Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spin Cycle- Deja what the hell just happened here?

Time again for "The Spin Cycle" (cue Twilight Zone music here)- where you only think you know what the hell I'm talking about.  When I've befuddled you enough, go see Sprite's Keeper, and see what ghosts haunt her dreams at night...

I am a complete humbug about the paranormal.  I don't believe in any of it.  Ghosts, the sixth sense, fortunes, any of that schtuffs.

Last week I was watching that silly Ghost Hunter show (I didn't know where the remote was and was too lazy to put little o down to change the channel manually.  Shut up.)  PB came in, sat down and watched for about another 10 minutes.  At which point this coversation happened,

"Ghosts?  I never knew you believed in ghosts."

"I don't."

"So, this is as stupid to you as it is to me?"

"What the fact that the keep claiming to hear and see things that the camera isn't catching?  That they're acting like they're all alone and frightened when we all know that there's a camera crew standing behind them?  Yeah, it's pretty stupid.  I want popcorn."

"I'll find the remote and take O.  You make popcorn."

See, I don't get it.  There are logical explanations for almost all the "paranormal" things people experience.  It just seems silly to me.   And if it is real, shows like this one would make any sane ghost turn to the dark side (though this one was supposed to be set in an asylum in Pennsylvania, so maybe it was the insane ghosts trying to get messages through ineffectively?)

As for that "sixth sense", to me it's common sense.  Two year old playing quietly in the other room?  Look for the scissors and the cat, quick.  That's not extra sensory perception.  That's taking a second to think about reality.  It's like the "don't go down in the basement" rule.  It's not ESP to know that monsters hide in the basement.  It's common knowledge that seems to elude most blond horror flick chicks.  People who have "ESP"  just pay closer attention that the rest of us, I think.

When I heard weird noises in the basement?  I immediately wondered what was trying to burrow into the house, not if someone died in it 100 years ago and wanted my attention.  Never once have I thought my parents stuck around to try to get a message to me (though on occasion I imagine my Mom laughing at my me when LG is being particularly surly).

I have been known to have my palm or tarot read at a Renaissance Faire or two, but that's more for the experience than the information provided.  (Oh, and if I live past 60?  I'm going to find the palm reader and ask for a refund).

And I'm not too big to admit that I've experienced deja` vu.  That sense that I've done something before and I know I haven't.  I chalk that up to my own insanity, though.  My mind isn't above screwing with me just for fun.  It does get bored from lack of use, after all. 

Here's my caveat, though (no fine print required).  If I lived 100 years ago, I would totally believe all this stuff.  Ghosts, ESP, all of it.  But the minute science stepped in and starting disproving most of it?  I was done.  Even the stuff we can't explain right now?  Give it another 100 years.  Fewer and fewer mysteries.

But, by all means, if you believe in this stuff, I support you 100%.  Maybe I'm just not in tune to my inner scarf and patchouli wearing swami feelings or something.  Don't give me dirty looks if I giggle at your seance, though.  I just showed up for the free wine.


VandyJ said...

I don't get the ghost shows either. They never prove anything. I've felt deja vu but think I have an active imagination that dreams those situations. Intuition or gut feelings, yep I've had those but hard core ESP and telepathy-no way.

Captain Dumbass said...

My MIL blames everything on ghosts and keeps every light in the house on all day. Whatevs. If there really were ghosts, don't you think they'd find better places to haunt?

ESP? Well, I'm sure there's a lot that 80% of our brain we don't use can do, but somehow I don't think the Psychic Friends hotline is tapped into that.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Here's what I don't get: Why didn't PB make the popcorn? :-)
You're linked!

only a movie said...

I hate all of those ghosty shows. I hate all the melodrama that goes with anything remotely paranormal. It's so unnecessary.
That's why it's hard for me to talk about any of my stuff, because of all the mystique that goes with it. Really more than annoying.
So even though I am a true believe, I am totally with you on this spin!

only a movie said...

Also? I want popcorn.

SuziCate said...

Why is the term "esp" not used these days...the term alone used to freak me out as a kid. And coincidences totally did me in. I've always called them coincidences, but apparently many of my friends have other beliefs...I'm still on the fence. But then again, I'm usually in a state of confusion! But things that are not explained more or less scare me rather than my having total disbelief in them...wish I could shrug them off as easily as you.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I watch Ghost Whisperer purely for the entertainment factor (and because I love Jennifer Love Hewitt) than I do for the 'real' factor because I don't believe in that stuff.

Being intuitive or having déjà vu? That I can wrap my brain around because I do experience those sorts of things. I do agree that common sense and intuition can pretty much be one and the same - which means my hubby's definitely not intuitive because he has no common sense! ;)

Can you pass the popcorn, please? :)

Jan said...

"People who have "ESP" just pay closer attention that the rest of us, I think."

"Even the stuff we can't explain right now? Give it another 100 years. Fewer and fewer mysteries."


See? This is on of the many reasons why Mama Badger = One of Jan's All Time Favorite Bloggers

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I laugh my ass off at that Ghost Busters Show; I can't even watch it. Wait; I hear a noise...

Frogs in my formula said...

I'm married to a ghostbuster and I'm a complete realist about ghosts and what not. I'm always trying to debunk his claims. He loves it.

As for Ghost Hunters, it's the same show every time. Cue dramatic lights and fast cut-aways. Come on. Show us the goods if you've got 'em!