Monday, May 3, 2010

I'd Rather Be... Monday.

Ahhh, it's Monday again.  The day some people dread, but others relish.  You either want your weekend to go on and on, or you want the stability and regiment that is your day to day job.

Today's I'd rather be Monday is brought to you by the letter T.  T, which begins words like:

Transatlantic flight
Trader Joe's

Which leads to my "I'd rather be..."

->  I'd rather be at work than wrestling any meal into my two year old.  

->  I'd rather be at work than doing last minute shopping for dress clothes for a man who has resisted these purchases for YEARS.  Trying to get PB to understand that there are shirts meant to be worn with a suit, and shirts meant to be worn with just a tie or blazer was almost impossible.  I nearly killed me.  But it's over, and he's in France stunning people with his new ties.

Ok, I'm off to go be a good mindless worker.  Wish me luck this week.  I'm just shooting for more hugs than meltdowns.  We'll see what I get, eh?  97 hours until PBs plane touches down in Cleveland, but who's counting?


Jamie said...

I would rather be at work than...chasing around 18 2 year olds at our 3 birthday of the weekend.

And I need to taught the shirt thing. Wha???

Jamie said...

Oh, and I read "tentacles" as "testicles."

VandyJ said...

I'd rather be working than going to the dentist with my six year old. He goes tomorroww and I hate the dentist.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Oh no, you're counting hours??
Hang in there. I'm sure he looks quite dashing in his new duds.
Let's see, I'd rather be at work than watching the landscaping guys put in a new lawn in my naked back yard from where we had a new (and Lord, sooo expensive) septic put in last month.

Jan said...

LOL - I initially read "tentacles" as "testicles" as well.

Hmmm...I'd rather be at work than poking my fingers for this new glucose monitor. *harumph*

only a movie said...

Jan - I had the same thought.

I can't figure out a rather be... I was up all night last night (literally)(stupid freaking insomnia). I'm actually quiet amazed that I am still relatively upright and awake right now.

Good luck this week. You'll do brilliantly.

gretchen said...

Me too with the testicles thing!! Hysterical.

And as for the other T words, Trader Joe's food was the only thing my terrible two toddler would eat.