Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Spin

Being a Mom is all about the Spin, now isn't it?  This week's Spin Cycle is "Mother's Day"- how do you celebrate?  

We celebrate Mother's Day the way we celebrate all other holidays.  With some sort of token gift and a mid day meal with my in-laws.  No big deal.  

I'll admit that I don't really care much about Mother's Day.  Which is weird for me.  Normally, I love a good holiday.  Throw up some decorations, make a cake.  This one just doesn't do it for me, though.  PB was brought up in a family where it was pretty darn important, though, so he does well by me.  Maybe that's why I don't make a big deal.  Because I don't have to (the boys will get me a tree to put out in the yard whether I ask for it or not).

It's more than that, though.  I don't want my boys to think of me as someone they need to pay homage to any day of the year.  A domestic goddess that's taken care of them for all of their lives.  I don't want my daughter in laws to ever think they could never live up to the standards of their husband's Mom.  I don't want them to clean up their kids, and put on their Sunday best in hopes of appeasing me.  My kids owe me nothing.  I do what I do for them because I want to.  Because I love them.  Yeah, I know it sounds like drivel, but it's true.  

I think in some ways we all take after our own Moms.  My Mom didn't make a big deal.  We never feared what would happen if we didn't get the right gift, or we didn't take Mom out to dinner.  I'm pretty sure she cooked more than one meal on Mother's Day, and she didn't care.  She loved anything we made for her or gave her.  Just like she did every other day of the year.  She was just happy to be with us.

Anyhow, I won't be upset if I don't get anything on Sunday.  If we manage to get to my SILs in one piece, and I can remember to pick up my MILs favorite chocolates, I'll be happy.  But I still want a Kindle for my birthday.

Anyhow, Happy Mother's Day to everyone.  If you're a new Mom, an expecting Mom, Mom to you pet, or a Dad posing as a Mom.  If you have one kid, or ten, Happy Mother's Day.


only a movie said...

Hope you have a happy Sunday! ;-) (and good luck w/ the kindle...)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I can get behind that! I don't expect anything, just a statement of undying appreciation and devotion and the promise to take care of me in my later years when I don't want to work anymore. :-)
That's all. Not too much to ask, right?
You're linked and Happy Mother's Day!

VandyJ said...

The day is pretty low key for us, but I do like to get the card and now something hand made from Turbo--the school never fails to have them do something. Enjoy the day!

Captain Dumbass said...

The boys and I made a ton of little paper flowers and decorated mommy's hospital room.

Mrsbear said...

Mother's Day is mostly just another day for us. Other than the obligatory visits. I let the husband sleep in, because I happened to be up and he just happened to be exhausted. Other than that, cooked my own meals, wiped some butts, did some laundry. Ate some chocolates, cleaned some blood. The End. ;)

Happy Day After Mother's Day

Jan said...

My day was great. Spent it at the zoo w/ Beloved, The Young One and G Man - my present from The Young One was spending the day at the zoo with his fogey old parents and a baby with good humor and without complaint.

Darling Daughter called me, Oldest Son sent me a text message/IM (that's the way he rolls) and Jolly thanked me profusely for spending the day with G Man because she had to work.

It doesn't get much better than that.