Friday, February 5, 2010

Spin Cycle- Pet Peeves

This week's topic for Spinning fun is Pet Peeves. You know, the little things that don't mean a lot, but get your panties into a bunch. Things that are hardly worth mentioning, forget arguing over, but drive you up a wall? Yeah, those things. Uhm, I have a few. And now I shall make a list of them:

1) People who act like it is a huge inconvenience for them to do THEIR JOB. You know, the clerk who's busy talking and doesn't want to go check for a size. The not so helpful help desk person on the other end of the phone. Sorry, you're getting paid to do what I'm asking you to do. Leave the attitude at home (with your Blackberry with Facebook, Twitter and all that krappe on it).

2) Listening to people chew. I've got nothing on this one. I have no idea why it gets my hackles up. But those commercials that make a point of crunching so that you know how their food product "sounds" (think the Kit Kat commercial, or the new Pace Salsa commercial). I'm so bad that PB can't even eat peanuts close to me (I know, who knew peanuts made that much noise?)

3) Half empty soda cans. The funny thing about this one is that I am a culprit as often as I'm a victim. But they frustrate me. I hate to waste something that has skyrocketed in cost over the last few years.

4) The fact that PB doesn't tidy up after himself in a reasonable time frame. I hate the way our house ends up looking like a bomb hit it two days after we do a major clean up. Or that there are dishes in the sink when we go to bed at night.

5) When you order something at a restaurant and it doesn't end up being what you thought it would be. The salad with a weird dressing, or just not what you imagine. But you poke at it, and nibble on it, but you're completely disappointed and you still have to pay for it.

6) People who hold tightly to a belief long after it's been disproved. No, I'm not talking about evolution vs. creationism. This week it's the great vaccination debate. I'm sorry, but clearly the theory that vaccines cause autism has been debunked. The originators (most of them) have retracted their "proof" and those that haven't have been discredited. No, it's not big pharmaceutical companies trying to silence "the man", it was "the man" telling outright lies and skewing his testing. He failed himself. Now, give up the ghost and get your kids some shots, for god sakes. Because, I swear, if one of my kids gets Polio from your kid? I'll be at your front door with a baseball bat.

Hmmm, right now that's about it. I'm sure there are other things that bother me, but these are the only ones that get hit on with any consistency.

However, lately, I've realized I have some anti-pet peeves. Things that make me really happy.

1) When my MIL or SIL call because they see a sale or found a coupon that they think I'd be interested in. All of the savings without any of the work.

2) o sleeping better, and as a result, PB growing less grouchy. Whew, thought that would never happen.

3) Supportive fellow bloggers. You guys rock. You're great with advice and reassurance. And you laugh at my jokes most of the time.

4) Chuck is back!!! On Monday night. And we have TIVO for the nights when we can't watch. Can I have a woot woot?

5) I am slowly creeping back into all my fancy dress clothes for work! Thank god. I came back to work with 2 pairs of pants and 1 skirt that fit (and those had to be purchased). I'm slowly working back into my old clothes. Yippee! Because I'm pretty sure my co-workers are tired of it, too.

Now I feel like I've balanced all the negative with some positive. A ying and yang sort of thing. And now I shall go read my book before my Tuesday bookclub. So that it doesn't degenerate into "I just go to get away from my kids"...

Have a good weekend! MB


Sprite's Keeper said...

John is unpredictable when it comes to cleaning. Sometimes, he'll get in there and attack the ceiling fan with the vacuum, he's that thorough. Other times, he'll tidy up the obvious stuff and consider it a job well done and worthy of praise.
I'll deal. I love your peeves and share a majority of them, especially 1 and 2.
You're linked!

Jan said...

Ah, Jen - I think your John is my doppelganger, because that is completely my approach to housework - either do it with such thoroughness it's absurd, or surface clean only. We can't help it; it's just the way we're wired.

Mama Badger, I am SO with you on #1. We deal with the retail industry - high-end apparel retailers, mostly - and nothing makes both Beloved and me more foaming-at-the-mouth rabidly angry than bad service. It is what you are HERE for - DO IT, and DO IT WELL. Beloved's been known to say to clerks who are "too busy" doing something else, "I guess you don't care about taking my money - I think I'll go tell your manager."

Jamie said...

Yeah Chuck! Woot Woot! Such an hour of awesomeness.

Oh, I am totally John too. I am scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush or just throughing everything in a cabinet. No in-between mode.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I love that you juxtaposed your peeves with things that make you happy!

only a movie said...

Other half is meticulous with his cleaning. Yet another reason why we don't live in the same house.

I am also quick to get pissed off with bad customer service...

Great spin.

Anonymous said...

OOOh I love how you end on a good note.

I'll agree with everything and will join you with your baseball bat. I mean come on.

Congtrats on the clothes...

Captain Dumbass said...

Number one in the peeves drives me nuts. If it's so much of an inconvenience for you maybe you should quit so you can get back to whatever you're missing.

Bano said...

OMG - The half empty soda cans! Even though Mr. Clean is...well, clean, he somehow ALWAYS leaves half a can of diet Mt. Dew in my car on Sundays (our grocery shopping day). Then on Monday morning, there it is, staring me down.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I'm so there with you on one and four! And I love your Yin and Yang, how very positive!

Ginger@When Ginger snaps... said...

I like your second list of anti-peeves. Very nice idea, and I wish I had thought of it!

I could have used your number one peeve as mu topic, as well. I HATE it when store clerks get an attitude about helping me, or worse, ignore me when I'm standing right there!

I have a story about trying to buy sandals in Key West form a woman I refer to as "the shoe natzi." I'll have to post that one sometime!

gretchen said...

Man, I'm in total concordance! My husband is a major culprit with three of them. He's a gum smacker, aarrgh, which is the chewing thing gone haywire, he drinks exactly half of every beverage he ever opens/pours for himself. Drives me nuts! I actually decided once to save up all his half-consumed beverages for a week, and filled several liter bottles with a really nasty blend of his liquids. AND he is a terrible tidier, just leaves a tornado of rubble in his wake.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yes, I agree with those folks who are at work but act like you are inconveniencing them. Hello, hon''s your job. Hang up the phone, stop flirting with your co-worker, whatever, and wait on me. Then you can go back to whatever it was you were doing that was so important.