Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Many thanks to those who have served, and those who are serving from The Badger Den.  

And, just for the record, there is no place I'd rather be...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spin Cycle- The Prom

This week's Spin Cycle is all about the Prom (the Prom, Prom, Senior Formal-what do they call it where you're from?)  Anyhoodle, I gave you about all I have about my own prom this time last year.  It wasn't very exciting, I promise.  

As I was cleaning my gutters this afternoon, realizing I haven't been too good about doing a Spin Cycle recently, I wondered what new info I could give you.  I pondered the Prom, and instead of thinking about the past, I pondered about the future.  

Please don't get me wrong, I love my boys to no end.  I love the snippets and snails and puppy dog tails.  Ball caps and trucks and little sweater vests.  But there are things I'm going to miss out on because I don't have a girl.

Aside:  Please don't leave a comment about PB and I having another baby.  #2 is less than a year old, this idea has been tabled.  And even if we did have a 3rd, it wouldn't be because we want a girl.  That's just setting yourself up for disappointment.  If we try again, it will be because we want a 3rd baby, boy or girl.  Back to the story.

Right now I do miss being able to put someone's hair in piggy tails, and buy little dresses on holidays.  Fancy hats for Easter, and dolls that you can dress up.  But I only miss it for a second.  I have lots of neices, and LG has a girlfriend, and I can get out all my cutsie stuff on them.  But not having a little girl means not having quite the same experience for most of the major life events.  Prom is just one of those things.

When the boys go to prom, we'll have to shell out the clams for a tux, a haircut (hopefully), the tickets and maybe a limo.  But we won't have to go to 9 different stores, and spend hours on the phone wondering if we got the right dress.  We won't have  a hair appointment, and wonder if we should pay for a professional manicure, of if I should paint her nails at home.  There won't be a discussion about whether or not she has to attend school for the whole day, or if she can cut out after 4th period (which is when our school allowed kids going to the prom to leave!)  I won't get any of that.  If I'm lucky, the parents of the girls that are my boys dates will invite us over to take a few pictures and see them all off in the limo (and if I'm not lucky, I won't get to see them with their dates at all).  It's kind of sad.

The same goes for weddings.  I'll get my limited "Mother of the Groom" role, and I'll have to settle for looking stunning in light blue.  But it's the brides mother that helps search for a dress, and pick out flowers.  

I know I should look on the bright side.  I can hear the mother's of teenagers say, it's a blessing not to have to fight over hem length, or too much makeup.  Worrying about what they do when they stay out all night.  But, all the same, it's fun, too.

And that, Spinners, is what Prom means to me right now. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travel Tip Thursday- Kansas Edition

OK, I promised a long time ago that I would take you all on a trip to Kansas, didn't I?  And talk about cows and cousins and such?  Here goes.

Since we haven't really had the time or means to get ourselves out West since LG was born, this trip was long overdue.  LG and little o had never been to the farm, and holy hells, little o had never met his Uncle K, the cowboy.  And let's face it, people, if you don't have a cowboy in your family you're just not living.

We packed up the covered wagon and headed out West, ready for adventure.  And now we'll cut to the chase and get to the pictorial portion of our show.

We saw:
Arrow, the horse, who liked it when we offered him some of the long grass (Auntie L made sure he didn't get any little fingers with his grass).

We watched Uncle K and Grampa W help this little guy be born.  Yup, even Drake the farm dog got in on that action.

It took a while, but we all hung out to watch.  I'm pretty sure the cow didn't mind.

The chickens waited until the action was over to come and inspect the new little one.

Little o spent quality time on Grampy's lap.  He has taken over for LG as Grampy's pen inspector.

And when not inspecting he munched on some toys.

LG met his new best friend, Lightening McQueen, and
harassed the barn cats.  He even helped me
fly a kite when he wasn't swinging with his cousin, K.

All in all it was a fun but
tiring trip.  We were quite happy we were able to help cousin H celebrate her 
First Communion, though.  And we plan to go back soon.

Maybe next time we'll take the boys to see the big

Jayhawk at KU.  He and PB seemed to get along well last time we visited (don't they both look happy?)

Well, that's about it for this trip.  I hope you all had fun (and yes, I did spare you some of the more graphic pictures of the little cow entering the world.  Don't say I don't do nice things for you!)

Have a good day, everyone.  If I can get my act together I'll be back tomorrow to once again Spin about my prom(s).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hidee Ho there neighbors.  It's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  You know, where the UnMom invites us all over for Mojito's and blogging with no segues?  Good times for all.

->  Why are there no shows about accountants?  All sorts of shows about spies, and cops and doctors, but none about accountants.  We're exciting, too.  You know, you'd have all sorts of tension around the copier, and then show them sneaking off to the supply closet.  It could work.  My next ambition in life:  make accounting sexy.   Stop laughing.

->  Ugh.  I'm dying here.  It has gotten warm in Cleveland, finally.  And so the summer outfits are coming out.  I've blogged about this before.  My new employer has far fewer "infractions" of the dress code than my former employer.  However, I've encountered a new problem.  One of the co-workers who has a cube next to mine in the bullpen does not wear pantyhose with her dress shoes.  In the winter, this is not an issue. It's so cold in here either her feet don't sweat or she just keeps her shoes on.  Now that it's warmer, she's taken to slipping off her heels in the afternoon.  And IT STINKS!!!!  Ewwww.  Strong enough that the burlap between us isn't filtering the smell.  My boss has joked about how some of us are old school and always wear pantyhose (read, almost all of us), but she insists that she will never wear them.  I've taken to eating lunch in the board room to avoid it.

->  LG was on a bathing exploratory mission this weekend. On a usual night, we put little o in the tub first, while LG wanders around and plays in the bathroom.  Friday night, LG decided he didn't want to wait.  He took off all his clothes and got in with little o.  We were all a tad shocked (including little o), but it went well.  I think o liked the company.  By the end there was probably more water on the floor than in the tub, but everyone got clean.

Sunday morning I was in the shower.  Otherwise known as the only 10 minutes I get alone in the day.  Suddenly I hear the pitter patter of little bare feet on tile and the shower curtain is ripped open.  "I get in!" he announced.  Luckily (kind of) he had taken off his pajama pants and diaper, so all I had to do was take off his shirt before he got soaked.  Ugh.  There is no refuge anymore.  At least I didn't have to give him a bath, though, right?  He was more than happy to have his hair washed and get scrubbed in the "rain".  But I missed my alone time.  

->  I ordered LG a tricycle this morning.  A study little number that I'm pretty sure is meant for commercial use (I ordered it from a school supply catalog).  It should arrive in about 2 weeks.  I'll throw up some pictures as soon as it arrives.

->  Ever take the time to sit back and appreciate your situation?  I had that opportunity last Thursday.  We have a group that does a pool for various TV shows, with the winner being taken out to lunch by the losers.  The last one was "Survivor".  The co-worker who won decided that he wanted to take advantage of the "3 innings and lunch" deal at the Cleveland Indians game.  For $15, you get into the game and get a $10 lunch voucher.  You don't have to leave after 3 innings, but that's pretty much all you get to see in an hour.  So, there we sat.  All 10 people in the investments group.  In the sunshine, with our hotdogs and peanuts.  This is the shot I sent PB, with the caption, "My boss is sitting next to me."

Really not a bad gig, huh?  After that I worked for a few hours, and went to pick up the kids, who were tired and hungry after a long day of playing outside.  Does it get better than this?

Here's hoping there are more days like that to come.  And that you get to enjoy a few of those, too.  Have a good week, internet.  And go visit Keely.  Bring some mint.  For the Mojito's.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'd rather be... Monday

Monday, glorious Monday.  Yup.  Good old Monday.  Dedicated to the muddy coffee that is served in our office on a regular basis.  Monday.

Today, I'd rather be at work than home with PB and his stomach flu.  I got that over with at the end of last week when it was still rainy.  Poor PB.  It took him completely by surprise (though I'm not quite sure how, since I was a mess at the end of last week).

I'd rather be at work than studying for the CFA exam.  Oh, wait.  My co-workers are at work AND studying for the CFA exam.  Nothing says, "We want you to pass" like people popping into your office every five minutes to ask how it's going, right?

I'd rather be at work than tricycle shopping for LG.  We tried to find him a tricycle this weekend.  I have a pretty big problem paying a lot of money for shoddy construction, though.  I think we're going to ask our school where they got theirs and go that route.  But nothing was more fun than trying to explain why we were leaving a store without any of the many tricycles we made him sit on and ride around the store on.  Yeah, we're fun parents.

So, ok.  What's keeping you behind the desk today?  Oil slick off your coast?  Sick husbeasts?  MIL visiting?  Come on.  Cheer us all up.

And I promise, barring barf, I will spin this week.  Like a top, I tell you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

The purple button is up.  Therefore it must be Tuesday, and time for some Random Thoughts.  You know, where I shake up the magic 8 ball that is my brain and try to dig out some fun for you guys.

To me, nothing says summer like skinny little legs and bare feet.  I love seeing LG and Little o wiggling their toes in the breeze.  LG followed PB around with his play mower and his safety glasses on this weekend.  They mowed the whole yard together.  LG looked hysterical in his short and crocs mowing the yard.  Like a little old man.

We took the boys out to "Big Rig" day at the Rec Center this weekend.  LG liked the fire truck, but LOVED the snow plow.  He spent about 20 minutes talking about snow and the cold and the truck pushing the snow (I'm sure PB is now well versed on what a snow plow does).

Little o, on the other hand, was less than enthralled.  He took the hard hat from the construction worker with a look that clearly said, "This hat indicates that I might do manual labor at some point.  We know that isn't going to happen, right?  I will hold it for my brother, but I will not place it on my head."

I am in love with my Swiffer WetJet.  I got really tired of kneeling down underneath the kitchen table every night after dinner to clean up all the things that didn't make it into LG and little o's mouth.  The wet jet takes care of all that.  Now, don't get me wrong.  This is in no way a substitute for dragging out the mop and bucket and getting the floor really clean, but it does a nice quick job in between actual washings.  My mother is rolling in her grave.  But I'm sure only slightly faster than when she found out that in between dusting with a real cloth and polish, I use a Swiffer duster.  And I don't always move the couch when I do the living room floor (gasp).

I've noticed that my chores fall somewhere in line after all of the fun stuff that we could do, the people we want to visit and PB's chores.  Which is why dusting and laundry get so neglected.  Argh.  PB will inform me that he's going to mow the lawn.  Which means I will watch LG and little o.  But I can't do my chores with the two of them around.  Because nothing says "Pointless" faster than letting a 2 year old "help" do laundry.  He's what I'm trying to wash off those clothes!  I never manage to get out the "I'm going to wash floors today.  Take the boys for a walk." before he gets his stuff in.

"No, no.  O-ie, we don't eat kitty.  Don't put in mouth!  Pat, pat, nice, nice."  My work here is done.

The neighbor kid went to the prom this weekend.  Because we graciously offered our driveway to park their H3 limo, we got to ogle the cute HS kids in their fancy dress.  All the girls were beautiful, all dresses appropriate.  They boys had on enough cologne to fell a horse, but the girls didn't seem to notice over the smell of the Aquanet (do they still use Aquanet?) It was a lot of fun.  The neighbor had cocktails for the parents who came to take pictures.  She mentioned that events like this were the pay off for all of the krappe you have to go through.  A little balance, in the end.

Ok, enough from me.  I have too much krappe to do today to linger.  Have a good week, and go waste some time with the Un Mom.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'd rather be... Monday.

Ahhh, after a nice weekend, it's really hard to think of places I'd rather be than home.  But there are places that would be worse than work.  And since the whole point of "I'd rather be... Monday" is to find those places, here goes:

I'd rather be at work than be one of the engineers trying to figure out what the hell to do about all the oil in the gulf.

I'd rather be at work than behind the desk at the airport when the people stuck under a cloud of volcanic ash find out their flight is canceled.  

I'd rather be at work than trying to figure out what the hell to get the boys teachers for this week. It's teacher appreciation week again.  And while I know 7 out of the 10 pretty well, I have no idea what to get for the younger ones that are there at the end of the day when we pick the boys up.  Not good, I know.

Ok, what's sounding like a worse alternative to you this week?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Spin Cycle- Budget Version

This week's Spin Cycle is all about being thrifty.  How do you stretch a dollar and save a dime?  I used to be quite good at this (it's amazing how you can live on near to nothing when you have to).  Lately, I've been a little remiss with my budgeting.  Sigh.  Ok, let's be honest, lately I've been a little remiss with a lot of things.  2010 might be my "gimme" year.

Anyhow, there are some basic rules I do live by, though.  Mostly pragmatic stuff.  Here they are:

1)  Be honest with yourself.  Know what you are willing to be cheaper about, what you can give up and know when you're telling yourself a lie.  If you know you like ice cream, throw a gallon in the cart on shopping day.  You can have a little each night.  That's far better than getting to the end of the week without a treat and feeling like you "deserve" a treat for being so good.  Then you're apt to take the kids to the Dairy Queen which will cost way more than the 1/2 gallon you skipped at the market.  And if you don't like cheap ice cream, take the plunge and buy the nice kind.  It's your treat, after all.  

The same holds true for your kids.  There are some bargain brands that look and taste the same and some don't.  I'd rather buy the middle priced yogurt at Trader Joe's and know that LG will eat the whole thing, then the cheaper version at the local market where he will eat about 1/2 and not want more.  He doesn't like bargain brand crackers, either.  It doesn't pay to save the 50 cents if it's something no one wants to eat.

2)  Pay attention to what you're doing.  I can't stress this enough.  Don't just buy the cheap dish soap because it's only 99 cents.  Pay attention to how far it goes.  If you use the whole bottle in a week, try the more expensive stuff.  Maybe it will last longer, and be a better value in the end.  I've found this to be true with dish soap, shampoo and regular soap.  

Also pay attention to the effects of your stuff.  I noticed that some bath soaps leave more film on the tub.  Then I end up cleaning the tub a few times a week, forcing me to use more tub cleaner.  Which is a hell of a lot more expensive than just buying the slightly pricier, less filmy bath soap.

3)  Pay attention to the "recommended amount" on the package.  Especially on expensive items like toothpaste or laundry soap.  Most people (read- kids) use way too much.  You're only supposed to use a pea sized amount of tooth paste.  A dime sized amount of shampoo (and use it right- you're supposed to start the lather before it hits your head, it makes it go much further!).  The directions on my front load washer say I'm only supposed to use the HE soap, but the amount for 1 normal load.  The cup that comes on the detergent is 4 loads if you fill it to the top.  I'd be using 4 times the laundry soap if I didn't pay attention to that kind of stuff.

4)  Don't wait until you need something to buy it.  I bought both boys winter jackets for next year just a month or so ago.  Landsend had a huge end of season sale.  I got the two jackets for $30.  Brand new, good quality jackets.  When I got them, I tried them on to make sure they were big on them (hopefully they'll both grow over the summer).  Then I put them away.  For the boys, I have a box for each size.  When they get to that size, I pull out the box.  No worry about forgetting I have something only to buy it again.

I do the same for PB and myself.  If I see a golf shirt on a really good sale on the GAP rack?  I put it away for when PB tells me he has a hole in one of his.  A nice winter sweater on sale at LL Bean in May?  Mine.  If you wait until you need something, it will inevitably be full price and then you either have to suck it up, or buy a bargain brand.  I'd rather buy high quality in the off season, personally.

5)  Sign up for all those silly "clubs".  The Dunkin Donuts Coffee Club, the Starbucks Savers, all that silly stuff.  They often send coupons for either free or seriously discounted stuff.  Then you have a treat for yourself.  Frufru coffee is not in our budget, but if I have a coupon for a free one?  The mocha's on the menu.

6)  Have a back up plan.  We take LG to McDonald's as a huge treat maybe once a month.  But there are definitely nights when we're running around like crazy when it would be really easy to throw a happy meal at him.  Instead, I stock up on Chef Boyardee when it's on sale.  I know, I think it's gross, too.  But PB and LG will eat it happily.  And if I get it for 79 cents a can?  Far cheaper than a trip to the fast food places.  Same goes for PB and I.  Trader Joe's has some pretty decent "ready made" meals for two in their frozen section for less than $5.  $5 is a lot less than we'd pay eating out.

7)  And last, but not least, give freely when you can afford it.  I know times are tough, but somewhere out there they are tougher. It's not enough to just count your blessings.  You can be someone else's blessing. 

And that's about all the advice I can offer.  Head over to see Sprite's Keeper and see how the other folks are living large on less.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Get the hell off my back, please.

Welcome back to the work week people.  It's already Tuesday, so you should be used to your cube again.  The groove in your office chair should feel comfy again (does anyone else have that issue?  You got to work on Monday and you have to break in your backside to your chair again?)  Anyhow.  Read on and then head on over to Keely's and spread the love. 

->  First, women need to get over their Mother's Day angst.  Either you married a great guy (like PB) and he got you prezzies and made you breakfast, all before going to pay homage to his own mother, or you didn't.  If you didn't though, stop complaining.  There must be something to the guy or you wouldn't have married him.  My point is, stop the whining.  Either accept what you've got and move on, or get rid of him.  Don't whine about how he didn't treat  you like a Queen one day a year.  I don't care.

->  We got through last week unscathed.  The boys got 3 nutritious meals, a bath and a good nights rest everyday.  We had one sketchy night of waking up every hour, but it was early on and we recovered nicely.  The house was even clean when PB arrived home on Friday night.  I can't say it was fun, but it wasn't the hellish experience I was prepared for.  And I only threatened to sell LG to the gypsies once or twice.  I did discover some things that PB puts up with that I have no tolerance level for, such as:
       -LG climbing on his back while he gives little o a bath.  What the hell?  I literally had to tell my kid to       get the hell off my back.  Multiple times a night.  What do I look like?  The high dive at the pool?
      -LG taking toys from little o.  Toys that either were never his to begin with, or that he gave up long ago.  "Don't touch your brother's monkey.  I said stop touching his monkey.  LET GO OF HIS MONKEY!!"  My neighbors probably think my kid is  a pervert.

     -  The endless bed time routine.  You get 2 stories and 3 songs on my watch.  Regardless of whether or not your first three were good choices, you get no more.  So stop whining, "Puffy Dragon.  Puuuufffffyyyy  DraaaaggggggonPPPPUUUUUUFFFFFFF."  I don't care if your Father let you choose as many songs as you wish from the Burt Baccarat songbook.  Little o and I are done.

     -Little o's addiction to the Food Network.  Yeah, I'm good with watching Chef v City, and Iron Chef.  But eventually I'm going to change the channel.  Stop crying, Rachel Ray didn't die.  She's just trapped in the magic box.

But these were minor events.  And since PB came home with wonderful prezzies, his inadequacies in the parenting arena are forgiven :)  

->  But MB, what lovely parting gifts did PB bring home?  I'm glad you asked.  I got a beautiful silk scarf, an even more beautiful silk and wool shawl.  Ooooh, luxurious.  Little o got a onsie that looks like the king of the mountain jersey from the Tour De France (which is hands down the best gift that came home!)  And LG got a thingy of the Eiffel Tower.  Apparently, PB didn't realize that Tin Tin is a puppy.  Or he didn't see any Tin Tin stuffs.  Oh, well.  My MIL got some of the most beautiful chocolates I've ever seen.  My FIL got bubkus, but I'm pretty sure he's ok with that. 

->  I read an article last week that has convinced me it is not the end of days.  I know you're relieved.  I know PB is (or at least relieved that I'm not talking about it anymore).  It basically said that every so often it is our planet's natural process to shift krappe around.  You know, like when you get tired of the living room and can't afford a new couch, so you move the one you have to a new location?  That's pretty much what's going on.  All this krappe is happening at once because the underground of the Earth is being remodeled.  It'll settle down eventually.  And if California happens to slip off the map?  Meh, an easy way to get rid of Calpers.

->  Speaking of Unions, I'm frustrated.  For years, people have been trying to find a way to evaluate teachers fairly to get rid of the tenure system.  Because tenure for anyone except college professors is bogus.  Elementary and Secondary teachers don't need this protection.  Tenure was meant to protect professors ability to research and study areas that might be seen as controversial and therefore threaten their jobs.  How does that apply to Elementary and Secondary teachers?  It's nonsense.  So, it should go away.  And for all these years teachers haven't been trying to find a way to fairly evaluate themselves.  They just say, "There isn't a way, we need to keep tenure."  What a load of krappe.  I won't feel bad when states finally say, "We can't afford to keep firing new teachers who are doing a great job because we have to keep older teachers who are just getting by."  And why are good teachers afraid of coming up with a fair system that's NOT based on kids testing results?  You'll only benefit if you come up with a good system.  Don't let the John Q. Public try to do it.  Bah hooey, I say.

Ok,  now that I'm all torqued up, I'm going to go do some real work.  Because I don't have tenure and my boss will fire me if I don't produce...

Go see Keely.  Have a good week, all. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'd Rather Be... Monday

The prodigal husband has returned!  With prezzies for all!  (ok, not all, but those of us who are important at least).  More about that tomorrow.

To the main event, though:

I'd rather be at work than planting stupid trees.  Every year the Arbor Day Foundation sends me 10 baby trees as a "gift" for my donation.  And then I feel the need to put these TINY little trees into big buckets and try to get them to grow (or give them away for someone else to try).  Year #1 we put them directly into the yard.  Bad idea.  The deer used them as toothpicks, I'm pretty sure.  Last year we came up with the bucket idea, and I still have the 6 that lived in buckets on my back porch, trying to figure out where to put the damn things.  This year they sent flowering types, since I checked the "plant my 10 trees in an area in need of reforestation" box.  They ignored my box.  And now I have baby trees in my fridge.  Argh.

I'd rather be at work than trying to re-schedule my trip abroad that has been ruined by a gigantic, ever changing ash cloud.  My SIL and MIL had their flight over to Ireland canceled due to the volcano.  They've spent all morning trying to figure out what happens now.  What was supposed to be a great mother daughter trip is turning into a logistics nightmare.  

Apparently, a few of my co-workers would have rather been at work yesterday than negotiating their mother's day nightmares.  One, specifically, said he was trying to navigate between his mother and his mother in law, when his wife finally put her foot down and reminded him that she was the mother of his children and wanted a say in what they did, too.  Uhm, the man's doing the best that he can trying to make his Mom and your Mom happy. Cut him some slack, huh?

Anyhow, there's no avoiding the Monday, so let me know what's cooking on your end.  What misery did the alarm clock end for you this morning?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Spin

Being a Mom is all about the Spin, now isn't it?  This week's Spin Cycle is "Mother's Day"- how do you celebrate?  

We celebrate Mother's Day the way we celebrate all other holidays.  With some sort of token gift and a mid day meal with my in-laws.  No big deal.  

I'll admit that I don't really care much about Mother's Day.  Which is weird for me.  Normally, I love a good holiday.  Throw up some decorations, make a cake.  This one just doesn't do it for me, though.  PB was brought up in a family where it was pretty darn important, though, so he does well by me.  Maybe that's why I don't make a big deal.  Because I don't have to (the boys will get me a tree to put out in the yard whether I ask for it or not).

It's more than that, though.  I don't want my boys to think of me as someone they need to pay homage to any day of the year.  A domestic goddess that's taken care of them for all of their lives.  I don't want my daughter in laws to ever think they could never live up to the standards of their husband's Mom.  I don't want them to clean up their kids, and put on their Sunday best in hopes of appeasing me.  My kids owe me nothing.  I do what I do for them because I want to.  Because I love them.  Yeah, I know it sounds like drivel, but it's true.  

I think in some ways we all take after our own Moms.  My Mom didn't make a big deal.  We never feared what would happen if we didn't get the right gift, or we didn't take Mom out to dinner.  I'm pretty sure she cooked more than one meal on Mother's Day, and she didn't care.  She loved anything we made for her or gave her.  Just like she did every other day of the year.  She was just happy to be with us.

Anyhow, I won't be upset if I don't get anything on Sunday.  If we manage to get to my SILs in one piece, and I can remember to pick up my MILs favorite chocolates, I'll be happy.  But I still want a Kindle for my birthday.

Anyhow, Happy Mother's Day to everyone.  If you're a new Mom, an expecting Mom, Mom to you pet, or a Dad posing as a Mom.  If you have one kid, or ten, Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RTT- let the suck continue...

I'll admit, I wasn't going to post today because this week has sucked so far.  But then I thought, meh, why keep the suck all to myself?  Why not share it with the world at large?  So here you go internets, take my random, please.  No, seriously. (if you don't get the Henny Youngman joke, I apologize)

->  A thought occurred to me on the drive home yesterday.  Do you ever feel like krappe happens all in spurts?  When you might get overwhelmed but somehow make it through?  I've decided that's God's way of giving us a coping mechanism.  So many things need attention that you don't have any time to focus on any of them.  For instance:

Friday we drop PB's truck at the mechanic in nowheresville because it's leaking power steering fluid.  No problem, he'll be in France for a week.  He won't need his truck.

Friday night my station wagon mysteriously dies.  Ha, ha.  Now I have to borrow a car from the dealer and try to figure out how the hell I'm going to get mine back while PB is out of town.  Oh, and how we're going to pay for two cars to get repaired at the same time.  And who's going to help me re-install the car seats (since I'm the idiot that didn't learn how when it wasn't important).

PB is out of town, so I have the boys all to myself.  Normally this would worry me, but I don't have a spare moment for that!

Today, my boss' boss has decided the he's not sure I should be reporting to my boss.  Maybe I need to report to him.  No, please.  Just no.  It's not a compliment, it's a level of hell.  Because I needed more to think about?

We've stopped giving little o all but one of his medicines, and we're supposed to be monitoring his reaction.  So far, no reaction.  Whew.  

So you see?  I can't possibly dwell on any of the it, there's just too much!

->  Single Moms need far more credit than they get.  I feel like Vishnu this week, with arms everywhere.  It's not having to do all the little things by myself that is killing me, though.  It's that I'm used to talking to PB at night, and now my only company is someone who just learned to put together sentences with more than 3 words.  It's more of a sanity thing than a "I need help" thing.  Credit to LG for being a trouper so far, though.  He's only tried to run his little brother over with a tractor twice so far.

->  I have a slight dilemma.  A good friend of mine recently passed away.  I didn't take this well, at all.  This person was quite sick the whole time we were friends (8 or so years), but I don't think any of our group of friends ever thought she would die.  She just always seemed so full of life, and able to take whatever came along.  It makes me sadder than I can express that she's not around any more.  However, that's not my dilemma.  Her husband has since tried to friend me on Facebook.  I don't know her husband well, though I've met him a few times.  He's a nice guy, but from a brief look at his page, it's basically now a memorial.  And that just makes me sad.  I haven't responded to his request because I'm not sure I want to.  He lives back in NY, so I'll never see him again.  I don't really know him, and I don't want to be constantly reminded that my friend is gone.  But am I being rude and hurtful?  He's obviously reaching out after his loss.  Argh, I hate social networking sites.  They put you in situations that would never occur naturally.

->  On to something more positive.  Have you heard the new version of the song, "Lover, lover" by Jerrod Neiman?  I don't know how to do the YouTube picture in my blog thing, so here's the link:

It's going to be my favorite song of the summer, I think.  I've found myself grooving out to it every time it comes on the radio.  I'll admit that I turned it up and tuned out my toddler for those 4 minutes last night.  (no worries, he was repeating the same damn sentence when I tuned back in 4 minutes later.  I still don't have any idea what he was saying).  And it doesn't hurt that Jerrod's a little bit cute.  I'm just saying.

->  I don't usually pay attention to what's in the background of my pictures.  I focus on the object of the picture.  So I was a little thrown when a friend commented that she liked the way PB remodeled our living room.  I was thrown because she's not been over to visit since the remodel, how the hell did she know?  Oh, yeah.  It's in the back ground of almost every picture I've taken recently.  Along with the mess that we call our home.  Now I'm slightly embarrassed.  Oops.

For instance, this one from this morning where you can see that I didn't make the boys put away their blocks last night.  ( I know.  You're so taken by little o that you didn't notice the blocks at all, did you?  Some people do, though.)

Or this one from this morning where you might notice that there are shoes every where and a truck that hasn't been put away.  Hm, maybe I should start cropping my pictures?  And if you're wondering why LG is sticking his tongue out its' because he's focusing on walking in 3 inch heels.  He's getting much better.

That feels better.  Now I can go on with the week knowing it's not so bad.  (Well, ok, the job thing is, but I'm trying not to think about that...)

If you only check in on Tuesdays, then Happy Mother's Day to you.  And we'll see you next time you stop by the Badger's Den.  Have a good week all.  Oh, and go visit Keely over at the Un-Mom. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'd Rather Be... Monday.

Ahhh, it's Monday again.  The day some people dread, but others relish.  You either want your weekend to go on and on, or you want the stability and regiment that is your day to day job.

Today's I'd rather be Monday is brought to you by the letter T.  T, which begins words like:

Transatlantic flight
Trader Joe's

Which leads to my "I'd rather be..."

->  I'd rather be at work than wrestling any meal into my two year old.  

->  I'd rather be at work than doing last minute shopping for dress clothes for a man who has resisted these purchases for YEARS.  Trying to get PB to understand that there are shirts meant to be worn with a suit, and shirts meant to be worn with just a tie or blazer was almost impossible.  I nearly killed me.  But it's over, and he's in France stunning people with his new ties.

Ok, I'm off to go be a good mindless worker.  Wish me luck this week.  I'm just shooting for more hugs than meltdowns.  We'll see what I get, eh?  97 hours until PBs plane touches down in Cleveland, but who's counting?