Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Get the hell off my back, please.

Welcome back to the work week people.  It's already Tuesday, so you should be used to your cube again.  The groove in your office chair should feel comfy again (does anyone else have that issue?  You got to work on Monday and you have to break in your backside to your chair again?)  Anyhow.  Read on and then head on over to Keely's and spread the love. 

->  First, women need to get over their Mother's Day angst.  Either you married a great guy (like PB) and he got you prezzies and made you breakfast, all before going to pay homage to his own mother, or you didn't.  If you didn't though, stop complaining.  There must be something to the guy or you wouldn't have married him.  My point is, stop the whining.  Either accept what you've got and move on, or get rid of him.  Don't whine about how he didn't treat  you like a Queen one day a year.  I don't care.

->  We got through last week unscathed.  The boys got 3 nutritious meals, a bath and a good nights rest everyday.  We had one sketchy night of waking up every hour, but it was early on and we recovered nicely.  The house was even clean when PB arrived home on Friday night.  I can't say it was fun, but it wasn't the hellish experience I was prepared for.  And I only threatened to sell LG to the gypsies once or twice.  I did discover some things that PB puts up with that I have no tolerance level for, such as:
       -LG climbing on his back while he gives little o a bath.  What the hell?  I literally had to tell my kid to       get the hell off my back.  Multiple times a night.  What do I look like?  The high dive at the pool?
      -LG taking toys from little o.  Toys that either were never his to begin with, or that he gave up long ago.  "Don't touch your brother's monkey.  I said stop touching his monkey.  LET GO OF HIS MONKEY!!"  My neighbors probably think my kid is  a pervert.

     -  The endless bed time routine.  You get 2 stories and 3 songs on my watch.  Regardless of whether or not your first three were good choices, you get no more.  So stop whining, "Puffy Dragon.  Puuuufffffyyyy  DraaaaggggggonPPPPUUUUUUFFFFFFF."  I don't care if your Father let you choose as many songs as you wish from the Burt Baccarat songbook.  Little o and I are done.

     -Little o's addiction to the Food Network.  Yeah, I'm good with watching Chef v City, and Iron Chef.  But eventually I'm going to change the channel.  Stop crying, Rachel Ray didn't die.  She's just trapped in the magic box.

But these were minor events.  And since PB came home with wonderful prezzies, his inadequacies in the parenting arena are forgiven :)  

->  But MB, what lovely parting gifts did PB bring home?  I'm glad you asked.  I got a beautiful silk scarf, an even more beautiful silk and wool shawl.  Ooooh, luxurious.  Little o got a onsie that looks like the king of the mountain jersey from the Tour De France (which is hands down the best gift that came home!)  And LG got a thingy of the Eiffel Tower.  Apparently, PB didn't realize that Tin Tin is a puppy.  Or he didn't see any Tin Tin stuffs.  Oh, well.  My MIL got some of the most beautiful chocolates I've ever seen.  My FIL got bubkus, but I'm pretty sure he's ok with that. 

->  I read an article last week that has convinced me it is not the end of days.  I know you're relieved.  I know PB is (or at least relieved that I'm not talking about it anymore).  It basically said that every so often it is our planet's natural process to shift krappe around.  You know, like when you get tired of the living room and can't afford a new couch, so you move the one you have to a new location?  That's pretty much what's going on.  All this krappe is happening at once because the underground of the Earth is being remodeled.  It'll settle down eventually.  And if California happens to slip off the map?  Meh, an easy way to get rid of Calpers.

->  Speaking of Unions, I'm frustrated.  For years, people have been trying to find a way to evaluate teachers fairly to get rid of the tenure system.  Because tenure for anyone except college professors is bogus.  Elementary and Secondary teachers don't need this protection.  Tenure was meant to protect professors ability to research and study areas that might be seen as controversial and therefore threaten their jobs.  How does that apply to Elementary and Secondary teachers?  It's nonsense.  So, it should go away.  And for all these years teachers haven't been trying to find a way to fairly evaluate themselves.  They just say, "There isn't a way, we need to keep tenure."  What a load of krappe.  I won't feel bad when states finally say, "We can't afford to keep firing new teachers who are doing a great job because we have to keep older teachers who are just getting by."  And why are good teachers afraid of coming up with a fair system that's NOT based on kids testing results?  You'll only benefit if you come up with a good system.  Don't let the John Q. Public try to do it.  Bah hooey, I say.

Ok,  now that I'm all torqued up, I'm going to go do some real work.  Because I don't have tenure and my boss will fire me if I don't produce...

Go see Keely.  Have a good week, all. 


VandyJ said...

Your pressies sound great. We too hav ethe issue of getting Turbo to laeve Bruiser's toys alone. Turbo yells loud enough when Bruiser gets into his room, but thinks nothing of playing with Bruiser's stuff. Maybe things will change when Bruiser's big enough to protest--but probably not.

Jan said...

Ah, little o - Grandma Jan wants to smoosh you! Yes, the Food Network is the best thing going on television - could you please speak to the G Man about his fascination with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? (And Grandpa Be's as well - if he calls another driver who cuts him off in traffic a Mouskatool one more time I'm going to have to kill him.)

But we must talk about the whole Rachel Ray thing. She's the devil, sweetie - I just don't know how to put it any more plainly than that.

Mrsbear said...

I will spread my Mother's Day angst all over the blogiverse and you CAN'T stop me. MUHUHUHAHA. (That's my evil laugh complete with punctuation.)

I'm kidding, of course. Totally over Mother's Day. My Saturday night rib dinner kept me quiet. That and chocolate. Mmmm. Chocolate.

I did not know Rachel Ray was the devil. lol. Although she is unwatchable to me, with her catch phrases and her over the top enthusiasm. Every time she says EVOO or delish, I swear I want to punch someone.

Kingsmom said...

I'm with you on the Mother's Day thing (I saw the post and your comment over at that other place...)

But I laughed my butt off here at my desk when I read about you hollering your Monkey madness.

Too funny.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I LIKE the presents!
And I think you are a super mom!
No songs or stories at bedtime here.
A hug and a kiss and then buh-bye. Goodnight!

only a movie said...

Ack - I hear you on the union situation, although it is complicated like you would not believe. No Child Left Behind has messed things up on many levels.

(Spent some of the morning preparing for more freaking standardized tests...) Ack.

Glad your Mr. is home and you got good prezzies. xo

gretchen said...

HEY! Knock on wood when you say that part about California falling off into the ocean. Geez.

I absolutely love that little o is addicted to the Food NEtwork!

Beta Dad said...

I want the king of the mountain onesie!