Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Sigh, it's Tuesday. Yeah, it's going to be one of those days.
-> At work I was stupid enough to mention that I didn't think one of our processes was effecient. We weren't using all the tools available to us wisely. My boss then assigned me to find out how we could do it better. Resulting in more work for all. And when I presented it to him, I mentioned that I should have kept my mouth shut. He replied that he knew that when it happened, but he figured he'd let me learn the hard way. Thanks, boss.
-> I think this weekend LG finally realized the o is a real person, not a doll, or a toy, or a pet. o was crying during a car ride on Sunday, and LG mentioned that o must be sad. I said, no, I thought he was just hungry. LG turns to o and says, "yeah, o, me, too. I'm hungry."
-> I would like to highly recommend "The Perfect Brownie Pan". I got one for 12th night, and it works like magic. Just as advertised on late night television. I know, most of that stuff is krappe. But this one really is magic. Take a look:

All of the brownies were cut into perfect little rectangles of love. No messing with a knife. No cutting a brownie the might be slightly more than a regular serving size. Perfection, truly.
PB even made me a little sundae, since I was sharing my bounty with him. I'm not sure why we thought it was ok to balance the plate precariously on the edge of the counter, but no disaster occured.

->PB had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday, and he took it like a man. He whined and complained and whimpered a little. No, seriously, he took it very well. I had a big plan to take the boys to the planetarium on Saturday morning with a little help from Grandpa (Grammie wasn't feeling well, either). When it was time to go, though, PB decided he felt up to it. Note: Grammie came, too. It runs in the family. We had a good time, and Grandpa now knows of the allure of the racoon at the nature center (it's literally hours of entertainment- you have to drag them away from his cage).

-> I can't believe LG is going to be 2 in two weeks! Where did the time go? We've invited the photographer who did his one year pictures back to do his 2 year shots (with some of little o in there, too). He does amazing work. I was looking at the pictures he took last year. Sniff. He still has the little baby face last year. Now he looks like a real little boy (move the hell over Pinocchio, my kids way cuter).

-> Yesterday was one of "those days". The days that seem like they will never end? Yeah. LG slept through a bloody nose, so when I woke him up it looked like he'd been slaughtering livestock in his sleep. Ewww. Of course, I discovered this at 6:40, so we left his bedding as it was, and got him clean and ready for school. That means I came home to sheets and blankets and stuffies all covered in yuck. Because the fun never ends at our house. I used the phrase, "If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened." Then I had to explain it to PB. It took all the fun out of making the whole thing fun. Rats (or should I say, Bats?)
Ok, yup, now I'm just whining at you. Because it's still one of those days. I'm going to let you go visit some one else who might draw you mental pictures of wine and roses. Better than this krappe.
Until next Tuesday, then.


The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm laughing - the whole slaughtering in bed thing! That's funny!

Hmmm...the brownie pan. I might need that. I don't like brownies, but the people I live with do. We might need that!

Oh and I'm glad your man was a man and not a wimp about the whole wisdom teeth. My 18 year old just had his out in November. Glad that's over!

Happy Tuesday!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Princess Nagger has been nagging me to get that perfect brownie pan - and now that a 'real live person' is singing its praises, I suppose I'll have to buckle under the pressure and get one. ;)

Too funny that you had to learn the hard way about suggesting a more efficient process. Well, maybe not so much funny for you. ;)

That's cute that LG is now realizing that o is a real person and not a doll - let the fun begin! ;)

only a movie said...

Ack for that bed.

I think a lot of us are having those sort of days...

Hang in there!

otin said...

I hate a bloody nose in my sleep. It is scary as hell to wake up to.

If you keep making those brownies, more teeth will probably end up coming out! haha!

gretchen said...

Ewww. The bloody bed debacle sounds dreadful!

That perfect brownie thing looks excellent. Though I kind of like having the excuse that the knife was all covered with brownie for licking it clean!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I covet that pan! Just to be able to serve it and let the pan slide away for that a-ha moment!
I want it..

Mrsbear said...

Okay, you've sold me on the brownie pan. Although those commercials irritate the heck out of me. They always make it seem like slicing brownies is this complex ritual no average person can accomplish without flinging the pan across the room.

Slaughtering livestock? Jeezus, that's got to be a scary thing to wake up to.

Jan said...

Oh. Brownies.

We wants one. We will not have one. We have decided to watch what we eat.

Oh, evil brownie.

We hoped it tasted good...