Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday.  Yes, I just verified it is, in fact, the 2nd day of the workweek.  Time to gather up the ducks, fluff up their tail feathers and get them all in a mental row for you guys.  When you're done perusing my legion of confusing thoughts, go see Keely.  She'll make you have faith in the world again.

->  Any one else thinking "end of days" thoughts?  I'm not a big believer in that kind of thinking, but all the earth quakes and plane crashes and mine explosions had me thinking the other night, is someone trying to send us a REALLY BIG MESSAGE that we're all ignoring?  Meh, I hit snooze and went back to dreaming about Rob Lowe and bacon.

->  PB and I were driving down a suburban street the other day when we both watched a "large" man shut his trunk with his gut.  No hands, I swear.  I looked at PB and said, "If I ever get lazy enough to use my fat as an appendage, please lock me up and throw away the key."  All he could say was, "You saw that too, huh?"

->Little o can now say, "Dada".  As usual, what starts out cute ends up annoying.  It was fun when he first starting "talking".  Now I don't have a single moment of the day when someone isn't directing their verbal spew at me.  Great.  I shall now start resenting all of my children's milestones.

->  I was watching "Snow White" the other day.  And it occured to me, at what age is it appropriate to check out your boss' daughter?  Think about it.  In order for the mirror to decide who was fairest, he had to be checking Snow White out.  Was he checking her out all along, and suddenly he decided, "Yup, she's 16.  I can officially call it like it is now." ?  Or was it more of a, "Holy krappe.  When did Snow get so hot?"  At no time did I try to name all the dwarfs.  Ever.

->  Much to Jan's unhappiness, I'm going to talk about a TV show.  When you get a chance, Google "RuPaul's Drag Race".  Watch an episode.  Holy cows, that's funny stuff.  

->  Funniest moment in little o's history.  I was in the grocery store with him the other day, and he was giggling his little head off.  I couldn't figure out why.  After a sudden burst of happiness, I turned around.  To find a really big, muchly tattooed biker standing over my head making faces at the baby.  It was hysterical.  He'd been following me for aisles and I hadn't noticed at all.  He was in love with the little guy.  Little o has this effect on high school boys, too.  Nothing is better than finding a random person that you think wouldn't like babies at all falling all over a kid.  It must be the chubby cheeks and infectious smile.  LG might rule the world one day, but little o will be his front man.

->  I finally gave in the other night and got LG his own dish of ice cream.  You'd think I'd given him the Hope Diamond.  He had his finished long before PB and I were done with ours.  And now we realize that our best diet plan was unknown to us.  He'd been eating most of our ice cream for us.  Now I might have to share with PB, or we'll both be on the Jenny Craig before you know it.

->  I am becoming an infomercial believer.  First it was the Magic Brownie Pan.  Now it's Space Bags.  I'm a convert.  No more plastic bins of little boy clothes taking up every closet.  Now they're all swished down into nice little bags that fit neatly on the shelves on the closets.  Amazing.  Billy Mays, I worship at your late night feet.

->  They shall no longer be called the "Terrible Twos" in our house.  They will be known as the "OMG, how the hell does any child live to see the age of 18 if they're all like this"???  Yeah, fun for the whole family.

Ok, I'm all out of random.  Go over to the Un-Mom now and don't tell her I sent you.


Jan said...

No, no - I just object to blogs devoting ENTIRE posts to blow-by-blow descriptions of shows like Lost or The Bachelor or - worse yet - a note-by-screeching-note analysis of American Idol. Saying "You should watch this - it is hilarious" is fine - better than fine, actually, especially coming from you. :D

And you make me want to see pictures of LG and little o, smiling. Throwing in a pic of the biker guy making goo-goo faces at him would just be a bonus.

VandyJ said...

We at our house are ice cream selfish and only eat it after little boys bed times. Otherwise we wouldn't get any.

only a movie said...

I've actually seen that show! It is hysterical.

I'm sure your children will rule the world w/ their cuteness.

I don't know about any end of the world thing, but I'm sure the conspiracy theory people are having fun w/ this year. ack.

gretchen said...

1. Earthquakes - Bad.
2. Fat as appendage - Bad.
3. Dada - Sweet.
4. Snow White - Creepy.
5. RuPaul's Drag Race - Brilliant.
6. Little o and biker - Hysterical.
7. Sharing with child as diet plan - Also brilliant.
8. Space Bags - Hmmm.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

He shut the trunk with his gut?? EEWWW. And the Snow White thing too. I hate to think about the way some men look at my daughters. But they'll live, right? Yeah, they're all that obnoxious and IT IS A MIRACLE they live to 18. Actually, it doesn't end there. Some days, the 19 and 22 year old are in danger of not living if they're too close to me...
I think I need to see litte o. I want to make him laugh!

Mrsbear said...

My tween is currently a little freaked about the frequency of earthquakes and natural disasters of late. All I tell her is that people for centuries have been predicting the end of days. We're still here right? What I don't tell her is that IF Florida got submerged by an enormous tidal wave there's not much we could do about it anyway, so why worry right?

Babies. Delicious.

Sprite's Keeper said...

o's ode to Dada will now get you out of a lot. "He wants you, PB."
Sometimes I like when Sprite favors Daddy.

Captain Dumbass said...

Rob Lowe and bacon, awesome. Well, the bacon part anyway.

Heather said...

Love the tattooed biker making little O laugh.

End of the world, has crossed my mind a time or two.

Love space bags, although the can be a bit heavy. I put on very large blanket in one of the jumbos and could hardly lift it.

Jason, as himself said...

I love the bit about the big tattooed biker guy playing with your little one! So fun.

I also loved your comment today on The Jason Show, "Make him get his own!" Funny stuff. Thanks for your words of support.

correspondent said...

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