Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RTT- let the suck continue...

I'll admit, I wasn't going to post today because this week has sucked so far.  But then I thought, meh, why keep the suck all to myself?  Why not share it with the world at large?  So here you go internets, take my random, please.  No, seriously. (if you don't get the Henny Youngman joke, I apologize)

->  A thought occurred to me on the drive home yesterday.  Do you ever feel like krappe happens all in spurts?  When you might get overwhelmed but somehow make it through?  I've decided that's God's way of giving us a coping mechanism.  So many things need attention that you don't have any time to focus on any of them.  For instance:

Friday we drop PB's truck at the mechanic in nowheresville because it's leaking power steering fluid.  No problem, he'll be in France for a week.  He won't need his truck.

Friday night my station wagon mysteriously dies.  Ha, ha.  Now I have to borrow a car from the dealer and try to figure out how the hell I'm going to get mine back while PB is out of town.  Oh, and how we're going to pay for two cars to get repaired at the same time.  And who's going to help me re-install the car seats (since I'm the idiot that didn't learn how when it wasn't important).

PB is out of town, so I have the boys all to myself.  Normally this would worry me, but I don't have a spare moment for that!

Today, my boss' boss has decided the he's not sure I should be reporting to my boss.  Maybe I need to report to him.  No, please.  Just no.  It's not a compliment, it's a level of hell.  Because I needed more to think about?

We've stopped giving little o all but one of his medicines, and we're supposed to be monitoring his reaction.  So far, no reaction.  Whew.  

So you see?  I can't possibly dwell on any of the it, there's just too much!

->  Single Moms need far more credit than they get.  I feel like Vishnu this week, with arms everywhere.  It's not having to do all the little things by myself that is killing me, though.  It's that I'm used to talking to PB at night, and now my only company is someone who just learned to put together sentences with more than 3 words.  It's more of a sanity thing than a "I need help" thing.  Credit to LG for being a trouper so far, though.  He's only tried to run his little brother over with a tractor twice so far.

->  I have a slight dilemma.  A good friend of mine recently passed away.  I didn't take this well, at all.  This person was quite sick the whole time we were friends (8 or so years), but I don't think any of our group of friends ever thought she would die.  She just always seemed so full of life, and able to take whatever came along.  It makes me sadder than I can express that she's not around any more.  However, that's not my dilemma.  Her husband has since tried to friend me on Facebook.  I don't know her husband well, though I've met him a few times.  He's a nice guy, but from a brief look at his page, it's basically now a memorial.  And that just makes me sad.  I haven't responded to his request because I'm not sure I want to.  He lives back in NY, so I'll never see him again.  I don't really know him, and I don't want to be constantly reminded that my friend is gone.  But am I being rude and hurtful?  He's obviously reaching out after his loss.  Argh, I hate social networking sites.  They put you in situations that would never occur naturally.

->  On to something more positive.  Have you heard the new version of the song, "Lover, lover" by Jerrod Neiman?  I don't know how to do the YouTube picture in my blog thing, so here's the link:


It's going to be my favorite song of the summer, I think.  I've found myself grooving out to it every time it comes on the radio.  I'll admit that I turned it up and tuned out my toddler for those 4 minutes last night.  (no worries, he was repeating the same damn sentence when I tuned back in 4 minutes later.  I still don't have any idea what he was saying).  And it doesn't hurt that Jerrod's a little bit cute.  I'm just saying.

->  I don't usually pay attention to what's in the background of my pictures.  I focus on the object of the picture.  So I was a little thrown when a friend commented that she liked the way PB remodeled our living room.  I was thrown because she's not been over to visit since the remodel, how the hell did she know?  Oh, yeah.  It's in the back ground of almost every picture I've taken recently.  Along with the mess that we call our home.  Now I'm slightly embarrassed.  Oops.

For instance, this one from this morning where you can see that I didn't make the boys put away their blocks last night.  ( I know.  You're so taken by little o that you didn't notice the blocks at all, did you?  Some people do, though.)

Or this one from this morning where you might notice that there are shoes every where and a truck that hasn't been put away.  Hm, maybe I should start cropping my pictures?  And if you're wondering why LG is sticking his tongue out its' because he's focusing on walking in 3 inch heels.  He's getting much better.

That feels better.  Now I can go on with the week knowing it's not so bad.  (Well, ok, the job thing is, but I'm trying not to think about that...)

If you only check in on Tuesdays, then Happy Mother's Day to you.  And we'll see you next time you stop by the Badger's Den.  Have a good week all.  Oh, and go visit Keely over at the Un-Mom. 


Jan said...

Oh, pictures of little boys! Yay! The grandma in me feels SO much better. Look at the smile on little o's face - I just want to smoosh him right up.

As for the Facebook dilemma, I believe you can "hide" someone from your feed without defriending them. I can't tell you for sure because I dropped Facebook - that and blogging were just a little too much, and I ain't giving up the blog.

The Crazy Coxes said...

You do have your hands full, but I like your perspective.

Regarding your friend's husband....I wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings. You have to do what you feel comfortable with. Maybe some day in a few months or a year, you'll feel like looking at his "memorial" to his wife...or maybe never. That's okay,(at least *I* think it's okay) since you weren't friends with him in the first place.

Kingsmom said...

Keep your chin up. Tomorrow is Wednesday!

only a movie said...

Oh my - your kids are so cute, no worries at all about the blocks.

Sorry about the 10th circle of hell. And the cars. I hate car issues. I hate having to pay for car issues.

Jan is right - you can hide someone from your FB feed.

That song? Was popular in 1993 - or at least was on the alt radio station I listened to at the time... I am old. It's a good song! :-)

VandyJ said...

Nick and I agree with you about krappe happening in spurts. We will be going on and every thing is fine then wham, it all goes to hell in a hand basket. But it all works out(usually). At least that's what we keep telling ourselves

Keely said...

I always crop my photos & blur out the background if necessary.

(It's usually necessary.)

blueviolet said...

Your background comments crack me up because I notice now in my old photos the same type of thing! Baby clutter!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

God they're cute. And nice wood floor, BTW.
You hit the nail on the head about single parent suckage: it's having no sounding board that gets you, not the tasks themselves.
I don't think you need to do anything with the FB thing. I don't get insulted when someone ignores me; I just assume they don't really use it much. I'm sorry about your friend.
And I hope the week picks up.

Sprite's Keeper said...

So, when PB gets home, you get a week in France, right? :-)
Cuteness definitely cuts on the mess. Maybe I should just shove Sprite in people's faces when they come over so I never have to clean again?

Twenty Four At Heart said...

My husband travels 80% of the time. Currently, he's been gone so long I'm not sure I'd recognize if I saw him on the street. My youngest has been sick for a week. Single parenting DOES suck.
Yes, it does.

gretchen said...

Hope you're hanging in there. I agree that your house looks pretty damned good, who cares about blocks and shoes. I have to admit that sometimes I find myself "styling" photos that I post, just to make things look a little bit less pathetic, you know, shoving the huge pile of paperwork slightly out of frame, moving the dirty clothes pile out of the way...

BTW, I'd friend him. He must need the support.