Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday all over again. You'd think once in a while it would take a vacation? But no, always there, on the job right after Monday. Rats.

-> Today's post was almost a rant about those blindly patriotic e-mails that say "Buy American" or "Don't give money to Haiti". I had the thing all written. Then I read it. And I realized I can't even post about that krappe. It just annoys me beyond compare. So, do me a favor, don't send me those e-mail. Because I'm going to buy the best product for the best price. That's how our economy works. And I'm going to give to whom ever I damn well please. Because it's my money. If I want advice I'll go ask my financial guy. Not you. Go away.

-> 2 year olds? Get much better prezzies than 1 year olds. Seriously. The cars are more fun, the puzzles are more fun. LG's birthday was quite a windfall of fun stuffs. What does he want to do, though? Walk around with his new phone and his Mardi Gras beads and call Grammie. Ignore the puzzles and trucks and cars and Leggos. Just give him the phone, he and Grammie need to talk.

-> To the man I almost hit with my car last night: If you insist on going out jogging in the dark, in a snowstorm, while wearing black and white? Stay on the damn sidewalk. That's why we shovel them.

-> Little wagon just rolled 100,000 miles. Sniff. We took it out for ice cream to celebrate. Ok, PB and I got ice cream. Little wagon just took us there. But it did it with pride and love. Yeah. Pride and love. And I didn't feel at all bad for looking at new cars yesterday when I dropped it off for servicing. Because little wagon knows me. And it knows that a purchase of that size and magnitude in my life will take about 3 years of research. So, little wagon feels fairly secure that it's not going anywhere soon.

-> I find it oddly amusing that Vancouver has no snow right now, but Washington DC had to close the airport.

-> LG has a busier calendar than I do. This month he has some doctor appts, a play date, a few parties to attend. Me? Nothing.

-> It finally occurred to me why I really didn't want to have a party for my 2 year old. Because if you invite other two year olds, you have to assume their parents will come. Otherwise you'd spend the whole time changing other kids diapers and wiping up their snotty noses. You'd end up being "daycare" for about two hours. Now, if their parents come, you may or may not really know those people. In our case, I know the other school parents well enough to say "Hello" at the grocery store, or ask how they're doing, but certainly not well enough to chat for 2 hours. Which I would be forced to do at this party. Yuck. And you just know I'd do something that would make them gasp. Like serve cocktails (because any event with that many small children requires hard liquor, people).

-> One of our friends commented as LG's party winded down and the kids changed into their jammies that they thought they remembered my nieces sleeper from LG last year. Yup, same one. We had borrowed if from her older brother (who may or may not have been its first owner). It's one of the fun things our family can do. You look at what your nieces and nephews are wearing and say, "I remember when XXX wore that dress/sweater/sleeper. Still looks good!" Does your family do that? We almost honor our hand me downs. You should feel privileged to wear the same thing your cousins broke in for you. Yeah. That's it.

Ok, it's getting late in the day and I need to get back to work. Go visit Keely and the other random bloggers. And remember to each your vegetable.


VandyJ said...

Hand me downs are awesome. Second hand is pretty cool too. Happy Tuesday!(At least it's not Monday, too bad it's not Friday.)

CaJoh said...

Stopping by from the Un Mom…

I think our car is going to hit 200000 sometime soon. My wife has been pretty sentimental towards it since it is the first car she made all the payments on. Lately we've been taking it to the shop WAY to often and she may be less sentimental about getting a new car. Keep your fingers crossed about that one.

Jan said...

Well, see, LG didn't really need a party - all he needed was some Mardi Gras beads and the phone so he could call Grammie.

That is a child who has his priorities straight.

Momstart said...

I wish my presents were as good as 2 year olds sometimes

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Both of my girls wore their 2 older cousins' clothes. My neices loved to see their old stuff. My neighbor takes all my kids old stuff now and when my girls see their clothes on these kids they can't believe they were ever that size (me either!).
Great random!

I am Harriet said...

What is with people who run in the road anyway? Happy 100,000

Happy RTT!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Happy Birthday to LG!
Glad you went with having a party!
We did a two year old party where we LET the parents leave! How crazy were we????

Congrats on the car hitting 100,000and still going!

Captain Dumbass said...

My van is going to hit 100k pretty soon. And I took my Xmas lights down today, here in Vancouver, and was only wearing a hoody.

gretchen said...

I have a friend who I give all out hand me downs too, and I get such a thrill when I see her kid wearing Jude's clothes. Especially something we loved, like his John Lennon Imagine t-shirt. Hand me downs are excellent.

only a movie said...

I like thinking of hand me downs as family heirlooms. We sort of do that too. Cool.

Also, my car hit 111,111 a few weeks ago and I got a photo. It's also a little wagon.

Good luck w/ the party planning.

Frogs in my formula said...

Hahaha, I agree: "any event with that many small children requires hard liquor, people." You make a good point though, you would have to spend time with people you don't know well, and that could really stink.