lunch together.  And seeing all that doesn't get eaten.  And worrying.  It's just easier to over plan and become neurotic.  Just toss this into the "one more thing to worry about" category.
->  Where do you draw the line between being cheap and being downright stupid?  My assistant has a stock of dark colored post it notes in her drawer.  The CEO does not like dark post it (he's older and finds them hard to read).  The supply guy says the packs with the dark ones are cheapest.  But it's not cheap if we can only use part of the damn pack!  I say we use the dark ones to send him threat notes.
->  PB and I were able to reconfirm how compatible we are on Sunday night.  During our black out game of Trivial Pursuit, as the game was 3 pie pieces to 3 pie pieces, we realized he had the 3 I didn't.  See, we need each other to fill in the knowledge gaps.  Otherwise LG and little o would be woefully missing knowledge about African deserts and 1960's basketball players.

->  LG has taken a liking to singing nursery rhymes.  He learned "Bah, Bah Black sheep" and "Twinkle Twinkle" at school.  When PB was gone, I taught him a few more to buy me some bed time sanity.  A few nights ago PB came downstairs after putting LG to bed with a distinct frown.  "What birdie song is LG asking for?  I figure out that Mary must be 'Mary had a little lamb', but what's birdie?  He actually stood up in bed and stomped because I couldn't sing birdie song.  I almost came to get you!"    Uhm, think, think.  What did I sing two weeks ago?  In my haste to keep him quiet.  Ahhh, "Sing a sing of sixpence! He's talking about the blackbird that nips off her nose! You have to do the hand motions for that one.  But you can't sing that one last because it kind of winds him up."  All I got back was, "Really?  When did bed time songs start requiring a plan and instructions?"  Point well made.

->On our way home from church Saturday night, PB remarked that he would like some fresh veg for dinner.  Ok, easily enough done.  Why don't we swing into the grocery that's on our way home from church?  Except that's the "fancy" grocery store.  The "gourmet" market, if you will.  Where the rich people shop.  Gulp.  But it's just for veg, it'll be ok, right?  Yeah, whatever.  He sent me in alone.  No defenses.  The produce was amazing, and not really expensive at all.  Good deal there.  However, the smells.  You should have to pay for those!  I came out with some nice asparagus and brussel sprouts for dinner, as well as a box of bakery cookies, a loaf of fresh bread and a $9 pound of coffee (unheard of at our house).  I was victimized by the luxury.  I should sue...I will say, the coffee is amazing.  But now we are not allowed to stop there anymore.  Convenience be damned.

->  "O-ie needs his butt wiped."  says a little voice.
"Excuse me?" my much larger voice.
"O-ie needs his butt wiped."  a little louder this time.
"Please don't use the word 'butt'.  You can just tell me Little O needs a new diaper, thanks."

 Who taught him this?  Did he learn this at school?  

What the hell, people?  When did "butt" become a bad word?    Just more evidence that I'm old.  Not as old as Keely and her composting, but old.

I'm all done here.  Move along.  Nothing more to see.  Go see Keely. 


VandyJ said...

neither Nick nor I know the sports questions in trivial pursuit--it's the only subject I suck at in that game. We lack fancy grocery stores here. Just regular old Safeway and Albertson's. No good smells so I guess we're safe.

kendrasue said...

I'm with you on the word butt. Mine says it all the time to get a rise out of us so now I try to ignore him unless we're out in public. I don't tell him it's a bad word, just that it's impolite! Think of it that way, and not that you're old!

gretchen said...

You are too funny about LG's lunches. Jude has eaten PB & J every day for the last two years. Then suddenly, two weeks ago, he announced that he didn't like them anymore! Ugh. I'm trying turkey on wheat. We'll see how it goes.

The Crazy Coxes said...

So sorry that you have to pack lunches. I just escaped that task this year. Got lazy. I now set out $5's. You don't think LG could just walk over to chik-Fil-A or something could he?

Happy Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

I despise making lunches.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I have given up the fight on the "butt" name game. I'll support you in yours, but dude, losing battle.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Butt isn't bad. Sunday ..yes, on the Lord's day, my husband said "damn" in the car and in the back the parrot, a.k.a. our three year old child, chirped "damn! damn! damn!" three times before we begged him to stop it in case the little girl we were having a playdate with over heard him and also began to chirp the curse word.

Oh and I'd be neurotic about the lunch thing too.

blueviolet said...

That trivial pursuit pie wedge thing is kinda cool!

Julie from Momspective said...

Ooh, nice *snap* to Keely lmao and yes, I'm hearing all sorts of normal words are suddenly "bad" words. My son reminds me of this all the time. I say hiney now.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

They opened a Whole Foods over here and I avoided it because I heard it was expensive. But when I finally went in, I found the produce section reasonable enough and loved the samples they had out around the deli.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Well, at least he didn't say "ass," right?
It's always the moms that fuss about the food; I think it's part of the mothering gene. I still nag them if they don't eat fruits and veggies each day. The college kids of mine just roll their eyes and I know they're thinking "if she only knew what we eat..."
I don't want to know.
I love that you sing all the old rhymes to LG.