Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- GroundHog Day Edition

It's Tuesday, time to empty the Random bin. Excuse me whilst I jump up and down to shake some thoughts loose. In the mean time, go visit Keely at the button above. She probably has her act more together today.

-> It's Groundhog Day. Usually PB and I make some gingerbread groundhogs, but this year it just didn't happen. Too much going on, unfortunately. Maybe next weekend, though. We'll just be a little late. The little rat saw his shadow, so it's not like we're planning on hanging out in the yard soon, or anything.

->Last week I had the worst "nightmare". I was at the park with the boys, and some guy approached LG. I was sitting on a bench, but in the time it took me to get to where they were he had grabbed LG's arm. Poor o was just looking on helplessly. The man explained that he had asked LG a question and he was being "rude" and not answering. LG looked at me and said, "Mama, he's a stranger". I tried to get the man to let go, but he wouldn't. o started to cry. I woke up right then. It really rattled me to think some random guy would put his hands on my kid that way and not let go. No worries, though. After checking on both boys to make sure they were safe in bed, I warded off the boogey man with a nice thick slice of pie.

->I have had a vision of just how freaking old I am. I was watching a video of Evan Taubenfeld (I'll wait here if you need to go look him up, it's ok). He's really cute, the kind of guy I would have dated when I was younger. Then I realized if I'm not exactly old enough to be his mom, I'm darn close. Sigh. It's ok, though. PB reminded me that he bleached his hair at about that age of his life, too. I married my favorite punk wanna be. I'm good with that.

->PB and I have recently had to reach to the deep depth of parenting retardedness. LG's favorite character is Mickey Mouse. When he hears his name he goes into epileptic fits of happiness about whatever it is Mickey is involved in. Our first reaction was simply to spell his name, so LG wouldn't understand. He still got it! Oh, yeah. They spell his name in the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Damn it. Now we refer to him as "our big eared friend". People will think LG's having a Ross Perot themed birthday party...

On that note, we visited with Uncle J on Sunday. He has slippers that look like Mickey's big yellow shoes. LG was horrified. He looked at his uncle as if to say, "You big freaking thug, you stole Mickey's shoes! What kind of a monster are you?" It was hard not to laugh.

-> Our local zoo is have a Valentine's event. It's called "Animal Attractions". It's an opportunity for adults to go visit the zoo after hours and see the animals in a more intimate setting. The local radio stations have dubbed it "Screw at the Zoo".

-> I have become "That Mom" and I don't feel bad about it. You might recall a few months ago when I pondered if I sucked because I didn't call LG's daycare every day to check in. I didn't understand parents who do. Until Friday. I showed up at little o's room at 5:freaking15 to find that he hadn't been given a bottle since 11:30. Yes, they let my 5 month old go 6 hours without eating. What the frick??? He was completely unharmed by it, just pissed and hungry when he got up from his nap. LG's teacher in that room would have been on the phone in a heartbeat if he went more than 4 hours. She just would not have let that happen. But o's teacher let my little guy slip through the cracks. Never again. I'm now going to call each day around 2:00 to make sure she's doing her freaking job. I mentioned it to the director, who was equally horrified, but I'm still going to call. For a little while, at least. What a pain in the rear.

-> One of my co-workers sends her kids to a Jewish private school. She has engaged us all to help them with a school project. The school is trying to collect 6 million pennies before Holocaust Remembrance Day in April (though they estimate 11 million people were killed, 6 million of them were Jews). They want the kids to visually see how many 6 million really is. In today's world of out of control debt and population expansion, the enormity of that number really does get lost. 6 million pennies is $60,000. That's two years of college (which, if you're like PB and I, seems like a huge amount to have to save for two kids out of an increasingly tight budget). It's also about $20,000 more than the median income for a family of 4 in the US. Makes the number seem a lot larger now, right?

Even if you believe that the numbers were inflated, it's still a huge number of people. If you half it to 3 million, that still a lot. It's horrifying to think that this went on for 12 years.

Now that I've made you think deep thoughts, and probably depressed you more than the weather predicting rodent, I will leave you with a picture of little o in his Christmas sweater.

Oh, and if someone more tech savvy than me knows how to get my side bar back up where it belongs, please share. I'm having sidebar sagging issues, and Victoria's Secret doesn't sell a product to help with that, yet.

Have a good week!


Jan said...

THANK YOU - the picture of Little o just made my day and I am NOT kidding. What a sweet little face; I just want to smoosh him and forget that it's February and things like Seasonal Affective Disorder exist.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, the cuteness of o!
Yes, I would have blown a gasket if I found out the daycare hadn't fed Sprite at an age where every feeding still counts. You're completely right.
I did get pissed off when they fed another baby my breastmilk.. Twice..

gretchen said...

Yeah, thanks for making me think about the holocaust, very uplifting.

DON'T feel like you're "that mom" about calling the day care place. You're absolutely right to check up on them!

only a movie said...

It's terrible to have to feel like 'that mom' when you're just advocating for your child... but I get you. I'm totally 'that mom' this week. sigh.

I did a hike near the old E. German border where there were signposts for the numbers of people who died in in WWII from each country. The numbers were staggering - they had combined Holocaust dead and with military. Eerie.

Thanks for the baby pic. :-)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

6 milliion pennies, wow; I've got a ton in my closet I don't know what to do with.
That photo is so adorable. Who would let that little face slip thru the cracks and miss a bottle!! I would be ballistic. What a pain to call, but I would too.
Your dream was pretty scary. Definitely worth a piece of pie.

Mrsbear said...

Poor o! They're leaving you no other option than to become that mother. That's a lot of hungry hours for such a little guy.

He's delicious though. What a cutie. Definitely ends the RTT on a happy note. ;)

Empty Refrigerator said...

The numbers are definitely not inflated! I commend you for posting about that - a terrible thing, but important to remember.

Casey said...

Oh god, that picture is so stinking cute! And to think that poor kid had to go without a bottle, I would have been FURIOUS.

I've had those bad dreams before. Actually, we had a potentially bad situation the other day that turned out to be nothing. Thanks for reminding me to blog about it.

Captain Dumbass said...

Screw at the zoo... heh.

Frogs in my formula said...

What a cutie! As someone who recently became "that Mom" as well, I completely understand where you're coming from.

The screw at the zoo thing made me laugh out loud!