Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It really is Tuesday, isn't it?  Well, you know what to do.  Put on your tinfoil hat, gather up your random and head on over to Keely's.  She's having some plumbing issues, so you might want to make a trip to the potty first.

->  Ok, because you asked, I will rant on the pre-school kid thing.  First, in the name of fairness, here's the article I read:  http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=133945&catid=339

It basically says that a preschooler is being denied entrance into the local Catholic kindergarten because his parents are lesbians.  He's not being asked to leave the pre-school, just not invited back next year.

Most of you will think that I'm about to say something nasty and snide about the Catholic Church now, but nope, I'm not.  I'm actually thinking they're right about this.  And it's completely fair for them to do this (as it is fair for them to deny benefits to the partners of same sex employees). 

I have three problems with the whole situation.

1)  They're a private school.  They can do whatever they want to achieve the educational goals they set forth. 

2)  Why is ok to be gay, but not ok to be Catholic?  If it's ok to be different, why is one side right and the other side wrong.  When did we stop thinking people could be different and start posing political judgements on people's religious beliefs.  They're not hurting anyone, they just don't want the responsibility of educating a little boy.  They're trying to do what they believe is morally right. 

Last time we let people persecute others based on religious beliefs, oh, wait.  It wasn't Nazi Germany, it was right here in America with the Muslims.  Damn, and we thought we had learned a lesson and were all sort of superior...

Here's a link to the priest's blog where he talks about the decision:


3)  Why the hell would you put your little kid in the middle of this?  The parents know that the Catholic church doesn't support gay unions.  Why would you send your kid to a Catholic school (especially in a town that has a lot of good private schools that aren't religious) if you're gay?  Seems to me like the parents might want to pick this fight.  

I don't even know why this bothers me so much.  The stance on homosexuality is one of the things I don't like about the Catholic Church.  But it really irks me that it has become the social norm to see religion (especially Christianity and Muslim) as a negative political force that needs to be brought to justice.

See, this is why I didn't want to talk about it last week.  Look at all the space it took up?  And now you're either pissed at me, or pissed at the situation, right?  Argh.  I apologize.

 Now we're just going to take the Segue to things that are much more random:

->  On occasion, my kid amazes me.  Really just blows my mind.  This weekend we went to see the buzzards in Hinkley, Ohio (come back Thursday if you want to see pictures.)  On the trip home, as we all slouched lazily in our seats, he started to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  All the words.  Clearly.  No mistakes, no gaps.  I've never actually heard him sing a real song before.  Tidbits and lines, sure, but a whole song, beginning to end?  Never.  By the hundreth time (did I mention he didn't stop?), it was a whole lot less cute, but still impressive.  Come on, he's two.  He barely speaks in full sentences.

->  I'd tell you what little o is up to, but his godparents are coming to dinner tonight and he needs to have some new tricks to show them.  You know, to prove his worth and all.

->I have a commenter that keeps trying to guess little o's name.  I'm pretty sure it's the same person, but they sign on anonymously.  I always delete their comment, lest some one else get any ideas.  The funny thing?  They still haven't gotten it right.  7 months later, still haven't guessed it.  Unless they're playing tricks with my head.  Completely possible.

->  I don't do product endorsement, but when a company really comes through, I feel the need to tell everyone I know.  The people at SkipHop are heros in my book.  LG's monkey backpack sustained an injury at school (sorry, I can't find a picture of it right now).  Anyhoodle, it lost one of the buttons that are supposed to be it's nose.  And for a week, LG would point to the backpack and say, "Monkey hurt.  Ouchie Monkey.  Bandaid?"  It was so sad.  So, I did what any idiot mother would do, and called to see if they had a replacement button I could put on.  The customer service lady said she wasn't sure what they could do, but send her a picture so she could see it.  Three days later, a completely new monkey came in the mail.  Didn't have to pay, didn't have to send back the old one.  Just gave me a new one.  How wonderful is that?  Really, if you're looking for a quality school bag for the kids, or a great diaper bag, they are the folks to turn to.

Come back Thursday.  I'm going to throw up some pictures of the buzzards and we'll all have a good time.  For now, go see Keely and have some more random.  That's what Tuesday's for, after all.


Jamie said...

I am in utter and complete agreement.

The Man Cub has been trying to sing "Rockabye Baby". So stinkin' cute and impressive.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Okay - the anonymous commenter insisting on guessing little o's name would kind of creep me out.

I break all the blogging rules. I use my kids' real names and constantly post their coordinates in case a kidnapper wants to pick them up. So far, no takers.

Have a great Tuesday!

Jan said...

When I first heard about the whole thing with them denying the kids to re-enroll in the school next year, the first thing I felt was indignation. Then, after I thought about it for a bit, I came to the same conclusion you did: it's a private school, they can deny admission to anyone they want. And yes, the parents seem a wee bit wonky for sticking their kids in a school that feels their way of life is a sin. Are they trying to make a point?

My step-daughter called us, all excited because The G Man said his first word: Dada. I don't think she appreciated it when I told her that's the first thing EVERY baby says. Except The Young One - the first thing he ever said was "NO!"

only a movie said...

I'm kinda with you on the preschool thing. Why is everyone looking for an argument (specially this week) (Ack).

And anonymous commenters sort of freak me out.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Unfortnately I don't know enough about the situation but if their concern is sending their child to the best school availalbe and this is just one of a few quality private schools, the others not having such rules, one would begin to wonder what their motives are. I agree with you and think putting the kid in the middle of this is a bag of bull crap.

Frogs in my formula said...

7 months of guessing is a long time. Goodness--they have stamina! I don't use my kid's real name (who'd name their kid "Junior"?) but sometimes I worry I'll slip.

Jeanne said...

Came over because I saw your perceptive comment over at Jan's Sushi Bar and I thought, "I'd like to know her better."

And if you take the time to go read my post from Friday, you'll understand why that's all I'll say. I don't know if I agree with you or not, but I do know this is a topic that is too close to home for me to be logical about.

Sprite's Keeper said...

This is actually the first time I've read the article (my rock is warm), but WHOA.
Why guess little o's name? It's o. We've known that forever. Move on, anonymous!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Why would someone want their kid in a Catholic school if they didn't believe in their schpiel? That would be why, altho when I go to a church, it's a Catholic church, my kids were not in Catholic school. Altho you'd think the church would feel like they could be a "moral compass" in this "poor" kid's life...
As always, I admire your bravery in saying how you feel!

Captain Dumbass said...

My little one never sings and all of sudden this week he's singing a song about a fish. Now I keep making him do it.

gretchen said...

Thank you for speaking up about an actual "issue". I'm always so hesitant to talk politics. I'm afraid I'm a mass of contraditions. I'm heavily pro-gay marriage. That said, I'm also Catholic, and my son goes to a Catholic school. Mostly because the public schools in LA are crappy. But I've been lucky to have found a Catholic church that is run by Jesuits, and is really loosy-goosy. Very open. We have a huge Gay-Lesbian Ministry. I know lots of gay Catholics. It's an interesting dichotomy. And I totally agree with you that it's cruel of the parents to deliberately stick their kid in a school where they would be subjected to this issue. Were they trying to "make a statement"? Crummy to put your kid in this position. Here in LA there are LOTS of uber left-leaning school options for gay parents.

Heather said...

Hmmm..I just don't know. I was just thinking, why should this little boy be penilized for his parents life-style decisions. I mean..I could understand the boy getting kicked out for being a bad kid or for causing problems, but not for what goes on at home.

I would hate to be judged by MY parents actions.

Then again you are right, it was very brazen of his parents to put him in this situation.

That was really cool for that company to do that. I bet O was happy.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Why is someone trying to find out your child's name? That's weird.

Also, I agree with you on the other issue. . .sounds to me like those moms might have been trying to pick a fight. If they are Catholic, that is one thing, but it does seem weird to me that they expected the school to adapt to them.

At the same time, maybe the school should have take the approach that "these are your parents and God loves them no matter what. . ." and left the whole thing out of the educational process. Hmmm...really hard thing to deal with.

blueviolet said...

Ok, it's Thursday and there are no buzzards. LOL

Maybe you should disallow anonymous and that will be the end of the little o guesses. I mean if you have to delete them anyhow, it would save you the trouble.

You're right about private schools having the right to do whatever they want. Yeah, it stinks sometimes, but when they're private...what ya gonna do?

Mrsbear said...

When you first started your debate, I kinda thought ??? But I agree, why enroll your child in a Catholic school, if you know their principles don't match your own.

The anonymous commenter would irk me a bit too.

And getting a free bag is a really sweet response to you asking for a button replacement. I'll have to check them out.